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Exaggerator ridden by Kent Desormeaux leader the ar to victory the 141st running of the Preakness Stakes in ~ Pimlico race Course on may 21, 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Finally, Exaggerator has beaten Nyquist, and also it come in the Preakness on Saturday to end any type of chance of one more Triple Crown.

Seizing the command at the height of the stretch, Exaggerator splashed past a tired Nyquist and went on for a 3 1/2-length success over Cherry wine on a rain-drenched Pimlico gyeongju Course.

Exaggerator's elusive success over his nemesis come after four difficult losses, consisting of a runner-up complete to Nyquist in the Kentucky Derby.

Nyquist was sent out off as the 3-5 favorite in the 11-horse field, and dueled with Uncle Lino for the lead through the an initial mile that the 1 3/16th-mile 2nd leg that the Triple Crown. And also then the was every Exaggerator -- no kidding.

The 3-year-old colt kept obtaining ground along the rail. Jockey Kent Desormeaux observed an opening approximately the last turn, angled outside and Exaggerator take it over.

Nyquist, through Mario Gutierrez aboard finished third, adhered to by Stradivari, Lani, Laoban, Uncle Lino, Fellowship, awesome Speed, built up and Abiding Star. Winning time because that the gyeongju was 1:58.31.

Trained by Kent's younger brother, Keith, Exaggerator verified his talent in the slop once again. He won the Santa Anita Derby over a sloppy track, and did the very same in the Preakness. It to be the first Preakness winner for the trainer who started his career in Maryland, and third for the room of call rider.

The group was estimated at a document 134,000.

Race marred by 2 steed deaths


Preakness 2015: American Pharoah wins 2nd leg that Triple Crown

Ten year after Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro tragically broke down in ~ the start of the Preakness, the owner of the well-known colt watched another horse castle bred die throughout a race on a merganser Saturday at Pimlico gyeongju Course.

In a tragic start to a day that finished with Exaggerator upsetting Nyquist, Gretchen and also Roy Jackson's 4-year-old filly Pramedya damaged down throughout the 4th race top top the Preakness undercard, and was euthanized ~ above the track. The filly's jockey, Daniel Centeno, damaged his collarbone in the spill that arisen on the turn of a race operation over a wet turf course.

"It's ironic, right?" Roy Jackson said The connected Press. "It was challenging to watch."

In the opening gyeongju of day, Homeboykris collapsed and also died ~ winning and also having his picture taken in the winner's circle. Pimlico officials believe the 9-year-old gelding endured cardiovascular collapse. The horse was being taken to brand-new Bolton center in Pennsylvania for an autopsy -- the same pet hospital Barbaro was taken to after his rest down.

racing officials said Pramedya damaged her left former cannon bone.

In an Eerie coincidence, the fourth race was won by important Together, trained through Michael Matz, who was Barbaro's trainer.

In 2006, Barbaro shattered skeletal in his best hind leg just after the begin of the Preakness, survived surgery but occurred laminitis and was euthanized in January, 2007.

Homeboykris winner the Champagne comb in 2009, and a year later on finished 16th in the Kentucky Derby. He had actually just winner his 14th gyeongju in 63 career starts.

"You never ever like to see that happen," Maryland Jockey society President Sal Sinatra said. "Little various instances -- the first one, he actually won the race and on his means back collapsed. So he'll walk for a necropsy. The various other horse, the was handling the turf well and I don't recognize what happened. I had my inspectors examine it out, and everybody's fine v that (the turf).

"And of course, Barbaro's link with it renders it worse," he added.

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In March, The Jockey society released 2015 statistics for the frequency of deadly injury mirroring that the fatality price was 1.62 deaths every 1,000 starts across all surfaces, ages and also distances. In 2014, follow to the steed Injury Base, the price was 1.89 every 1,000 starts.