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Excited…excited…New Storytelling and Intuition class starts Feb. 21st


So, I’m super excited. I had this idea for this class months ago and I can’t wait to share with you my deep passion for story-making.

What if we could deeper understand and have clarity in our lives by expressing our stories? It was a simple idea that came into my head while reading Christopher Vogler’s book The Writer’s Journey. If we dive down into our stories and relate it to the hero’s journey, everything makes sense. And what if our intuition and our souls were trying to talk to us every day through our different stories that we encounter?


Being a creative person, like most of you readers, my story comes out everyday I make some form of art. There’s gold there just for me–communication from my soul.

Join me on this storytelling 5-week online journey as we explore this avenue of communication. We’ll play and have fun, of course, and have some valuable “aha moments.”

For details and to register, head on over to HERE.

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Thoughts waking up #241


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Book Review: Paranormal

Paranormal: My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife by Raymond Moody, MD, and Paul Perry (HarperOne, 2012)

I was asked by TLC Book Tours to review this book in my blog. Since I love anything on the subject of the paranormal, and have read Dr. Moody’s previous book, Life After Life, I jumped at the chance.

The book’s title is misleading as it is more about Dr. Moody’s life-long pursuit of proving that the near-death experience is a normal happening in the human existence vs. “paranormal.”

This is a memoir that begins with him explaining his fascination with the subject after being told of an uncle’s childhood dog that appeared to come back to life after being hit by truck, but later reappeared in the flesh.

His was a loving, close-knit family that encouraged his curiosity but was later disrupted when his father reappeared after being sent away to war. It’s his father’s reappearance that started his fight between his father’s world, with a surgeon’s mind of only logic and facts, vs. the exploration of the unseen and seemingly impossible.

Another important key in his quest was the loss of his beloved, nurturing grandfather, who later has a stroke and was unable to fully communicate or support his grandson as he once did.

How I differ in many of the reviewers on this tour, is I, like many of my blog readers, have a deep knowing that there is an afterlife. I don’t need to be convinced. I’ve had multiple visits from “spirits” throughout my life starting when I was very young, and the seemingly impossible is my norm, with each day and each exploration opening up the doorway of perception to what is real. I didn’t read this book as a skeptic, because I have this ability. So, instead, I read his life tale cheerleading him on that he indeed would find lots of proof of the afterlife he could document and share with the rest of the world, and he does, through his many scientific experiments.

His beginning experiments were met with enthusiasm, but the more he advanced in his career he ventured into more riskier or more “woo-woo” areas such as crystal-scrying, that led to using mirrors to meet with deceased loved ones, that  much of the medical community, especially his logic-bearing, rigid father concluded he had lost his mind. He had veered too out of the mainstream for them to accept.

Paramount to his struggle throughout his life, and what I thought was ironic, was that the medical community he worked with solely based their conclusions on logic, and not any form of true intuition or perception, therefore, they missed the crucial diagnosis he had of a dangerous thyroid illness that kept him ill most of his life!  But it was this same illness that allowed him to eventually have true, first-hand understanding of his life-long work into the near-death experience.

I enjoyed the book which held my interest. It is a little slow-going at first as I was anxious to jump right into his near-death work, but knowing his early beginnings contributed and helped me understand his overall story better.

Walking away from reading it, I did have the thought that his pursuit for later contact with passed loved ones was on the surface a desire to help those that are grieving, but maybe more of a personal desire to finally heal that personal wound of experiencing many loved ones in childhood who were there in physical body but unattainable/untouchable in spirit.

Thank you to Trish for allowing me to review this book. To continue on in the book tour and read what others have reviewed go to the master schedule here.

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A Book to Avoid that got me going

As I hung out in the waiting area of the third auto mechanic I had visited for my car issues, (story comes later), I happened upon a delightful read that I know will appeal to all of my readers, students and clients. This is THE book to read if you want to put your head in the sand, hide under the bed and pretend that only organized religion can heal all your woes. Don’t go to a therapist if you have any mental illness or issues, definitely don’t use any kind of alternative medicine in any way to heal yourself, and don’t think positively or think your thoughts create your experience in any way. No, it’s best to grab this book, get under that bed, surround yourself with guard dogs and firearms and live in the 1950s all over again.


The back of the book reads, and I kid you not, “What are the dangers of the growing acceptance and practice of:

  • positive and possibility thinking
  • healing of memories
  • self help philosophies
  • holistic medicine”

I have images in my head of when electricity was invented. Did folks run in fear and claim it was from the devil? Did some still cling to the candle?

