my three method lamp is suddenly simply one way. Is this one electrical difficulty that can be a fire hazard? Why would a lamp just suddenly prevent being three method after gift plugged and also unplugged?

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The most likely explanation is that among the 2 filaments within 3 way bulb charred out or broke.

If that was currently close to burning out prior to you relocated the lamp, the mechanically shock the moving may have broken it the rest of the method -- possibly it broke fully so girlfriend didn"t see the characteristic "flash" of a filament burning out as soon as you rotate on the lamp because that the an initial time after relocating it.

You can test the lamp contacts in the socket v a continually tester at every switch place to verify that this is the case, however a much easier (and definitive) test would be to change the bulb with a new 3-way bulb and also see if that works.


I had this very same problem. An initial I do the efforts a "new" pear & the did the very same thing, so ns Johnreplaced the socket, and also that didn"t resolve the problem. Ns tried the "new" bulb in an additional lamp and also confirmed the it to be defective. The 3rd "new" bulb was great and corrected the problem. The bulbs to be labeled GE, but "made in China." The lesson ns learned is that sockets rarely go bad, as this is the 2nd time I have actually needlessly changed one. Hopefully I will certainly remember this prior to I make this failure again.


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