Part of my teaching curriculum includes offering resources or additional information to students and clients. These are my favorites:

  • Besides my own flower essences, :), I really dig FES Flower Essences you can find here.
  • For info on how to muscle test, Machaelle Wright has a great article on her site here. Her MAP program is equally interesting.
  • Another teacher on the subject of being sensitive is Elaine Aron, Phd. I always recommend her book The Highly Sensitive Person. She approaches the subject more from the psychological vs. psychic perspective. Sign up for her newsletter here.
  • Doreen Virtue is THE teacher on Angels and Guardian Angels. She also touches upon Fairies too, but we have a slightly different approach on that subject.
  • My favorite psychic teacher is Sonia Choquette. She has a very down-to-earth, no-nonsense, yet humorous approach that I resonate with in my own teaching. She has a newsletter here.
  • For the best horoscopes each week, my colleague Julia Stonestreet Smith has an emailed one that can be signed up for here.
  • Penelope Smith is the pioneer in animal communication and her books are worth reading. I also like the writing style of other animal communicators/teachers including Marta Williams and Amelia Kinkade. And, do check out my Dogbunny Zine offered at my Etsy shop.
  • For afterdeath communication reading I recommend James Van Praagh books. I don’t resonate with Sylvia Browne’s or a few of the others. He has some really good tips and information especially about earthbound spirits.
  • A great resource for healing your animals naturally is Dogs Naturally magazine. I write a few articles for them.
  • The Faeries and Angels Radio Network is where my podcasts are and they offer a great assortment of radio shows and a really fun magazine here.
  • For marketing tips I recommend Tim Link’s Marketing on a Dime course over at Animal Spirit Network here. (I will be adding a few others in this category.)
  • Favorite charity right now: The Beagle Freedom Project.

Movies to avoid if you are sensitive:

  1. Royal Tenenbaums (hated it and animal plot line abuse)
  2. Pan’s Labyrinth (way too violent)
  3. The one that still upsets me is Ring of Bright Water

Movies that love Nature and Animals that I have enjoyed:

  1. Princess Mononoke
  2. Secondhand Lions
  3. Dances With Wolves
  4. Brother Bear
  5. My Neighbor Totoro
  • For inspirational teachers on creativity I really resonate with:

    1. Sark‘s creative books
    2. Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way is one of my favorite books and you can find her her site here.
    3. Artella newsletter is also very fun and inspiring.
    4. Hands-down favorite teachers who are entertaining in their approach: Ed Emberley on drawing, Karen Elizabeth Gordon on grammar, and Jim Henson on teaching kids.

      Kindred Spirits to Visit:

      • Angelic Journeys:Maryellen De Vine of Angelic Journeys is a “Replenish Your Spirit” Life Coach, EFT Practitioner, and Angel Therapy Practitioner®. Your coaching experience with her will help you create a life that you love, while transforming the blocks.
      • Carol Guy’s Jamie and the Angel book.
      • Cheryl Kasdorf, Naturopathic Doctor: Get Back Your Get-up-and-Go with Naturopathic Medicine.
      • Conduit of Joy empath interview series
      • Sandra Gardner, creative coach: Sandra Gardner heals spiritual creatives of the insecurities, doubts, and fears that hold them back from making their big, amazing dreams a reality.
      • Janet Roper’s animal communication and healing radio show, Talk 2 the Animals
      • Melissa’s kindred spirits over at: Spirit Goddess
      • The Empath Connection
      • Mayan Messages and T-A-D-A: This website is packed with useful information related to Spirit, Emotions, Exercise, Diet, Sun are you ready to plants your S.E.E.D.S? for change? Join their email list to receive a free monthly online newsletter which includes website updates, Mayan Messages.
      • Whose Stuff is this? Empathy and Intuition site
      • Donna Cantone, Angelic Life Coach, using holistic energy healing methods and essential oils and Feng Shui coaching to make your home as healthy as you are!
      • Facebook Group for Faeries: Fairie Enchanted Lives:
      • Rhonda’s amazing Kaleidoscope Coach:
      • Jennifer’s FemCentral and astrology:



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