No jumping up and down

No jumping up and down. No three thousand emails bothering you or free seminars to entice you. That’s not how I roll. Fairy Online School starts again January 20th and sign ups now (take the FAIRY DISCOUNT if you are a newsletter subscriber). I love these classes and the fun, mountains of information within them. You feel you will benefit and need the tools, head on over:

Can’t decide which one?

  • If you want to learn how to communicate with spirits and your Angels, and figure out if a spirit is contacting you or what to do if you have mediumship abilities and how to handle it, I recommend my fun TAD101 Class, Talking to Angels, Guides and Dead People. There’s not a lot of homework just tons of information.
  • If you are a sensitive or an empath and you need the extra support and tools on how to live as a sensitive person while having fun with Nature, I suggest the Care of the Sensitive class and package.
  • If you are attracted to Fairies and Nature, maybe even part fairy (take the quiz), and need that joyful energy back in your life, the Fairy Beginner Fairy Healing class is lots of fun.
  • If you are a female and want a little help figuring out what nurtures you and how to receive it, you will dig the Fairy Healing the Feminine class.
  • Have animals? Want some new info on how to heal them naturally and use some cool, vibrational healing techniques? Sign up for the Fairy Healing the Animals class.
  • And if you always wanted to communicate better with your animals or really miss one that is passed, I suggest the knowledge I share in the Animal Mediumship class.
  • And finally, for my advanced students, we conquer some big questions while doing psychic communication, like having doubts or fears, abilities getting stronger, etc., in the Advanced Psychic Communication class.
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