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I’m sensitive, a creative, intuitive and empathic, and I bet you are too if you landed here.

I can get too overloaded with stimuli, feel too much that isn’t mine, and I grapple with issues from being an artist trying to make it in the world. I love animals, and wish I could live in Home Depot in the flower aisle, and get pissy when I am away from Nature too long. I feel things too deeply and see and hear things most folks overlook. Sound familiar?

I like to teach by sharing my stories and the tools I learned to help folks like me. I wrote the popular Help! I’m Sensitive series to help other sensitives. I created a whimsical fairy deck that overflows with fun fairy energy and helps you connect to your intuition and Nature. The fourteen+ classes I wrote in the Fairy and Empath Online School help you tame your sensitivity and develop your intuitive abilities that you are blessed with. (The Spring/Summer classes are now up so you can get support right away.) Read the March/April issue of Somerset Studio magazine which features my essay, The Birthing of a Heart Project. If you are digging my art and lessons, head on over to my fairy studio where I design creative lessons and products that teach, and make little animated movies. You can visit it over here.

Have a look around. Take the popular Are you a Sensitive quiz. Sign up for the blog, and keep reading as we share the ride. You are not alone.

fairywithoutorange (2)Fairy blessings,



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