There is a great looking actors of cost-free agents top top the means for the 2016 offseason, which ones will actually do it to free agent waters though, is a various matter altogether. Many of the best names top top the list are on extremely successful teams, therefore leaving for an ext money but a worse franchise, might not it is in the best means to go.

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Carolina Panther cornerback mockery Norman fits that summary perfectly. He is coming off a job season with 4 interceptions, two of which were pick-sixes and also three compelled fumbles. Norman will certainly look to cash in, but would leaving the league-best 15-1 Panthers it is in the finest idea? through Carolina offered +200 odds to win Super bowl 50, there’s a good chance he’ll stick around.

Should mockery Norman take turn off from the cats though, hell be searching for a contract similar to the of Patrick Peterson or Richard Sherman. In ~ the age of 28, he’ll desire at the very least 4-5 year of $65 and $70 million dollars. Is that worth that much? more than likely not. He’s the biggest cornerback surname on the industry though and also is coming turn off a extremely successful year individually and team-wise. He’s additionally one that the few in his age range with that resume at that position. For this reason yes, he’ll likely obtain the dough.

The other huge name ~ above the defensive side of things is Denver Bronco linebacker Von Miller. Hell likely inspect out the industry with Peyton Manning top top his means out. The team’s chances are going taking a pretty huge hit following season, particularly if complimentary agent Brock Osweiler decides to test the waters as well.

Miller is a four-time agree Bowler and also is coming off yet another AFC West location season. In ~ the age of 26, he’ll be able to demand some pretty an excellent money. Most likely somewhere roughly fellow linebackers Bobby Wagner that the Seahawks and Panthers Luke Kuechly between $50 and $60 million end 4-5 years.

The Philadelphia Eagles are looking to rebuild their defense and also could be good suitors. The new York Giants room in require of a superstar on the ago end. The biggest fishers though, may be the Fish themselves – the Miami Dolphins. They’re constantly looking to spend money and also are in need of a bit an ext help on defense to assistance the shortcomings that Ryan Tannehill. Seeing how he’s signed top top for another five years together well, a little more help ~ above d wouldn’t be a bad thing.

On the offensive side, wide receiver Alshon Jeffery will turn some heads. He’ll most likely look to gain out that Chicago as easily as possible, seeing just how the team seems to be standing behind Jay Cutler and there’s another an initial string broad out comes up the ranks. The bear selected Michigan standout Kevin White seventh overall in the 2015 draft but lost him to injury in his an initial year. Jeffery hasn’t to be the healthiest receiver together of late either, but he is 25 years old and also has a hefty quantity of an initial string experience.

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Greg Olsen gained out of the Cutler regime early in 2010. That took turn off for Carolina and also is now competing for a super Bowl. Devin Hester and also Brandon Marshall also followed suit and left Chicago (Marshall via trade) end the past few years because that greener pastures. Once Jeffery heads to the market, he’ll be looking for a permanent deal worth somewhere in between $50 and $60 million dollars.

Other big names ~ above the list room S Eric Berry out of Kansas City, Tampa bay RB Doug Martin, S Eric Weddle out of mountain Diego, Seattle LB Bruce Irvin and also T Russell Okung, in addition to Washington’s QB Kirk Cousins and also Denver’s Brock Osweiler. You can expect rather a few resignings this offseason, although the transforms of scenery will certainly be aplenty