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About Me:

Ronni Ann Hall, a.k.a. Designing Fairy

I’m a writer, designer and a sensitive, and I love to teach with fun creations what I’ve learned.

I’ve been a sensitive my whole life although I didn’t have a name for it. I had a sensitive stomach that reacted to everything, would have spirit visits in my room when I was a child, and often embarrassed my parents when I would announce out loud what everyone was feeling. I guess I had a big mouth. Like most sensitives, I ended up numbing over most of my empathic ability and shutting up by the time I was in school.  I turned my attention to becoming a professional artist and blocked out the psychic world and that part of me.

But, it was the death of my mom to cancer in 1995, and then our precious beagle mix, Emily, that opened my sensitive world back up dramatically. I had communication with my mom after her death, and then could hear Emily so clearly that I was led in desperation to animal communicator and later mentor, Teresa Wagner, who let me know that I was not going crazy, but that I had abilities as an animal and spirit empath.

After my training, I opened my animal communication practice in 1999, Dogbunny Animal Talk, (since renamed to Designing Fairy.) I later expanded my practice to include serving people as an empath intuitive and teacher/support for other sensitive people. I received clairvoyant training with Debra Katz, my certification as a Medium through Charles Virtue and Tina Daly, certification as a Reiki Master Teacher through Hanah Haven, and then moved into extensive research into working with flower essences and nature healing with the Nature Spirits or Fairies, which I strongly relate to. My work as a psychic has been mentioned or written about in magazines, newspapers, radio, and books, and I was the host and star of a television pilot on animal afterdeath communication, Animalinks, shot in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

The last few years I’ve turned my attention to teaching what I’ve learned with fun through my stories and art.  I finally compiled all my stories to help other sensitives in my HELP! I’M SENSITIVE book, which has been read many sensitives far and wide eager to know they weren’t alone.

Since my background and passion is in drawing and design (I have degrees in Art and Communication Design), and I love story-telling, I created my illustrated and popular Fairy Online School of Psychic Communication and Fairy Healing. That one class evolved into now many course offerings, three certification and mentorship programs, private lessons, Fairy Detective mini classes, and now, a Schoology learning platform for discussions with other students and downloadable lessons. It now has an international following. After Graduate work in Educational Design and Technology, I’ve created a spin-off of my school with little teaching videos, Designing Fairy Cinema.

My other books include my Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck, For The Love of Dog book, book 2 in the Help! I’m Sensitive series (Your Turtle Shell) and a few creations in the works.

I am also a dog, bird, and tortoise mom and I adore my animal family whom I often write about in my lessons, and live in sunny Northern Arizona. Nice to meet you! If you want to know if you are a sensitive or an empath, take the  AM I SENSITIVE QUIZ. If you already know you are a sensitive, go here to find out how I can assist you.

*The fabulous cartoon of me that really captures my essence  is created by my dear friend Pamela J. Smith. See her art gallery here.

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4 thoughts on “About Ronni

  1. Zeljka Rusan

    Dear Ronni,

    I want to apologize for my bad american language, I’m writing you from the other side of the planet:), small country Croatia in Europe. We haven’t people like you here…Somehow I found your web site and I decided to send you an email and ask you for your help…
    Recently, two months ago I lost my companion, small young cat who was very ill and I tried for several months to keep him alive. He became blind and he couldn’t walk, and I believed, if I will try very hard to give him the best care and love I can, he will be better. He couldn’t eat without my help, he couldn’t go in his litter box, he was totally helpless… Every week he has another symptoms, almost every day we were by vet; they didn’t know why he is so ill…He had great personality, he was a fighter, he liked to live … He was shaking all the time and he couldn’t sleep or he sleeps very little so he became hipersensitive and his behaviour wasn’t like normal cat behaviour. He was aware of his illness..he communicates with me like an old helpless man…that was so sad…he became sad… still he wanted to live.. we had so many hard and special moments … After seven months, when I felt I can’t go on, that I became phisical and emotionally weak and when I realized that things get only can worse, I had to euthanized him … from that day I’m not the same …I blame myself, I think that I made wrong decision…I knew he wanted to live and he expected my help…and I gave it up…

    I haven’t any dream of him since he passed and I’m afraid that my love and his pain was totally useless… I’m searching for any kind of communication with him just to know that he is ok now and he is not angry on me . In this moment, after two months I still can’t stop crying when I remember his days… I miss him and his love.

    I had many pets before, and experienced their deaths…I have very special four years cat now and I love him very much and he makes me happy, but that blind angel I had only for seven months… I can’t let him go..

    Can you help, Ronni? Can you contact him somehow?
    I know you are so far away and there are so many people who ask for your help… Is there any chance?
    Tell me what I need to do…
    and I’ll do..

    Many thanks,


    his name is

  2. Zeljka,

    My first thought as a teacher is to direct you to my Animal Mediumship online class starting now so you have the tools to talk to Smiki on your own. (Click on classes in sidebar.) I am so sorry you are going through this. Try to connect to Smiki when you are relaxed or in Nature or even in the shower and put out there you are trying to talk to him. I am sure he knows you were trying to help in every way.

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