Student Homework and Testimonies

Michelle Bustamante’s homework for the Fairy Beginner Fairy Healing class.

Danielle Rossi’s Joy List homework

Karla Ely’s class-inspired fairy wand

Meg Fasciano’s fairy homework

Theresia Winkler’s homework

On Care of the Sensitive: “How can I begin to ever thank you for what you have given to me?  I came to this course feeling broken, exhausted and overwhelmed.  There were times I felt I did not possess the energy to even breathe or make my heart beat.  I prayed to Heavenly Father for help and the next morning I found your email for the Care of the Sensitive online course.  I immediately enrolled.  I was to find myself on a journey of simple, pure, straightforward, and intended guidance each week.  If I were to pull out each of the lessons and examine them at face value only, I might say that they are quite simplistic.  However, there is something quite magical about what you carry through your words.  Your words resonated with me on a deep level and I felt the wholeness of life speaking through them to me.  It was as if your words were the wind that carried so much to me.  I don’t know if I could ever put into words or explain the changes I have experienced in my life.  For the first time in my life I have been able to actually find peace… the peace within my own being.  You opened my eyes to the immense and unlimited love in all of the beings and I felt as though I made friends with them as I became acquainted with them each week.  I feel like I am riding on a flying carpet, rather than dragging a heavy rug alongside of me.  Through your words I could connect with the energies of the plants and minerals… an actual connection… and be uplifted and joyous with the new friend in the Devas I had made.

While I felt alone struggling… I was shown that I am really not alone on this earth plane.  There are so many joyous, proud, strong, and funny energies that cheer us on… and it was this and the guidance on shielding myself that has literally given me the tools to free myself from a prison of overload and exhaustion.  There is so much to learn, but what you have given me has been more than I could have ever imagined possible.  I had hoped that this course would help me.  What I did not anticipate was the degree of healing I was to receive from such a generous spirit…. you.” – Lori Blethen, New Jersey

Fairy Joy & Animal Communication: “With the Animal communication class I learned I could talk to my dogs and they would hear me and understand me. The Fairy Joy class has been an eye opener. I forget sometimes to look for the goodness in everything. It has made me smile, laugh and learn I can draw if I never show it to anyone at least I will have my envelope.” –Candi Frost, Mesa, AZ

“Though your class is what started me on this whole new path in my life, your class made doors all of a sudden open to me , doors I didn’t know existed!!! So thanks to you I’m learning a bunch of new amazing things!  So THANK YOU!!!!  for your Care of the Sensitive Class!!!!” — Julia Jasinski, IL

Fairies 101: “I received the Fairy Course and I am loving it! I started my Joy Journal and have been adding more things to it daily. :) I also painted my fingernails purple (they are glittery too) and I have been wearing glitter (Fairy Dust that I bought at a Witch shop).” – Adrienne Dumas, Editor of the The Faeries and Angels Magazine™ (

Fairy Beginner class: “Dear Ronni, I am so tickled to be a graduate of your Fairy Secrets Online Class; These lessons have opened my life to even more joy and gratitude… and fairies! The fairies are indeed alive and well, and visiting me daily! Thank you, Ronni!” ~Roxanne Wexel, Flower and Essential Oils Healer, Cottonwood, AZ

Fairy Beginner Class: “Thank you. I needed that information. I like the format–it’s so fairy-like, with a just a few lines on a page. No yada yada, just the little gems of information and the sweet drawings.” — Sandy, Sedona, AZ

Fairy Beginner Class: “I love taking Ronni’s on-line Fairy classes. Her joy and enthusiasm are contagious. The assignments are fun, heart provoking and tailored to fit my journey. Her feedback is supportive and unpretentious. With the help of the Fairies, I’ve created a beautiful garden and I’m drawing and painting again. I feel more creative than I have in years! A big Thank You to Ronni and All the Fairies!!!”~In Gratitude, Michele Bustamante, Animal Communicator, Durham NC

AH01: “Animal Healing was a great class to take on-line.  You can get as much out of it as you want.  It’s both informative and fun.  I looked forward to receiving the lessons and had a week to think about the information and try it out on my dogs and cat.  The messages were always uplifting and hopeful.” –Cathy Righter, Prescott, AZ

“Ronni, I love you and I love your class!” – Kelli, Angel Whisperer, IL

“You do great Ronni I have talked with so many people that have either taken your classes or you’ve helped them.” — Jan Marie Kanzig, Healer, Chino Valley, AZ

2 thoughts on “Student Homework and Testimonies

  1. Sally McDonald says:

    As an empath i feel like i am literally learning all the time, and the beauty of Ronni’s courses are that she provides just what you need and in a “pretty package”.Lol.. I appreciate the beauty in my environment much more now and i am slowly coming to reconnect with my own inner beauty through the Fairy Beginners and Fairy Healing The Feminine courses. It is like a subtle and gentle reconnection and awakening to the “lost” fairy and nature side to me. It’s literally as if this is my oxygen and much like the trees provide us with our very real oxygen, i am coming into a deeper awareness and understanding of the mother beneath my feet and the power, strength and wisdom that our world can provide to us on a very deep level if we only allow ourselves to tap into it and receive. It is all right there waiting to guide, support and sustain us if we only ask. So amazing, so enlightening and so very subtle at the same time, perfect for this empath. Gotta love the humourous side to Ronni, she keeps it very light and down to earth. Like a gentle hug, or a solid support, whatever we need. I am looking right at Ronni’s Tree Spirit card as i write this and feel some emotion at how much the solid, protective and grounding tree spirit is right there for me, just what i need. So, thankyou to nature and to Ronni for showing me how to reconnect to this lost part of me that i really needed, it’s truly magical.

  2. elfacinc says:

    I’m from Verona Italy,
    Ronni Fairy School is a very Original and Funny mode to understand and handle many HSP’s issues. Her teachings are absolutely AVANT.GARDE in all ways. I like her classes, her books and her art. She gives inspiration to see new pathways to follow for HSPs, help HSPs to clarify many inherent traits and challenges to themselves and they are not alone to do that. Wonderful Ronni…….!!!!!!!!!

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