THIS is dangerous stuff and goes against everything I believe God is all about. This book got me going and upset for hours just flipping through it! What if you are mentally ill and need help? Of course we need to heal our memories. Better to walk around in trauma and pain? For me, God IS knowledge coming through to help me. That’s what is so beautiful.

I guess many of us are finally awakening and some of us prefer to just go back to sleep.

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If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right for you

I just learned an important lesson. And which is usually the case, I of course need to turn around and share, because that’s what I do.

As a intuitive empath, my psychic sense is rooted in my feelings. When I don’t trust those feelings, I run into trouble. Often, my spidey sense might not make sense at the time, might not even seem logical, but I find out later, those empath hits are spot on.

It was a silly thing really. I was rushing around buying dog food at my nearby feed store. I wanted to buy a small bag of the specialty dog food for Emma Lou I now have her on. The grain-free dog foods have been amazing for both girls’ health and wellness. I was a little miffed when I saw that the space on the shelf for the smaller bags was empty, so I asked the salesman at the counter if they had anymore. He explained I was better off getting the bigger bag financially and a whole bunch of other reasons, and I started the procedure to buy the bigger bag. I could feel my inner nasty fairy in a fit. I wanted the smaller bag. What was in my one bank account was enough, I knew, for the small bag. I had money coming over from my other account in a transfer but I wasn’t sure if it was in there yet. I felt actual resentment I was buying this big bag of dog food against what I wanted to buy.

Long story short, the big bag of dog food caused my overdraft to go into effect because the transfer did not come in time and that $33 bag cost me $68.00. I caught the intuitive feeling as I was walking away and went back to the store and returned the big bag for the little bag and the bank, later on, gratefully, was able to work with me clearing the fees. (this rarely happens with most banks.)

Lesson learned? Definitely a lesson in creating boundaries. I needed not to give in to the salesman and stand my ground. Two, don’t do overdraft protection with your bank cards. You are literally playing beat the clock with a computer who doesn’t care. Thirdly, I felt what wasn’t right for me and I needed to trust that inner intuition, which was basically telling me there would be a problem if I bought the bigger bag. This is good to know when anyone asks me to do anything. Does it feel right to me? Ignore logic or anything else in that moment, if it doesn’t feel right, and worse, you are feeling resentment, it isn’t right for you. No explanations are needed.

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New book now available in paper

New! HELP! I’M SENSITIVE ebook now available in paper and via snail mail too. For those who still need something tangible in their hands. Same great tools in another form.

Cute fun size

Buy the paper version: Paper coil-binded and printed version pocketbook (5.5″ x 4.25″) size, with shipping $23.99: Buy here.


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What’s up with this 11/11 thing?

In the new age/lightworker’s movement, the 11/11/10 day is meant to be a big deal. I tend to have a more down-to-earth, less woo-woo approach to things, but I like the idea of everyone spending one day to send out the intention or picture in their minds of how wonderful the world could be.

As with everything, you decide if this is all just new age mumbo jumbo or if it resonates. Can’t hurt to purposely think good thoughts that day.

Because I am all about learning and research, here’s links I google’d to help you make a better decision.

Relaxing and calming video about the portal. I love this woman’s voice.:

A message of just sending out love and light on that day:

Another video and site. If we create our reality, let’s create a better one that does not include mass chaos and “end of world” visions.

Interesting site on 11:11 meaning that this is a call to wake-up.

Um, out there:

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What happened to your header? Or a story about ruby slippers and marketing

The Lesson of the Ruby Slippers

If you are regular reader to Ronni’s Psychic Room, you may have noticed many changes in the last few months to my site. No, your eyes aren’t going loopy, you are simply experiencing the effects of a right-brain person trying to do left-brain marketing. (Noticable in the many changes to my blog header).

I’ve been trying to define myself and what I do for marketing purposes, but the more I tried to, the farther I got away from myself and home. The experience has been ultimately, more of the lesson of the ruby slippers. Remember dear Dorothy on a quest?

In my attempts to define and brand myself, for months I labeled myself one who helps the sensitive. Hmmm. I do! I love to teach tools on what has helped me as an empath to survive. But then, I did a few animal communication readings. Need to add that now. Then I did a few mediumship readings. Now what? Enter a marketing coach who said I am more of a psychic communication teacher. But I really like to write about spiritual lessons I’ve learned! More boxes around me. I’ve never liked boxes and I felt more and more limited. Afterall, what I do encompasses much more than that title and obviously, I did different kinds of psychic readings and I love to write about what I’ve learned.

When I had my Fairy Online School only, I was the fairy girl. Folks assumed I only talked to fairies. Another box. No, talking to fairies was PART of what I do as a teacher and an intuitive.

