SANTA CLARA (CBS SF) — A 49ers season ticket holder to be one of four peoplearrested in the brutal beating that a Minnesota Vikings pan in the parking lot of Levi’s Stadium following Monday night’s game in between the Vikings and 49ers.

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The attack, reflecting a variety of people put on 49ers gear punching and also kicking the man, happened external the stadium door “C” was recorded on video clip and post to social media.

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At the time, police officers who comment to the contact found that everyone had actually dispersed. Detectives supplied the video clip to recognize two victims, both the Vikings fan and a protection guard injured while break up the fight, police said.

Warning: graphic Video, explicit Language

Eventually detectives established four suspects: 33-year-old Juan Arias and 32-year-old Felix Chavira, both the Hollister; 30-year-old Eric Martinez of mountain Jose; and also a 17-year-old female.

All 4 were arrested late Thursday night. The 3 adults were required to Santa Clara county Jail and the teenage girl was offered a citation and released to she parents, police said.

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The 35-year-old Vikings fan and an 18-year-old defense guard bothsuffered injuries that were non-life threatening.

The 49ers authorize the followingstatement Friday on the arrests, “The san Francisco 49ers organization commends the Santa Clara Police room for conveniently identifying and also apprehending the 4 allegedassailants connected in Monday night’s incident.

“During the examination we learned that among the assailants was determined as a 49ers season ticket member. Together a an outcome of his behavior, the Santa Clara stadion Authority is end the individual’s Stadium builders License and also the 49ers space revoking his season tickets.

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“We are steadfast in ours commitment to fostering a safe finish enjoyable environment at Levi’s stadium for every visitors and also remind fans that actions like this will certainly not be tolerated.”

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