How to Level increase in 7 Days to Die

There room several ways to level up in 7 Days to Die. Now, v alpha 17 there room a few different points you can use come level increase faster.

They have actually experience multipliers that are accessible for full experience gains incorporate looting, trader quest, death zombies/animals, and digging:

100% experience (base gains)125% suffer ( small better)150% endure ( level up a little faster)175% suffer gains200% experience ( I right now use this one)300% experience ( this one is buggy and will make you lose your suffer bar)

The highest level that I have actually seen to be 168 and also that was prior to day 14 making use of 300% prior to the suffer bar disappeared and also it showed that I required to have 236 mil exp come level up again.

Method 1 - death zombies


This is the fastest method and what provides the most experience. You deserve to do this by:

Going out to discover hordesUse forges and campfires to entice screamersBlood moon hordes every 7 days

Method 2 - Digging


You can obtain some experience by digging, cutting under trees, and hitting stones.

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There are some block damages increases you have the right to use in alpha 17.2:

100% block damage125% increase150% increase175%200%300% ( this one will gain you v a big stone in 1-3 hits depending on which tool you use)

Method 3- looting/scavenging


Looting zombies ( rare they drop loot bags on alpha 17+)Looting buildings, stores, something availableFind abandon bags transparent the worldTreasure mapsAirdrop cache

Method 4- businessman quest


The trader search is great for once you very first start the end to obtain some good rewards, experience, and items that are useful. The suffer gains and rewards vary on :

Type of questDistanceWhat tier the pursuit isExperience obtain level

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