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I created the Fairy Online School at a time when I was overwhelmed and needed tools for my sensitive, empathic self. Enter the Fairy world which introduced me to Nature tools that would balance and help me thrive, and bring back my joyful, authentic designing fairy self. Through the classes, I am able to share my expertise in animal communication and other forms of psychic communication and nature healing presented through my writing and art, and everything that has helped me grow and thrive as a sensitive. The Fairy Online School has been around for ten years and is international with students as far as India, Canada, Italy, Russia, Germany, Ireland, and Australia, and as close at my own state of Arizona.

Although the school is closing, I am now offering Mentorship Packages to work hands-on directly with me and the classes.

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What are classes like? Classes are colorful, enjoyable, fully illustrated, and encourage childlike curiosity and playful experimentation, because I believe we integrate more information when we are having hands-on fun!

Classes are self-guided: lessons are delivered once a week PDF-packed illustrated  (5-20 pages) for better absorption on Fairy Online School Fridays to your own private individual or group course page right here on the website (a hangout spot for individual classes for discussions, and ready access to resources and other tools. Each week, there’s little video, fun polls or quiz, and a relevant online link or resource to discover further to add to your learning experience.) You may be the only one in your classroom or you may have several to play with in discussions; it all depends on enrollment that session (so always fun to register with a friend).

Fun beginnings: On enrollment you will receive a Welcome Letter. On or before your start date you will receive your Magic Password to enter your course page.

Instructor check-in support once a week available for homework or questions. I stop by and visit with you to offer comments, advice and tips.

Homework: Workbook pages/exercise homework to download and play with! Some classes are more extensive in homework exercises, others are optional and just for fun.

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 Catalog: FAll Offerings

(Click on link below to sign up for the class you want to sign up and read)

Animal Communication Mentorship and Certificate

Fairy Healer Mentorship and Certificate

Mediumship Mentorship and Certificate

Private Lessons

Individual Classes:

Animal Mediumship click here

Empath Skills click here

Care of the Sensitive workshop click here


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Healing Fairy Alphabet deck How-To course click here

Magical Fairy Field Art Journal Guide is over here

For other creative classes, head on over to my STUDIO AND DECK page here.

Recent Praise for Fairy Online School: 

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Rocks and Trees rocks! I enjoyed the numerous activities that got me out into nature and in touch with my intuitive side. The activities were easy and fun and helped me learn more about essences and the healing qualities of rocks and trees. Just looking at Ronni’s delightful artwork each week was a treat. I highly recommend this class for anyone looking to find magic in the world of nature and opening up their intuitive and creative channels.” — Ruth Elsesser, Cottonwood, AZ

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New Fairy Healer certified Jan Wilson, MD: “Loved the class!! Ronni as always you seem to nail the material!! It is relevant across the board to all of us!! Fun, fun, fun topics and activities! Lifelong adventures once you get started especially if you keep a journal or notebook. Always a place to return for inspiration and guidance when the ‘chips’ are down! It is hard not to smile even if it is that last thing you feel like doing in your heart!! I will forever make flowers and bubbles and a myriad of other things to help me examine what may be causing a problem or just for fun! You rock lady and I have loved exploring with you and the Fae! I will always return to you for a little refresher!! It is truly a home for those of us that need one sometimes. Thank you, thank you, thank you! “

Fairy Beginner class: “Dear Ronni, I am so tickled to be a graduate of your Fairy Secrets Online Class; These lessons have opened my life to even more joy and gratitude… and fairies! The fairies are indeed alive and well, and visiting me daily! Thank you, Ronni!” ~Roxanne Wexel, Flower and Essential Oils Healer, Cottonwood, AZ

Fairy Beginner Class: “Thank you. I needed that information. I like the format–it’s so fairy-like, with a just a few lines on a page. No yada yada, just the little gems of information and the sweet drawings.” — Sandy, Sedona, AZ

Fairy Beginner Class: “I love taking Ronni’s on-line Fairy classes. Her joy and enthusiasm are contagious. The assignments are fun, heart provoking and tailored to fit my journey. Her feedback is supportive and unpretentious. With the help of the Fairies, I’ve created a beautiful garden and I’m drawing and painting again. I feel more creative than I have in years! A big Thank You to Ronni and All the Fairies!!!”~In Gratitude, Michele Bustamante, Animal Communicator, Durham NC

Fairy Joy & Animal Communication: “With the Animal communication class I learned I could talk to my dogs and they would hear me and understand me. The Fairy Joy class has been an eye opener. I forget sometimes to look for the goodness in everything. It has made me smile, laugh and learn I can draw if I never show it to anyone at least I will have my envelope.” –Candi Frost, Mesa, AZ

Fairy & Empath Online School Links:

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Students now have the option to buy through PayPal Bill Me Later program

*Student Homework and Inspiration*

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I really like this website!I think I will be sighning up for November classes!I also found out how to SEE faeries,I will be trying during the warm weather.

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