(FHF201) Healing the Feminine with the Fairies

“I appreciate the beauty in my environment much more now, and I am slowly coming to reconnect with my own inner beauty through the Fairy Beginner and Fairy Healing The Feminine courses. It is like a subtle and gentle reconnection and awakening to the “lost” fairy and nature side to me.” — SM, Australia

FHF201 Healing the Feminine with the Fairies


5 lessons delivered on Fridays

Instructor: Ronni Ann Hall, Designing Fairy

Duration: 5 weeks online class

Classroom: Includes personal course page here on the website complete with discussions, videos, and fun polls

Instructor involvement: once a week homework check-in available

Commitment: minimum; digest the lesson’s info each week and submit written homework of very fun exercises and forms to print out and fill out. Class is written very light-hearted and easy but with real information and tools you can use. Opportunity for lots of self-reflection.

Format: class is delivered in fun, illustrated .pdf lessons delivered to your personal course page to download

Can’t receive but keep giving and giving? Feel unsupported? Pushing yourself and not listening to your body? Feel the world is demanding so much from you? Don’t even know the last time you stopped and smelled the roses or sat by a tree? But is your fairy self screaming for Nature and some kind of feminine balance?!

In this class, we cover the ways we can incorporate Nature and the light-hearted fairy energy into our daily self-care. Our feminine sides have been depleted and thrown aside! We live in a world where unhealthy masculine has dominated too long. It’s time for balance, so we look to the Fairies for help.

sample lessonsWe will bring in the support of Nature to you heal your feminine side.

Lessons are filled with stories, short lessons with tools, and lots of fun exercises for you to do including fun forms to print out and play with!

We will cover:

Syllabus Titles and Fairy Itinerary:

Free Exercise from the class to try:

Create your garden of nurturance. Fill in the blanks. Tangibles are your physical environment must-haves, and forbidden joys are things/activities you feel you shouldn’t do or have that are actually fit you.

Online classroom here:

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 10.04.13 AM

Sally McDonald said:

“As an empath i feel like i am literally learning all the time, and the beauty of Ronni’s courses are that she provides just what you need and in a “pretty package”. Lol.. I appreciate the beauty in my environment much more now and i am slowly coming to reconnect with my own inner beauty through the Fairy Beginners and Fairy Healing The Feminine courses. It is like a subtle and gentle reconnection and awakening to the “lost” fairy and nature side to me. It’s literally as if this is my oxygen and much like the trees provide us with our very real oxygen, i am coming into a deeper awareness and understanding of the mother beneath my feet and the power, strength and wisdom that our world can provide to us on a very deep level if we only allow ourselves to tap into it and receive. It is all right there waiting to guide, support and sustain us if we only ask. So amazing, so enlightening and so very subtle at the same time, perfect for this empath. Gotta love the humourous side to Ronni, she keeps it very light and down to earth. Like a gentle hug, or a solid support, whatever we need. I am looking right at Ronni’s Tree Spirit card as i write this and feel some emotion at how much the solid, protective and grounding tree spirit is right there for me, just what i need. So, thank you to nature and to Ronni for showing me how to reconnect to this lost part of me that i really needed, it’s truly magical.”

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