Last Sale of the Year

I didn’t want to join the Spammy crowd of emails we get this time of year of prolonged Cyber Sales, but I did want to cut a break for my readers and students. So, I give you the

Last Sale of the Year

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A Gnome House Arrives


Thank you to my Aunt Ellen, who gifted me with an early birthday present, a gnome house. The gnomes that live in my kitchen will love it. Perhaps, they will do the dishes for me now.


Uh oh, the Dental Twins, Frank and Justine are eyeing the home. They aren’t too keen living on the cold windowsill.


Frank investigates.

Could be a war between the Dental Twins and the Kitchen Gnomes. Stay tuned…

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Help for the Holidays

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.21.13 AM

Ebook support when you need it. BUY HERE.

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Seeing the Value

dancing flower


I learned an important lesson this week on feeling valued.

Usually while you are in the midst of living, you curse, complain and suffer through when bad things happen or you are uncomfortable. You don’t see the message or what you are learning until AFTER the fact.

I am teaching kids design and storytelling. My design class is eager and they carry their sketchbooks around to every class designing pants outfits and dresses during break times. They burst through the doors with enthusiasm ready to sketch. Teaching this group is invigorating and fun. I want to come up with a ton of ideas to inspire them and nurture their budding talents. They value the class and the subject.

My story class has been…a challenge. Part of the issue is we aren’t set up with the computer programs or cameras yet and so there is a lag on what I can cover vs. what I want to cover. The group of kids are all over the place in attention. They are rude, talk over me when I am trying to teach, and have little enthusiasm for the projects. I have one child that tends to finish all assignments in two minutes, handing over her notebook crying out “Done!” as if it is a race. I plan my curriculum the day before with such love, and spice it up with inspiration and fun, hoping it will catch on with this group of students. After the second try with this group, I took one look at them and set it straight. I told them we were thinking of canceling the course because this was not rewarding for anyone. I wasn’t going to be a babysitter, or jump up and down and entertain. I was physically and emotionally drained and defeated when I left that class and I never want to feel that way teaching. After my big speech the kids focused on the exercise before them, but I had already made my decision.

This was a turning point for me and I am surprised there wasn’t a big lightbulb that burst over my head in the middle of the speech. I don’t usually just give up. I have a long-standing habit of giving so much where it isn’t valued. I just keep giving and giving, and if that doesn’t work, I try harder. I was able to FEEL the devaluing while teaching in that classroom. Perhaps the feeling was shame and insecurity first because I internalized their devaluing as rejection. Then I just felt hopeless and depressed and later, the drain.

If they don’t see the value of what you are giving, you are going to feel a huge energy loss.

It’s time to look back over everything I give and decide, where is it valued? Keep those. And instead of keep trying and trying and putting it out there (in all aspects of life) only offer where its worth is reflected back.


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Fairy Deck Course Available this Friday

Only $25.00. Sign up here.

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December’s Classes

December classes for information, tools and fun. Check out:



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This Week’s Card is N is for Nest in High Places


Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 5.07.31 PM

Christmas Cards.

Christmas Shopping.

Crazy Cooking.

Visits. Errands. Parties. Parades.

Work-related duties. Home-related duties.

Christmas music blaring.

This is the time of year of OVERLOAD of activity and information. The N is for Nest in High Places card can represent limitations and recognizing your limits, which is the word of the week.

It’s okay to have limits. Being a Capricorn and a bit of a workaholic, I have never been good at recognizing limits. I found this out the other day when I was very irritable and weepy, and headachy. It didn’t even occur to me that I was just plain tired and needed to rest. How awful to not even recognize what being tired felt like.

Being sensitive I need to be able to recognize my limits. You can push and push me, but the only result will be meltdown or overload and then I will freeze up and get nothing done.

I read a great article years ago, I think in Oprah magazine, about a woman dealing with overload asking for help from the resident coach. She was definitely wired sensitive and she came from a very successful, extroverted family. The coach suggested she choose three things that day to focus and accomplish. That’s it. Doable. The woman tried it and actually felt a sense of achievement and flow. She felt competent rather then always falling behind. How cool is that?

How can you this week focus on a few things a day to accomplish and recognize and honor your limits. For goodness sake, you aren’t Superman or Woman! (Unless there is a cape somewhere stashed away.)


Grab your deck before they sell out over here. Deck class starts Friday.

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Thoughts from a sensitive: ENOUGH

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 9.50.54 AM

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Are Sensitive People Part Border Collie?

chaos calmI don’t like chaos. I used to think it was wanting control but I am realizing it’s my sensitive brain needing order. It all makes sense. As a highly sensitive person, I have a ton of information coming in at once. I notice the big things, the tiny things, and the things on an intuitive level also. That’s a ton of neurons firing and sorting at once. So it makes sense if I walked into a room that was, for example, a crazy party, my brain would take in the flashing lights, the music, the people, the people and their thoughts and feelings, ALL AT ONCE and I could easily overheat my main drive.

Walking into a crazy classroom, I feel like a border collie wanting to get some order with these disorganized sheep that are wandering here and there. I look to create immediate order, and the best way to do that is create some kind of focus in the messiness in front of me. Being sensitive is all about the path of self-acceptance. If I had physical limitations, like one leg, or couldn’t see, I would have to adapt and create a way of being. And I don’t think being sensitive is a limitation, but being not the norm in society, we sure are treated as such. We need to know ourselves and know what we need. (And the positive flip side of this is I am great at editing, pulling together a product or project, and can pull out intuitive information that isn’t available to everyone, and a host of other gifts.)

I like the gas in the car analogy. If I know my car needs special gas to function well, I don’t shame and frown at the car. If I know my body can’t do milk, I don’t shame my body (although I do get frustrated when pizza is around), I listen to my body. This is what this body needs or doesn’t need. Pushing my system to just “adapt” to wild chaos and the party in front of me, is just funny. It’s ignoring how you are wired. With the party situation, I know that I need to create some focus. I can focus on my friends, or the dessert table :), or dance and just go into my own little world. Focusing can help block out the extra noise so I create order in my brain. I accept I have a border collie in me that is protecting my sensitive system. And when the little guy can’t round up the sheep, I know I will have some difficulties and will need to work through it and with it, not ignore this fact. Otherwise, I know the consequence, and it looks the same as if I had eaten that slice of pizza.

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