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The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls will always go down as one of the greatest teams in NBA history. V a then-NBA record 72 wins, the Bulls dominated the league in Michael Jordan’s first full year earlier in the NBA. 

Here’s a look at the Chicago Bulls 1995-96 season by the numbers:

3: Hall that Famers top top 1995-96 Bulls roster (Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and also Dennis Rodman) … also the number of Bulls postseason casualty in 1995-96 

12.3: mean margin that victory, widest margin of win was 34 against the Hornets ~ above April 5, 1996

14.9: Rebounds by Dennis Rodman every game, Rodman’s 5th straight rebounding title

18: Franchise’s longest winning streak, started in December the 1995 and also ended in February that 1996

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26: Phil Jackson came to be 26th coach in NBA background to with 400 job coaching victories 

29.9: Average period of team (oldest: James Edwards, 40; youngest: Jason Caffey, 22)

30.4: Michael Jordan points per game, eighth and final time in job averaging 30-plus points per game

44: collection NBA record for most consecutive home games won in the continual season. The Warriors exceeded that document in 2016

72: Wins by Bulls in the 1995-96 continuous season to set NBA document for many wins in season. The 2015-16 Warriors eclipsed the record with 73 wins

82: games played through Michael Jordan in 1995-96 constant season. Jordan played every 82 games in ripe of his 13 periods with the Bulls

87-13: Team’s total record, regular and postseason combined

105.2: Bulls points every game, led the NBA in 1995-96. The Bulls additionally ranked very first in offensive performance in the ‘95-96 season

437: Bulls house sellout streak got to 437 gamings in 1995-96 season (regular and postseason combined)

544: Three pointers made through Bulls in 1995-96, ranked 10th in NBA. Scottie Pippen led team through 150 three-pointers made

697: Michael Jordan passed Jerry Sloan as the Bulls’ all-time job leader in games played throughout 1995-96 season. Jordan is tho the Bulls all-time job leader in gamings played through 930

916: ar goals make by Michael Jordan in 1995-96 season, many in NBA (led league in field goals make 10 times)

2,000: Michael Jordan became the fourth player in NBA history to document 2,000 job steals. Man Stockton holds the steals record with 3,265.

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