Curtis Media’s “Rock 92.9” 570 WPLW/92.9 W225DF Raleigh NC has added global Media Services’s “2 males Named Chris” for mornings.

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Based at cock Broadcasting’s “Rock 92” 92.3 WKRR Greensboro, the show features hosts chris Kelly and Chris Demm, co-host Dave Aiken and also producer Biggie. In addition to debuting top top the recently launched brand in Raleigh, the present will transforming stations in Savannah ~ above Monday, February 15.

2 males Named chris will relocate from their present home on dick Broadcasting’s “Rock 106.1” WFXH Hilton Head Island SC come co-owned classic Hits “Rewind 107.9” port Royal. That will cause an on-air lineup shuffle at both stations with longtime WRWN morning host Monty Jett relocating to afternoons.

At WFXH, current afternoon master Kotter and also Marshall will move to mornings beginning on in march 1. 96.1 WKZQ Myrtle beach SC afternoon hold ‘Crash’ will track middays in Savannah, if PD/midday hold Billie Marshall moves she “Bad Ass absent Show” to afternoons.

2 guys Named chris (2GNC), the smart and funny morning show for smart rockers, expands into Raleigh ~ above Curtis Media’s rock 92.9 beginning today. The notice comes on the heels that 2GNC’s monster success of a 32 re-publishing in its house market the Greensboro – the highest possible home-market re-publishing of any type of classic rock morning program.

“We are excited to welcome 2 men Named kris to absent 92.9 and the Triangle,” said pilgrimage Savery, President/Chief operation Officer, Curtis Media. “Rock 92.9 functions real classic Rock with neighborhood personalities. 2 guys Named chris has developed a solid following in the region, and also it is a perfect enhance for mornings on absent 92.9.”

“We have overcame mornings in Greensboro v 2 men Named Chris,” declared Dick Harlow, Chief operation Officer of prick Broadcasting, i beg your pardon produces and airs the present on WKRR-FM (Rock 92), Greensboro. “The show combines humor, popular music culture, and insights into standard rock music and bands with continuous audience interaction that attracts a loyal male audience every morning.”

Syndicated nationally through worldwide Media Services, the 2 guys Named kris team is composed of hosts kris Kelly and Chris Demm, their partner Dave Aiken, and also producer Biggie.

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Tony Garcia, president of global Media Services, commented, “We’re excited to it is in on Curtis Media’s standard Rock 92.9 in Raleigh. Trip has been a an excellent partner in the past, and also I’m looking forward to working through him and also his team in Raleigh.”

2 males Named chris airs M-F 6A-10A east Time and also is accessible on a market-exclusive basis. The top-rated show has received countless awards and accolades, consisting of a 2015 NAB Marconi Award and also North Carolina Broadcasters’ 2016 Morning show of the Year Award.

Global Media services is the to exclude, syndication representative for 2 guys Named Chris. For more information, station may call Tony Garcia at 303-916-6333 and garciatony60