(FB101) Fairy Nature Healing Beginner Online Class

“I have loved this class!  I would love to post on your site again to let other students/potential students know how fantastic and fun your classes are. I am looking forward to another class soon.” – Jan Wilson, CA

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FB101 Fairy Healing Beginner  Class


10 lessons delivered on Friday, 5 weeks

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What we will cover:

In this wonderful class, you will learn the Ten FAIRY SECRETS as given to me by the Nature Spirits: Fun, short lessons, easy to digest information with creative pictures to inspire you and a fun homework. Be introduced to this fun, joyful fairy energy and have simple, non-toxic nature tools to grab for to help heal yourself and your animals.

INCLUDES: Learn how to work with the joy of Fairies to heal and reawaken your inner fairy and authentic nature. You can heal emotionally, physically and spiritually with what is in your backyard in a way that is non-chemical and non-invasive. Learn how to use and make a flower essence–a safe, gentle way to heal our animals and ourselves naturally. And most importantly, how to feel joy again!

Program Outcomes:

  • learn how to use flower essences to help you heal and how to make one safely for yourself
  • use the fairy philosophy to have your life go more smoothly and joyfully
  • work with fairy guidance on your health and emotional issues (and meet your Fairy Guides in meditation)
  • work with what is readily available to you in your yard to heal
  • feel that delicious fairy energy and fill up with more joy
  • and much more!

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Full Course details:

Instructor: Ronni Ann Hall

Duration: 5 weeks (two lessons a week); Lessons delivered to your course page right here on the website once a week on Fairy School Fridays

Classroom: Individual or group course page includes polls, fun links each week or video or meditation, and downloadable lesson

Instructor involvement: once a week homework check-in

Commitment: minimum; digest the lesson’s info each week and submit written homework or do fun exercise (always optional). Part of the class (9th lesson) is to learn how to make a flower essence. This class is easy and informative, written very light-hearted and easy to digest; perfect for summer!

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Peeks at the class:

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FORMAT & What to Expect–Lessons include:

a fun lecture, a fairy tip, illustrated worksheet or inspiring art in art journal format while you are encouraged to make your own illustrated art journal (fairy field guide) right along with the class if you so desire. You will be able to access your lessons, worksheets and videos on the Schoology site and interact with other students (if a group page) and the instructor.

At the end of each lesson, a Designing Fairy Teacher summary (it’s like I am in the room with you, sorta.) I’ll hold your hand through the course, available for email questions and once a week check-in.

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“As an empath i feel like i am literally learning all the time, and the beauty of Ronni’s courses are that she provides just what you need and in a “pretty package”. Lol.. I appreciate the beauty in my environment much more now and i am slowly coming to reconnect with my own inner beauty through the Fairy Beginners and Fairy Healing The Feminine courses. It is like a subtle and gentle reconnection and awakening to the “lost” fairy and nature side to me. It’s literally as if this is my oxygen and much like the trees provide us with our very real oxygen, i am coming into a deeper awareness and understanding of the mother beneath my feet and the power, strength and wisdom that our world can provide to us on a very deep level if we only allow ourselves to tap into it and receive. It is all right there waiting to guide, support and sustain us if we only ask. So amazing, so enlightening and so very subtle at the same time, perfect for this empath. Gotta love the humourous side to Ronni, she keeps it very light and down to earth. Like a gentle hug, or a solid support, whatever we need. I am looking right at Ronni’s Tree Spirit card as i write this and feel some emotion at how much the solid, protective and grounding tree spirit is right there for me, just what i need. So, thank you to nature and to Ronni for showing me how to reconnect to this lost part of me that i really needed, it’s truly magical.” — Sally McDonald, Australia

Fairy Beginner class: “Dear Ronni, I am so tickled to be a graduate of your Fairy Secrets Online Class; These lessons have opened my life to even more joy and gratitude… and fairies! The fairies are indeed alive and well, and visiting me daily! Thank you, Ronni!” ~Roxanne Wexel, Flower and Essential Oils Healer, Cottonwood, AZ

“Thank you. I needed that information. I like the format–it’s so fairy-like, with a just a few lines on a page. No yada yada, just the little gems of information and the sweet drawings.” — Sandy, Sedona, AZ

“I love taking Ronni’s on-line Fairy classes. Her joy and enthusiasm are contagious. The assignments are fun, heart provoking and tailored to fit my journey. Her feedback is supportive and unpretentious. With the help of the Fairies, I’ve created a beautiful garden and I’m drawing and painting again. I feel more creative than I have in years! A big Thank You to Ronni and All the Fairies!!!”~In Gratitude, Michele Bustamante, Animal Communicator, Durham NC

“Amazing! I love your homework assignments. They give me a break from my every day usual boring homework assignments. I love that you can be either a little creative or a WHOLE LOT creative. The homework is actually very soothing to do. :) Thank you very much for making it a FUN time! :) – Alissa I., Nevada

“I received the Fairy Course and I am loving it! I started my Joy Journal and have been adding more things to it daily. :) I also painted my fingernails purple (they are glittery too) and I have been wearing glitter (Fairy Dust that I bought at a Witch shop).” – Adrienne Dumas, editor of the The Faeries and Angels Magazine™  (thefaeriesandangelsmagazine.yolasite.com)

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  1. Jan says:

    This class is a definite must have!! I had the best time EVER! I thought I had a good relationship with the Fairies but now I have a SUPER DUPER GREAT relationship with them!!! Ronni is superb!! With her knowledge and imaginative art and ideas she made it so easy to become involved! My favorite … Banish the Blah Bubbles … which I am certain I will do for life now!!! Thanks so much for helping me find that ‘mile smile’ I used to have in my younger more uncomlicated days gone by! Fairy Hugs…Jan

  2. Concetta says:

    Hi, I read your blogs like every week. Your writing style is awesome,
    keep it up!

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