(CS102) Care of the Sensitive Workshop 1


CS102: Care of the Sensitive Workshop 1

Help for your Sensitive Self with gentle tools.

Next Start date: Fridays in September or October

Instructor: Ronni Ann Hall

Start Date: Friday

Duration: 5 weeks /one lesson a week self- study course with extras delivered on Fridays to your own personal course page

Requirements: computer, Adobe Acrobat Reader, email

Prerequisite: none; some flower essence knowledge helpful but not necessary

Commitment: MINIMAL. digest the lesson’s info each week with optional homework to apply the lesson. Some lessons are harder, most easy to digest.

Instructor involvement: minimal; available for questions and emails

Classroom: Includes personal course page and practice group private online community on Schoology complete with discussions, tips, polls and Facebook-like updates.

Help! I’m sensitive and I need balance and gentle tools!

Are you a sensitive? (Take the quiz on this site.) Made specifically for supporting the sensitive–that’s you, the Indigo, the Healer, the Empathic, the Clairsentient, the Psychic and the Closet Psychic. Finally, the support you need to feel more balanced. Instead of  fighting your sensitivity, you are more in charge and see it as the gift it is. We are just wired differently!

“This is brilliant, Ronni.  These are very serious issues..and can be very scary …….You have addressed them with Grace and with …………..FUN…………….–Love, Razzy

I have included a ton of what I have learned that helps me as a Sensitive Empath to surf the chaotic seas of today’s wild energies! Learn about GENTLE, non-invasive nature healing tools as support such as, earth healing, flower and plant essences, and hands-on-healing techniques, as well as, psychic tools like Duck Energy and Yellow Energy and that include helpful suggestions. 

Each chapter is divided into fun headers like GOOD MULCH & AVOID OVERWATERING to take care of YOUR inner psychic garden.

SYLLABUS chapters:

Lesson & Week One: The importance of Good Mulch for the Sensitive:

Introduction to Flower Essences (non-toxic and non-chemical) as support tools and what are the no-no’s in using them.

Lesson & Week Two: Plenty of Water: Flower essences as Stabilizers–

Tools to Grab for and throw in your pocket when you need.

Lesson & Week Three: Avoid Over-watering:

Balancing energy coming in and going out so you don’t overload with the tool of water and these techniques!

Lesson & Week Four: Pest Control:

Simple rocks as protection and grounding from too much of the outside world.

Lesson & Week Five: Protection from Downpours:

Filtering out the world first so you don’t overwhelm with these techniques and tools.

FORMAT & What to Expect:

Lessons include fun art journal format:
the healing power of roses
using yellow energy which reminds you to FEEL STRONG

duck energy

Fun, illustrated worksheets or art journal pages filled with usable information

throughout to inspire your own creativity

Cool drawings & healing qualities of different flowers
Lots of tools of support easy to get–right in your backyard or at your local crystal store.

At the end of each lesson, a Designing Fairy Teacher summary (it’s like I am in the room with you, sorta.) I’ll hold your hand through the course, available for email questions during once a week check-in.


Feeling Safe

“This is the area (the stomach) that is concerned about FEELING SAFE. When feeling threatened, we naturally turn this area off to hide our light and our power. Turn if off enough, and you deplete this area (equals stomach problems). Feeling safe requires balance and harmony in the environment. This is not always possible. The first level of defense is to listen to your feelings again. Are you feeling unsafe with a person or situation? Run, don’t walk to the nearest exit. Surround yourself with the right support and the right people that you feel safe with. Your body is telling you what feels right.”

Remember to work with Yellow energy and repeat this important affirmation by giving yourself permission: 

“My energy does not need to go into persuading others to understand, see or change. I allow them to be, and I walk away.”

 Happy Students are Saying:

“How can I begin to ever thank you for what you have given to me?  I came to this course feeling broken, exhausted and overwhelmed.  There were times I felt I did not possess the energy to even breathe or make my heart beat.  I prayed to Heavenly Father for help and the next morning I found your email for the Care of the Sensitive online course.  I immediately enrolled.  I was to find myself on a journey of simple, pure, straightforward, and intended guidance each week.  If I were to pull out each of the lessons and examine them at face value only, I might say that they are quite simplistic.  However, there is something quite magical about what you carry through your words.  Your words resonated with me on a deep level and I felt the wholeness of life speaking through them to me.  It was as if your words were the wind that carried so much to me.  I don’t know if I could ever put into words or explain the changes I have experienced in my life.  For the first time in my life I have been able to actually find peace… the peace within my own being.  You opened my eyes to the immense and unlimited love in all of the beings and I felt as though I made friends with them as I became acquainted with them each week.  I feel like I am riding on a flying carpet, rather than dragging a heavy rug alongside of me…

While I felt alone struggling… I was shown that I am really not alone on this earth plane.  There are so many joyous, proud, strong, and funny energies that cheer us on… and it was this and the guidance on shielding myself that has literally given me the tools to free myself from a prison of overload and exhaustion.  There is so much to learn, but what you have given me has been more than I could have ever imagined possible.  I had hoped that this course would help me.  What I did not anticipate was the degree of healing I was to receive from such a generous spirit…. you.” – Lori Blethen, New Jersey

“I look forward to this lesson because I always learn new things from your lessons. Plus I love them because they are so pretty. I soak up your artwork.” –Ruth Elsesser, Cottonwood

“Though your class is what started me on this whole new path in my life, your class made doors all of a sudden open to me , doors I didn’t know existed!!! So thanks to you I’m learning a bunch of new amazing things!  So THANK YOU!!!!  for your Care of the Sensitive Class!!!!” — Julia Jasinski, IL

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