Spotlight on: On-Demand Classes

Interested in spirit communication? Take my mini course, Introduction to Spirit Communication. It’s a smaller variation, with emphasis on Mediumship only, of my popular class, Talking to Guides, Angels and Dead People. Learn the answers to:

  • how to safely communicate with the “other side”
  • be able to practice discernment talking to spirit: friend or foe?
  • be able to recognize spirit attachments in others and what to do
  • discern whether you are talking to Guides and Angels or loved ones that have crossed over
  • figure out spirit messages and symbols
  • signs you’ve been visited by spirit
  • discerning false information and how you communicate psychically
  • address the biggest block in the way of hearing Spirit

Go here to sign up and start having fun learning!

Fairy Detective classes

Earn your Fairy Detective badge with these fun hands-on, playing with Nature classes.

My favorite one is the Healing with Roses mini-class. Love, love roses and their ability to raise us up! I can see the buds forming right now in my backyard’s bushes. Sign up here. There’s also the Clairvoyance mini class that is now available On Demand too. And of course, the Care of the Sensitive class.

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