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FLOWER ESSENCES STORE: There are many wonderful essences mentioned in the Care of the Sensitive on-line class (offered here) and my other online classes. In creating the class and the rest of the fairy classes, I made over 90 flower essences. These essences are specifically formulated for the sensitive system. I use apple cider vinegar which is very healing to the system, as many sensitives are not good with alcohol. I’ve formulated the essences with the intention that they are healing but gentle. All essences were experimented and researched by me with cooperation with Nature.

An introduction to Flower Essences: 

R o n n i’ s  P o t i o n s


Benefits: All essences are gentle yet powerful for dealing with the core of emotional issues. Can be used on animals and people. No harsh chemical reactions either.

Cost: Flower essences are $8.95 each plus shipping or noted otherwise and set up through Paypal. Email me for info. I do ship internationally. Email me if you want to order by check.

Custom Blends, $30 includes shipping. A special “formula” of up to five essences created just for you. Use Contact Form to email me first. Email: ronniannhall (at) yahoo.com. Add to cart

Store Closing: Big Sale Essences $5.00 Each

Spotlight Essences:


“The 8 Essences You Gotta Have as a Sensitive”

Chaparral: Clean Me Out” My friend Ditoh picked this plant and presented its healing qualities in a great talk. I made an essence from it a few nights later and wondered about its abilities to clear out toxicity. Could it clear out other people’s stuff and the negativity I picked up along the way? I made the plant with intention that it was gentle and it was. I dreamt after taking it that I could see what was not mine and was leaving. Pretty powerful. add to cart

Aquamarine: “Too Much Energy” Great for hyperactivity that needs to be toned down in people and animals. Also excellent for integrating too much energy around you such as a busy club or theater. This is a great balancer. add to cart

White Rose “Rise Above”(for rising above the negativity). A necessity for today. Rise above the yuckky stuff. Take before you may be exposed to negativity or after. add to cart

Lavender (Purple Madrid) essence “Soothe Me”: gentle and calming to the electrical system when you’ve been on overload. Add to cart

Salvia (red) essence: “Calm My Emotions”emotionally calming but also grounding at the same time. Great for times when your emotions carry you away or for any big upsets. Add to cart

Calendula essence: “Emotional detachment” great for sorting out what is yours and others’ stuff. Gives you awareness. Add to cart

Mexican Primrose “Balance My Center”(for balancing stomach area and feeling center). It’s the place most sensitive people register their psychic feelings, so it’s the place where we can get the most off-balanced. add to cart

GET THE WHOLE SET OF 8 AND SAVE: $56.00 + SHIPPING. SALE ON SET: $49.00 add to cart


Rose Heart Collection:

Made from my yard that feature the roses that starred in the mini fairy detective class on Rose Healing.

Discouragement. Hot Pink Rose: For Deep Discouragement in life. Essence first soothes the heart and then slowly brings you back up. Add to cart

Creativity. Candi Rose or Rosa Mundi: For the imagination and creativity flowing. Very uplifting almost fairy-like energy. Buy here.

Compulsive thinking. Red Rose: For Compulsive or Addictive Thinking or repeat, worrisome thinking that goes around your head round and round. Hmm. I think I need that one right now Add to cart

Buy the set of all 3 here.

Other Rose Essences (gentle, loving support):

SELF LOVE. Pink Rose (for  self-love and nurturing). “Nurture Me”  I love this essence! It’s made from a sweet, gentle flower. This essence feels like you are having your hand held for most the day! add to cart


For the mind:

WORRY. Arizona Poppy “Stop My Thoughts” (for mental overload). Great for creating an inner calm in your head after your thoughts won’t stop going around and around. add to cart

Made From my Fairy Castle yard: 

Heart Strawberry Plant essence “Heal my heart” (for heart stuff). This new essence made from my yard is perfect for getting to the heart of the manner. It’s also gentle and uplifting while showing you what you need to see including your true feelings.buy here.

Grounding Rosemary (for grounding). “Back to earth” This plant/herb is the most hardiest one I’ve seen yet. It’s survived and thrived the snow on the ground. It rarely needs water. But it’s biggest attribute is it has a very grounding effect on the system. I’ve taken CORN (FES) for grounding, but it was too harsh for my system. This essence slowly pulls you back in and you notice you have feet! I carry this bottle with me in my purse for anytime I bounce out or times my blood sugar is low. Just heard from a friend that Rosemary is also good for radiation exposure. buy with Add to cart

Joy Green Zinnia essence: “Give me Joy” Zinnia essences are for bringing back joy. They are the ultimate fairy essence. The Green one is for healing the heart and its emotions. Powerful yet uplifting. Add to cart

Faith White Pansy essence: “Dark Night of the Soul and Trust Issues”Most pansy essences heal the heart, and this one is more for healing spiritual issues. It’s good if you lost faith or trust on your path and are questioning what it is all about. A really good one for “dark nights of the soul.” Trust me on this one. See my blog post experimenting with this one. Add to cart 

FOCUS. DESERT ASTER: for FOCUS and clearing out the clouds that block your vision. Really, really good. Good for manifesting. BUY HERE. 

HOPE. YELLOW MINI ROSE: for optimism and hope. Feels like sunshine. Very uplifting essence. I’m addicted to this one ever since I made it. BUY HERE. 

HEART. AMAZONITE: for strength in throat and heart areas — speaking your truth from your heart. BUY HERE. 

GRIEF. HONEYSUCKLE: for nostalgia, grief, and looking back. Add to cart 

PROCESSING. PEPPERMINT PLANT: for digestion, and processing experiencing. Add to cart 


Other essence creations for clearing and blocks:

CLEAR. Pumpkin “Gentle Clear”(for clearing). From the clearing section of the Care of the Sensitive class. I’m on this one now for clearing out a cold gently. add to cart

BLOCKS. Prickly Pear Cactus: “remove the blocks” Prickly Pear is a real powerhouse for removing any kind of block that is in the way, whether emotional or physical. It also removes by awareness what is not authentically you. This is one of my favorites.  add to cart

PROTECTION. Sage: massive clear out and protection. The one where you feel contaminated by too much negativity that you have taken on. add to cart.

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8 thoughts on “Flower Essences for Sensitive

  1. Hi, I’m interested in purchasing the squash flower essence, and the watermelon flower essence, if you have it.

    I am also interested in attending some of your local workshops :)
    Thanks so much!

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  3. Robin

    Ronni Ann – what flower essences would you suggest for enhancing communication with animals / fairies/ angels??

  4. Hi Ronni, I’m going to be ordering some flower essences off you soon. I’m just curious as to your prices for shipping to Canada? Thanks so much!

  5. Jeanine

    Hi Ronni,

    Just received my 3 Flower essences from you..so happy to have them in my life~ I know this is what the Dr. ordered you might say..will buy again..thank you!!

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