Excited…excited…New Storytelling and Intuition class starts Feb. 21st


So, I’m super excited. I had this idea for this class months ago and I can’t wait to share with you my deep passion for story-making.

What if we could deeper understand and have clarity in our lives by expressing our stories? It was a simple idea that came into my head while reading Christopher Vogler’s book The Writer’s Journey. If we dive down into our stories and relate it to the hero’s journey, everything makes sense. And what if our intuition and our souls were trying to talk to us every day through our different stories that we encounter?


Being a creative person, like most of you readers, my story comes out everyday I make some form of art. There’s gold there just for me–communication from my soul.

Join me on this storytelling 5-week online journey as we explore this avenue of communication. We’ll play and have fun, of course, and have some valuable “aha moments.”

For details and to register, head on over to HERE.

3 thoughts on “Excited…excited…New Storytelling and Intuition class starts Feb. 21st

  1. elfacinc says:

    Well Done, very Interesting……and …….intriguing.
    All my best to this New Course.
    Elena, Italy ( I’m back to the Earth …. ; )

      • elfacinc says:

        Thank You…..
        In these last months I spent a lot of time to read Books about Sensitive People’s Way of Life. and about not usual ART. ( …and an Eye to Your Emails and News ) .little bit complicated to me….Focus is a big problem…. and I am looking for to find my best way to express myself….. is my ? sPath to live a Life of researching all the time? ….Uhm Uhm
        I would like a day of infinite hours….energy is never enough….

        Ciao Ronni. ( Goodnight )

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