Hot off your prime-time televised Grammy performance at Staples Center, just Area thrash master Metallica played a unique one-off present on the various other side of town at the Hollywood Palladium ~ above Sunday night February 12. The band who was nominated for finest Rock track for the track “Hardwired” off their November 2016 relax Hardwired…To Self-Destruct played a red hot version of the tune “Moth into Flame” with pop symbol Lady Gaga at The Grammy’s to build up the anticipation of your Palladium show.

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Hitting the stage at 11:00pm to very packed sold OUT Palladium, plenty of in attendance wonder what to suppose as there to be sound/microphone worries during the Grammy performance the noticeably agitated James Hetfield and also rightly so v a performance in former of millions of people on television. But the band come out and delivered a blistering 10 song collection that absolutely impressed the very first time Metallica concert goers and the longtime fans.

The band wasted no time acquiring into high gear as they opened up the display with “Hardwired” then right into “Creeping Death” which had actually the 3500 pan in attendance yelling Die, Die, die in unison at one point. Hetfield did no do much talking at every in in between songs and also never even mentioned the Grammy debacle or noþeles to carry out with the Grammy’s – very first class on his component as the was really focused on providing the fans a night to remember in this small venue. That did but mention the last time Metallica played the Palladium was in 1985 with Armored Saint. Kirk Hammet is without a doubt one of the premier command guitarists in metal and also his blazing solos were certainly a to mark of the display as he crushed from track to song.

The night flowed indigenous one tune to the next as the music concentrated on the hard and also heavy aspects of Metallica’s catalog. The rhythm ar of the tape is additionally a standout v Lars Ulrich pounding the drums and also being really interactive through the crowd while Robert Trujillo becomes one v his bass as he offers the thumping base while doing his trademark crab-walk.

Metallica ended the night in an epos fashion with “Blackened” climate “Seek & Destroy” and that is just what the tape did ~ above this night – they ruined the Palladium favor none other and also in pure Metallica fashion, ended their Grammy Sunday victorious at The Palladium (even though David Bowie won the Grammy for finest Rock Song).

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Metallica has announced their long awaited go back to the road in the USA with the WorldWired 2017 north American Tour beginning in may – tourism dates and also ticket on sale information deserve to be found here.

Metallica set List:

Hardwired . . . | Creeping death | because that Whom the Bell Tolls | Sanitarium | Harvester of sore | One | grasp of Puppets | get in Sandman | Blackened | seek & Destroy