Could over there be a an altering of the NFL guard? Sunday"s Steelers vs. 49ers matchup can answer some questions.


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Published Sep 19, 2019Updated might 20, 2021, 3:27 to be CDT

As eras concerned an finish in the NFL, new eras begin.

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With the season-ending injury come future room of call quarterback Ben Roethlisberger critical week, the era the the Pittsburgh Steelers together a perennial competitor might be over. Through contrast, the san Francisco 49ers have started their season with two leading victories together quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has actually come into his own.

There is some room for positive outlook in Pittsburgh, though, as backup Mason Rudolph looked kind in relief last week. The third-round breeze pick has actually been serviceable in Pittsburgh, and even large Ben admits that he is ~ above the earlier end that his career.

Even if Roethlisberger had stayed healthy, Pittsburgh would have actually had concerns to overcome. The Steelers receivers have actually looked flat and unimpressive there is no Antonio Brown. In particular, Donte Moncrief, that was collection to begin going forward, watch terrible.

While the defense has actually played well, Pittsburgh’s opponents have racked up nearly 60 points v two weeks. Though star transforms from T.J. Watt, Steven Nelson, and Stephon Tuitt have been welcome, boneheaded mistake by less special players choose Terrell Edmunds and also Daniel McCullers have collection the unit back.

With Rudolph under center, the defense is walking to need to play lights out every week if the Steelers desire to keep their season alive.

In san Francisco, a climbing star is lifting all ships. A much improved Week 2 for Jimmy G resulted in nice results throughout the plank for the whole offense. Emerging rusher Matt Braida ran for 121 yards, averaging an excellent 10.1 yards every carry. Four receivers discussed 50 yards, consisting of tight finish George Kittle, who proceeds to shine.

Stars are arising on defense as well. Akhello Witherspoon has been dynamic in ~ cornerback. Up front, the Niners have notched seven sacks with two games. Though Nick Bosa and also Dee Ford remain the defensive leaders, a half-dozen players have recorded sacks so far.

While heavy play native Rudolph might keep this game competitive, the simple analysis is that the 49ers space firing on all cylinders and also the Steelers are certainly not.


Pittsburgh Steelers vs. San Francisco 49ers

When: Sunday, Sept. 22 at 1pm ETWhere: Levi’s stadion in Santa Clara, CAStreaming: CBS, NFL Sunday Ticket

There are a variety of options because that watching Steelers vs. 49ers top top streaming platforms that bring CBS. However, consult a coverage map to see what video game your local channel will certainly be playing.

If a game is no being brought in her area, the just option could be one NFL Sunday Ticket package.

Steelers vs. 49ers live stream: exactly how to watch the NFL online

1) Sling TV

Sling Tv

Both Sling Blue ($25 per month) or Sling Orange + Blue ($40 every month) encompass NFL Network and also a number of sports channels—like three ESPN channels, NBCSN, and also FS1—and it’s quiet a nice perk the Sling subscribers can order a la carte packages. Sling TV likewise offers a special Latino package because that bilingual viewers. Sling TV is right now offering a deal wherein you deserve to subscribe because that 40% turn off the continual price for the first month of her subscription. That way Sling Blue would price $15, and Sling Orange + Blue would cost $25. (Here’s a finish guide come Sling TV channels and our Sling TV review.)

For $10 extra every month, girlfriend can get NFL RedZone via the Sling Blue sporting activities Extra package.


How to use AirTV through Sling

AirTV solves among the Sling’s greatest problems: The i can not qualify to receive every one of your local channels. By to buy a an easy AirTV because that $79.99 or the AirTV Player for $119.99, you can merge those local channels into your Sling TV, (or on her mobile device if you have actually the simple AirTV). As the everyday Dot wrote in that is AirTV review, “it’s virtually magic.”

The an easy AirTV is a dual-tuner streaming device, if the AirTV Player is usually an upgraded Chromecast that has actually Netflix preinstalled. You’ll still must own an HD antenna since even despite AirTV it s okay you accessibility to your regional channels, it doesn’t actually physically show them to you.

But AirTV—which has no monthly fee—serves to strengthen one of Sling’s greatest weaknesses compared to various other live streaming solutions like Hulu v Live TV, YouTube TV, and PlayStation Vue. Every those services have actually plenty of neighborhood channels.


