Care of the Sensitive class cool deal

For Summer, because we need a cool deal, sign up for the Care of the Sensitive class and you will receive FREE the 50 Tools for the Sensitive ebook. Between the class and the ebook, you will be now have the tools you need that you didn’t get for your toolbox as a child to navigate living in this crazy world as an empath.

Sign ups are until May 26th, (my Mom’s bday, how cool is that). Sign up and reserve your space now to get what you need.

Today’s free excerpt is from that class:

Weed Control: Clearing out gently.

For our sensitive souls, our intention to clear out our own negativity, or what we have picked up from others or our environment, should always be gentle. We already learned that some flower essences clear us out too strongly.

As sensitives, we know that a little goes a long way. I am sure you have had the experience of overreacting to too strong medication that for others, there is no reaction. Or you have had a healing from a healing practitioner that knocked you off your socks for days. We need to heal and clear baby steps at a time. I asked the Fairies for some gentle clearing tools.

TOOL: Pumpkin plant essence.(Ronni’s Potions, research notes above from The Fairy Field Guide) Pumpkin is a cleanser that is very gentle, and recommended to me by the Fairies. I was guided to make this essence from this particular pumpkin when our elderly beagle at the time had a horrible, goopy cough that needed clearing. My mind kept bringing my attention to the plump, orange pumpkin in the front yard. What if I could make an essence out of the pumpkin? Curiosity led to discovery. Turns out that is the one essence Lilibeth desperately needed to clear out her throat.

How do you know if you need clearing out? If you find that one minute you are singing and happy, and the next minute after interaction with others you feel weighed down, overly-emotional or upset, you may have taken on “stuff”.

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