Nathan Chen ended up being the newest men"s champion at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships after ~ a leading two job in Kansas City, Missouri.

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As U.S. Number Skating"s Twitter account noted, his 318.47 in its entirety score shattered the previous record.

Olympic champion Scott Hamilton explained what Chen achieved Sunday:


In her LIFE! ns feeled blessed to witness together a display of athletic-superhuman skating! Nathan Chen just adjusted everything! #USChamps17

The rest of the field could only battle for second place, i beg your pardon made it a effective run because that Vincent Zhou. Regardless of being much off the lead, he verified a lot of capacity with his high jumps and also smooth transitions. Pan favorite Jason Brown finished up in 3rd place.

Here are the final results indigenous the critical day of activity at the acceleration Center.

US figure Skating Championships: Championship Men's Final
PlaceCompetitorFree-Skate ScoreTotal Score
FirstNathan Chen212.08318.47
SecondVincent Zhou175.18263.03
ThirdJason Brown175.00254.23

Chen come in together the favorite in the competition, specifically with defending champion Adam Rippon out with a broken foot.

The 17-year-old responded through a quick program with a high level of difficulty, which placed him way ahead that the field. He scored a 106.39, v Ross Miner sit in second place in ~ 88.67.

While he might have bring away it easy in the complimentary skate, Chen want to display the world what he might do.


Chen landed five quadruple jumps because that the very first time ever before in competition, impressing Kirk Wessler that the Journal Star:

Ladies" second-place finisher Ashley Wagner, who was tweeting native the man Wilson Blades account, synthetic up her thoughts top top the win performance:


Slaythan. Dominathan. Nathan. Girlfriend pick. It literally doesn't matter due to the fact that this kid is one more level of sports #USChamps17


The only comparison I deserve to make is a 200-yard game for one RB or a five-TD game for a QB, but done in a way to relocate the sports forward.

The young ska was aggressive transparent his cost-free skate and was virtually flawless in every one of his jumps. His technological score to be well ahead of the ar thanks to the challenge of the moves, but his smooth skating was also impressive.

Zhou had actually to follow that up through the final skate of the day and also held his own, landing his very own quads when doing an ext than enough to run into second place. It wasn"t a perfect showing, but the clean jumps walk a long means in his last score.

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Brown was in just fourth place coming into the day yet put on a show with his free skate. Back his level of difficulty wasn"t as high as others in the field, he impressed those watching along.

Former U.S. Champion Parker Pennington disputed the performance:

Parker Pennington

That to be a special performance through
jasonbskates! Hit us all right in our heartstrings. The fist to detail second to none. #uschamps17

Ice dancer Madison Chock delighted in the present as well:

Madison Chock

I want more!!! I could watch
jasonbskates skate alllll day