Fairy and Empath School Update and New Look

fairyonlineschoolad   So, what’s happening?! Thanks to a bunch of loyal students the school will stay open until August. There will be 3 start dates for classes to choose from:


The May session starts this Friday so you better hurry over to begin and sign up for your class. That leaves only two sessions left, one in June and one in July before classes are no longer available. To sign up from the list of nine classes go to the catalog here. This is a great way to spend the summer — feeling supported while learning.

New Look

Have you noticed the new look of this site? It’s pink! I wanted a softer feel for this site as my intent for it is to talk and write about being sensitive. Hope you like it. I wanted the site to look clean and neat, but straightforward, and have a warm, welcoming feeling.


I am working on two new books, because I am crazy and I enjoy adding things to my plate. :) TWIGS, is a fairy book of fun and can be preordered over here at my studio site. If you like Fairies, my weird, whimsical art, and playing, you will love this book. Your Turtle Shell is book 2 in the Help! I’m Sensitive series and will include Thoughts of a Sensitive and will be available soon.

New Student Discount!



fairynaturehealingEnter the world of dancing, joyful fairies, talking dogs, and wonderland Possibilities. It’s the fun online classes from The Designing Fairy. Minimal homework, lots of insights and discoveries, and tools to grab for in jam-packed lessons. Join the fun this Friday.

March Classes start on Friday. New student? Save BIG on these 3 classes by using the NEW STUDENT red link on the pages of each class. There’s also Fairy Healing the Animals and Rocks and Trees just for March. Well, go sign up and take advantage of this nifty deal by going to the Menu page here and pick out your class.

January classes announced

gardenspreadI can’t believe it is actually January. You may have noticed I redid the header of my site. I am hoping for a clearer visual experience for you that is easier to navigate, instead of having so much come at you all at once.

So…announcey announcey!

Announcing new certification programs to check out, including one for kids. Now is the time to treat yourself and start the year with new study and what you always want to learn.

That link is here.

There’s the usual core classes, including the famous, fabulous EMPATH SKILLS class to help direct your sensitivity, and not have it overload you.

There’s the new class, Wild Worlds Within, that allows you to sketch, play, and write to get in touch with your feelings and life but in a fun way. No more serious big lesson healing for us! That link is here.

So head on over to the CATALOG and sign up. January classes start on the 23rd.

If you are a newsletter subscriber and a past student you will be receiving a FREQUENT FLYER STUDENT WING REWARDS card with deep discounts/rewards on classes for every five classes you take. That’s cool, huh? They go out this week so check your email box. Make sure you are signed up over here.

Hope I see you in class, in the meantime, make sure you are learning with fun!

Fairy blessings,


Two Kinds of Smog


First off, big thank you for everyone that attended the celebration for my deck. We had a ton of fun on Facebook and many of the posts are still here on the website for you to read.

I had one hell of a week last week and from what I heard from others it was a doozy energy-wise. Perhaps it was that FULL MOON that knocked out the sky. Maybe it was the eclipses and astrological influences (if I hear one more time about Mercury Retrograde I will scream LOUD. Good thing that is over.) But one thing I know for sure, I didn’t feel right. I experienced:

  • Sudden mood change
  • A heavy feeling
  • A dark cloud around my head that made my head fuzzy and confused
  • My usual upbeat personality felt depressed, sad and hopeless and I couldn’t get rid of it

Did you ever have a big change in mood like that? Comes on like gangbusters and hard to clear out? I call it Smog.

We are talking about Smog over on this month’s newsletter. Did you sign up yet? Subscribers will receive $10 to $20 Off on classes that start this Friday, AND $20 off this week on the new class, Help! I’m Sensitive Support class.

Sign up for the newsletter right over HERE.