I’m reposting this one, because I realized how valuable it is for me today. Are you focusing on the weeds or the new buds that are growing?

Originally posted on the Designing Fairy:

Bad seeds can be planted.

They are like these nasty, horrible beliefs we pick up along the way or through childhood that really poison our system. Often times, we take them on like hand-me-downs. That’s what happened to me recently when relatives visited.

How do you know you’ve had a bad seed planted? You feel like crap. You feel shame.

I thought I was doing a good job growing my biz. Everything felt good–a ton of accomplishments, great feedback from students and clients. Everyone happy and growing and helped. That’s all good!

But then there’s that weak spot or hole I often talk of that made that seed grown.

If you’re weakened, usually from fatigue or emotional upset, those bad seeds grow and grow like weeds in your psyche. It’s generally composed of old, bad thinking from when you were younger. Do you relate?

My weed looks like this…

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