2) FuboTV

Fubo TVCost: $54.99 per month 

If you’re a big-time sporting activities fan, FuboTV is your ideal streaming organization option. If friend love global soccer and also you’re a Spanish speaker, FuboTV additionally offers miscellaneous add-on packages, including Fubo Latino and also Fubo Português. FuboTV’s simple plan showcases virtually 100 channels and includes NFL Network. At $54.99 per month, you’ll also get FS1, FS2, NBCSN, NBA TV, large Ten Network, Pac 12 Network, BeIn Sports, and also CBS sporting activities Network, along with premium channels like FX/FXX/FXM. The only notable omission for sports fans is ESPN. Girlfriend can add Fubo’s sporting activities Plus package for secondary $8.99 every month, which allows you to stream NFL RedZone, (Here’s the complete FuboTV networks list.)


3) PlayStation Vue

Playstation VueCost: $44.99-$79.99 every month 

If you’d like to watch live NFL games straight from your PS4, playstation Vue is your ideal bet. PlayStation also works through streaming gadgets like Roku and also Amazon Fire products, yet what off PlayStation indigenous the remainder of the streaming solutions is the it’s additionally compatible through Kodi. No matter how you stream, you’ll obtain to pick from four tiers that channels—all yet the cheapest incorporate NFL Network. From there, you have the right to also include NFL RedZone as part of the $10-per-month sports Pack, which also unlocks ESPN Bases Loaded, ESPN Classic, Longhorn Network, exterior TV, and also NBCUniversal regional sports networks. You have the right to see the full list of playstation Vue channels here. Two other an excellent perks: You can stream on up to five devices at once, and there’s also unlimited cloud DVR.

TRY game stations VUE

4) Hulu v Live TV

HuluCost: $44.99 every month

Hulu through Live TV includes sports programming amongst its offerings, including ESPN and FS1, and also as a subscriber come the service, you will do it get free access to Hulu’s sizable on-demand library. (Check the end the full list of Hulu Live TV channels.)


5) YouTube TV

YouTube TVCost: $50 every month

YouTube TV is a great option for college football fans, including ESPN and FS1. (Take a look at the full list of YouTube TV channels here.)


6) NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticker

Cost: $73.99 per month for four months, or one single payment of $293.96

There are two—and only two—ways of obtaining NFL Sunday Ticket there is no DirecTV. There’s NFLSundayTicket.TV, i m sorry costs $73.99 per month for four months. It’s whatever you love NFL Sunday Ticket however online-only. You deserve to stream indigenous pretty lot any an equipment that connects to the internet (but just on one maker at a time).

You can also upgrade to the NFLST.TV Max bundle because that a complete of $99 per month for four months or one single payment that $395.99. You deserve to also include on NFL video game Pass, which enables you to watch replays that every game after castle air, because that $50 for the complete season.

There’s another method to watch NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV: Amazon Prime. If you can not pay because that the package utilizing Amazon Prime, you can at the very least watch all of the gamings on the service. To start, first download the NFL Sunday Ticket channel top top Amazon Prime. It’s free. Native there, you’ll just need to sign in with your subscription credentials.

College students have the right to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket at a discounted price with NFLSundayTicket.TV U.


Steelers vs. 49ers: Why that matters

Though the 49ers have started strong, they still have actually something to prove. Their very first two opponents, the Bengals and the Buccaneers, aren’t precisely titans, yet if san Francisco have the right to improve to 3-0, the remainder of the organization will have actually no choice but to take it them seriously.

It seems unlikely that the Steelers will certainly be contenders with untested Mason Rudolph under center. However, if the young backup can step right into a starting function and win a couple of games, climate he could establish himself as the future confront of the franchise.

At the very least on defense, the Steelers have no plan on rojo over. An already much-improved unit has included stud security Minkah Fitzpatrick to a strong secondary. A success for Pittsburgh feel improbable here, however not impossible.

The Steelers can be the stiffest compete Jimmy G and firm have confronted to date, and Week 3 will certainly be a test. If the Niners can proceed to improve and Garoppolo continues to lead, this might be the best San Francisco formation in recent memory.

This video game feels choose the end of one era and the beginning of another, yet only the final score will tell if we room truly seeing a transforming of the guard.


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