The more I went by marketing models, the more confused I got, and more boxed in I felt. I had to fit into a niche, right? Squeeze into a tight box. Conform to where I was pulled to. It got to the point where someone would ask me what I do and I just mumbled to myself! Now that’s bad marketing.

Then there’s the art and writing thing. So, I’m an artist too, but I thought, when I create my art with words, that’s usually what I’ve learned as an intuitive that I want to share through my art.

The fog finally cleared the other day with lots of help from invisible and visible friends. I found myself saying out loud what and who I am: I’m essentially a teacher. I love teaching what I’ve learned from my work as an intuitive and working with my spiritual companions and animals, whether it was the extensive work I did with the Fairies on healing with Nature, talking to my Guides/Angels about what would help me as an empath, or having more insight on my childhood from my departed Mom, or learning from Emma Lou, my basset hound, teaching me about joy. And, I like to teach others how to do this too. All this I do through writing an online lesson, an article or blog post, giving a workshop, making a Comfort Card, or helping someone one-on-one in a reading.

Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s really simple. No molding. No trying to be for the market. I had my ruby slippers on all along and had the answer, and therefore, could find my way back home. I just had to be me and find that common thread of what it is I offer and love to do.

So, if you want to learn how to communicate to your spiritual world or need help doing so, or want to learn from what I’ve experienced that might help you or your animals, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to my tribe.

And if you are a holistic healer or an intuitive offering services, or someone who simply does several things, what is your common thread throughout all that you love to do? That’s your definition or ruby slippers–the way back to you.

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Is there a Satan?

I’ve been watching a fun tv series called Reaper. The premise of the show is a young man’s parents sell his soul to the devil. On his 21st birthday the devil shows up with an assignment: his new job is to retrieve bad souls on earth and send them back to hell.

It’s been a cleverly written show with some witty moments, and the theme of good vs. evil covers every episode. The message? In every moment we can decide if we go the higher or the lower road.

I didn’t realize that watching that show would be a percursor to something in my own life. Lately I’m seriously questioning what happens when the Bad is allowed to get away with it and still go on to hurt other people? Where’s God in that situation? Is there a Devil or a Satan as my estranged father-in-law believes? Or is there just sick and unhealthy people who don’t know any better? They are just so disconnected from the light.

My friend Caroline believes that today the good are growing lighter/stronger, and the bad are growing darker and darker. The two sides of the coin need to be there for balance.

Is that why the bad is allowed to continue to be so destructive?  Or does it karmically even out in the end like the other movie I watched, The Lovely Bones? What do you believe?

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15 Things that drive me crazy

Everyone has them. The things that drive you crazy. It’s the little things that in themselves, are not that big a deal but combined can make a bad day.

Here’s my Top 15 Pet Peeves:

  1. Things. Sometimes I love things and other times I fight with things. Those are times when I am getting out of the car and my bags fall on the ground. Or, when you are in a hurry and can’t get things thrown fast enough into your purse. Or, trying to get dressed fast.
  2. Getting dressed fast after taking off a wet bathing suit.
  3. When Facebook is running too slow. I tend to yell at the screen.
  4. When I say what I do and someone says, I know an animal communicator in Sedona. Do you know her? First of all, there are lots of psychic teachers and psychics, especially in Sedona. That’s like saying you have an aunt in Texas and do I know her? Second of all, each intuitive and teacher is very different in what they offer, just like each doctor or dentist.  For some reason, that pushes some buttons.
  5. Headcolds. What is the point?
  6. The Guidance Clinic in Prescott Valley and Cottonwood. Avoid, avoid, avoid. These folks need to be sued about three hundred times. They are not helping the children. They are hurting families. That felt good to say.
  7. The word “aguably.”
  8. Credit scores. What a bunch of bull crap. Today most folks have lost their homes or their cars. It just feels like “shame” score.
  9. Trying to find my glasses in the dark. I need glasses to find my glasses.
  10. When the computer doesn’t type as fast as I do. That really drives me crazy. My mind goes so fast, I’d like my computer to be at least as fast.
  11. Not being respected for my abilities just because you don’t believe in psychics. I sure am not going to prove to you what I can do. Psychic ability for me is right up there with breathing, sleeping, and eating. It’s that natural. It isn’t some “super-natural” ability.
  12. Rigid religions that think their way IS the way. There are many roads to truth. Don’t tell me how to believe or what to believe. And especially don’t tell me what to believe so you will accept me.
  13. Being lied to.
  14. Incontinent beagles.
  15. PMS. Again, what is the purpose?
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