Fairy Nature Healer Certificate

Careers for Empaths: Rather than lament your empathic abilities, and try to fit a square into a circle path that is too mainstream for you, you might instead consider a career path that uses your special gifts! You are here for a purpose, Sensitive! Consider this program to start your new career or add to toyour existing healing practice.


Congratulations the first Certified Fairy Healer, Jan Wilson!

Fairy Healer Certificate: 

Are you part fairy? Take the quiz. You might really resonate with being a fairy healer. A Fairy healer works with Nature and fairy communication to assist others in their healing. The fairy energy is joyful and fun. With certification you could also add this aspect to your regular psychic or healing practice. Complete the following classes for a certificate as a Fairy Healer. Classes can be taken out of sequence, but FB101 first is recommended.

Program Certificate: Fairy Healer

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.15.34 AM

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Summer certificate CURRICULUM:

Written lessons once a week with exercises/homework.

First two months:

Then take:

Get one of these:







Program Outcomes:

  • Work with the Nature realm for guidance and advice in the areas of Joy, Health, and Connection to Earth & emotional matters. Be able to do fairy readings.
  • Comfortably work with flower essences and other nature tools with clients and have a well-rounded nature repertoire.
  • Work with the upbeat fairy energy on a day-to-day basis.
  • Be able to make flower essences.
  • Help others to balance with the use of Nature as a healing tool.


  • Once a week written lessons delivered to the website, your personal course page
  • Fun, upbeat illustrated lessons with exercises/fun homework due the following week
  • Extras: teaching video, meditation and quiz
  • Flower essence class has extensive worksheet homework
  • Once a week check-in with instructor to answer questions and comments
  • Self-guided independent study

Tuition for Certification Sequence:

  • How much: Tuition is $325.00 $250.00 Right Now during month of June
    Financing: Pay in one lump sum, or two payments (one at start and one in middle of course of $125 ). Paypal Buy Me Later financing is also available with no interest for 6 months and low monthly payments.

Buy Now full sequence by hitting Buy Now Button (paypal) to get started on your path:



Two payment option. First payment $125.00.


Ask the Teacher: Email me or use my Contact Me form. Be sure to include an accurate email address so I can email you back!

One thought on “Fairy Nature Healer Certificate

  1. Jan Wilson says:

    Yaaay me!! I didn’t realize you had put my certification up!! It took a little while but it was worth every bit of it!! Ronni your format and program content are above and beyond! When it comes to teaching you make things so fun and through your creativity you inspire us as students to tap into a little vein of our own that some of us may never have realized existed for creativity! You definitely know how to inspire us to find the joy and wonder of the Fae. Even though I am empathic like you, I spend a lot of time trying to push it down in the everyday so as not to get so much negativity around me so being free to open up and enjoy the Fairy has been a blessing. You are the best!! Much Fairy love and light and best wishes ever!! Jan Wilson (Parsonsburg, MD).

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