Today"s post has nothing to do with beauty and also fashion but it"s a sign that has been going about youtube that is just one of my favorites come date! The "Get your Freak On" sign is a fun group of 15 questions that give us a little of insight on the weird inside all of us. ;)

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Questions#1. What"s a nickname just your household calls you?#2. What"s a monster habit of yours?#3. Do you have any kind of weird phobias?#4. What"s a song you secretly LOVE come blast & belt out when you"re alone?#5. What"s one of your biggest pet peeves?#6. What"s among your worried habits?#7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?#8. What to be your an initial stuffed animal && it"s name?#9. What"s the drink you always order in ~ starbucks?#10. What"s the beauty dominance you preach.. But never actually practice?#11. Which method do you confront in the shower?#12. Do you have any type of "weird" human body "skills"?#13. What"s her favorite "comfort food"/food thats "bad" however you love come eat that anyways?#14. What"s a phrase or exclamation you constantly say?#15. Time come sleep- what space you actually wearing?


I expect you delighted in watching me gift silly (as usual)! I"d love because that you blogger women to do the tag too so please feel complimentary to article a blog on her answers together well and also share your link in the comments.I know I"m not the only one that listens to Powerline and also wears the ideal PJs in the human being the bed, right?
Have a super wonderful, amazing, thankful Thanksgiving holiday everyone! i feel truly honored and also blessed that I have actually you males to clock me share assembly tips, or also when I"m simply being silly, or times as soon as I"m being serious as well. I realize really much that it"s a give and also take relationship and also you"ve provided me together a warm boost of hope, inspiration, and also love everyday. I"m thankful because that this constantly but today, especially, I desire to say give thanks to YOU. I"m humbled by her support and also I will try my hardest to proceed to work hard alongside you, my digital family. :)


Hi, I"m Jen! I"ve been blogging and also making youtube videos due to the fact that 2008 and also have love encouraging others to feel beautiful in their very own skin ever before since. I hope you gain my beauty, beauty tips and also reviews, style inspiration, and a little bit of mine life as a wife and mother!

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