Vernon Adams threw for three touchdowns, top the West team to a convincing win in the Shrine Game.

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Vernon Adams stole the display in Saturday"s East-West Shrine Game. Regardless of playing in simply the an initial half, the previous Oregon quarterback threw for 3 touchdowns and also 191 yards on simply nine passing attempts, helping the West team obtain the 29-9 win.

It was a rough day for Brandon Doughty, the western Kentucky quarterback who attracted plenty of attention coming right into the game. He completed 6 of 11 passes for 42 yards v no touchdowns and also two interceptions in the opening quarter because that the West.

Both that those interceptions resulted in points because that the east side. The first interception, picked off by Anthony Harrell, set East increase on the sheet of West"s red zone. Man Lunsford ended up booting a 33-yard ar goal to give them the very first points the the game.

After a couple punts, Doughty to be intercepted through Brian Poole, who took the happen 98 yards for a touchdown, giving east a 9-0 lead. The West regulated to near the gap when Adams come in at quarterback, together he led the team on a seven-play, 80 garden drive the was capped off by an 11-yard touchdown pass to Kivon Cartwright to make it 9-7 in donate of the East.

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Appreciating Vernon Adams" great season

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Vernon Adams had actually one the the good seasons through a quarterback that the last decade in university football for Oregon in 2015.
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They didn"t follow much much longer than that though, together Adams remained in the game and also delivered another touchdown. Adams to be confident in the bag long sufficient for coverage to break down and he uncovered Danny Anthrop because that a 93-yard touchdown pass. It"s an East-West Shrine video game record, breaking the old one of 80 yards. Eastern safety Jordan Simmons do a mistake in coverage and didn"t stay ago in his zone, letting Anthrop by because that the score.

The West team acquired the ball earlier and Adams slowly drove them previous midfield, keeping the journey alive through a nifty 6-yard operation on third-and-6. ~ above the following play, he hit Storm Barrs-Woods for a 45-yard catch-and-run. Barrs-Woods showed an excellent burst and also vision on the swing pass, following his blockers all the way. Adams threw his third touchdown happen on the game, hitting Illinois" Geronimo Allison v a bullet happen that had pinpoint accuracy.

West ran a two-minute drill at the finish of the second quarter, with Wisconsin"s Joel Stave replacing Adams under center. He obtained his team down to the 25-yard line but threw one ugly interception to his college teammate Mike Caputo, who almost had a pick-six for East before getting dragged down from behind in ~ the 11-yard line. Eastern tacked top top a ar goal and also went right into halftime down, 23-9.

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Things didn"t start much far better for the east team in the 2nd half, through Blake Frohnapfel throwing his team"s second interception the the day. Because that once, West couldn"t take advantage of the turnover, punting the ball ago to East. The West team added to that is lead late in the third quarter when Indiana"s Nate Sudfeld hooked up with Allison because that his 2nd touchdown that the game. The would end up sealing the victory for the West team.