Are You Part Fairy? quiz

And now for something fun…

The signs you may be part fairy:

  • You have to have windows in your rooms. An office with no windows is like the kiss of death for you.
  • If you aren’t around some form of Nature, you get out-of-sorts, cranky, and shut down.
  • You love the colors of flowers and when you see them something inside of you wakes up.
  • You are attracted to animals and understand them.
  • You get pissed at people who throw garbage out car windows. Your anger seems larger than the situation.
  • You may have flying dreams.
  • You like things that are sparkly or silly.
  • There’s something about a box of crayons that is very inviting and makes you smile. You appreciate the child-like in others.
  • You may be attracted to natural healing.

Answered YES to most of these, You may be part fairy. You found the right place to hang out.


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And the Magical Fairy Field Guide online class over on my creativity site here.

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11 thoughts on “Are You Part Fairy? quiz

  1. Ginger

    This is TOO Funny Ronni! I have all of these “symptoms”
    Things are tight on the budget but I KNOW I have to get in
    on your classes. I have been making a vision board & ready to
    start another soon. Really taps into the subconscious.
    Had a dream about ascended Master kuthumi & he was telling me about a gold & black box. I had to look him up~Really nice when
    they come in for a visit:D
    Peace & blessings Ginger

  2. Just found you on LinkedIn and thought I’d check out your site. Very nice! I’m a faerie artist and firm believer. You should check out my sites. I think you’d like my stuff. I signed up to follow you. btw, I answered yes to every one of those things above, but then, I’ve always know I was part faerie…Tee-hee!! :o)

  3. am I a mermaid or fairy? I don’t know. Here are my traits:
    I luv water
    I luv warmth
    I never feel cold
    I feel a connection to dogs, and animals
    I fell like I’m meant to help nature!
    I am never ever afraid water!
    I am very energetic at night!
    I am clairvoyant.

    so, designing fairy, what do you think I am? PLZ ANSWER ASAP!

  4. how can I be both?
    is that even possible?

  5. Jonathan Davis

    I am a boy, but does that mean I am not a fairy?

  6. does anyone know some good mermaid websites? because my sister is a healer and she said I was a mermaid!

  7. THX!

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