The basic trim level for the 1958 Ford vehicles to be the tradition 300 Series. Human body styles consisted of a 2- and 4-door sedan and also a 2-door service coupe. The base six-cylinder engine to be a 223 cubic-inch unit giving 145 horsepower. Because that customers seek more, Ford offered the "Special" trim level which included additional chrome strip that to be located simply behind the door. The top-of-the-line "Styletone" trim level included extra exterior striping with a gold anodized insert. Pricing started at simply over $2,000 for the 2-door sedan. A full of 340,871 instances of the custom 300 to be built.By Daniel Vaughan | Jul 2018

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The intermediary trim level Customline series became the Custom collection in 1957 and also moved more down-market, and also becoming Fords basic trim level. They had chrome window moldings, one sun visor, and no horn - there to be a horn button. The Custom series was offered with one of two people a 6 or eight-cylinder engine v the custom 300 Models being the optimal of the heat trim for the practice short-wheelbase....Continue analysis >>
The Ford Customline was developed from 1952 v 1956. It to be a model placed between the Mainline and also the Crestline and was accessible with one of two people a 6 or eight-cylinder engine. The three-speed hand-operated gearbox was standard v the automatic unit offered as optional equipment.....Continue reading >>
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6 cyl., 223.00 CID., 145.00hp8 cyl., 292.00 CID., 205.00hp8 cyl., 332.00 CID., 240.00hp8 cyl., 332.00 CID., 265.00hp8 cyl., 352.00 CID., 300.00hp8 cyl., 352.00 CID., 300.00hp
1963Chevrolet (2,237,201)Ford (1,525,404)Fiat (957,941)1,525,404
1962Chevrolet (2,061,677)Ford (1,476,031)Fiat (957,941)1,476,031
1961Ford (1,338,790)Chevrolet (1,318,014)Volkswagen (807,488)1,338,790
1960Chevrolet (1,653,168)Ford (1,439,370)Toyota (1,068,321)1,439,370
1959Chevrolet (1,462,140)Ford (1,450,953)Volkswagen (575,407)1,450,953
1958Chevrolet (1,142,460)Ford (987,945)Volkswagen (451,526)987,945
1957Ford (1,676,449)Chevrolet (1,505,910)Plymouth (726,009)1,676,449
1956Chevrolet (1,567,117)Ford (1,408,478)Buick (572,024)1,408,478
1955Chevrolet (1,704,667)Ford (1,451,157)Buick (738,814)1,451,157
1954Ford (1,165,942)Chevrolet (1,143,561)Plymouth (463,148)1,165,942
1953Chevrolet (1,346,475)Ford (1,247,542)Plymouth (650,451)1,247,542

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Six series Sedan 163,366

Six collection Sedan 173,441

Six collection Business Coupe 4,062

987,945 full vehicles created by Ford in 1958

The 1958 Ford custom 300 collection accounted for 34.5% the Ford"s 987,945 production.