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1) producing a bill of products is a business process in i m sorry of the adhering to functional areas?A) Finance and accountingB) person resourcesC) Manufacturing and productionD) Research and developmentE) Sales and marketing

2) which of the following is an instance of a cross-functional business process?A) identifying customersB) Shipping a productC) Fulfilling a client orderD) rental employeesE) paying creditors

3) stimulate fulfillment involves every one of the following company processes except:A) checking the customer"s credit.B) assembling the product.C) submitting the order.D) do customers mindful of the product.E) shipping the product.

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4) The ____ duty is responsible for making sure customers are conscious of the company"sproducts.A) finance and also accountingB) human being resourcesC) manufacturing and productionD) sales and also marketingE) distribution and logistics

5) according to the thing case, Sanofi Pasteur is utilizing Microsoft Yammer for all of thefollowing reasons except:A) provide employees much more opportunities to innovate.B) boost product developments from reduced down in the organization.C) simplify company processesD) strengthen management controls end employeesE) set up activist teams for change

6) Identifying customers is a business process handled by the marketing function.Answer: TRUE

7) One instance of a business process is shipping a product to a customer.Answer: TRUE

8) What is the connection in between organizations, information systems, and also business processes?


Answer: business processes refer to the manner in i beg your pardon work tasks are organized,coordinated, and focused to produce a particular business result. They additionally represent uniqueways in which organizations coordinate work, information, and knowledge and also the methods inwhich management chooses to name: coordinates work. Managers need come pay attention tobusiness processes since they determine just how well the organization deserve to execute, and also thusare a potential resource for strategic success or failures. Although every of the major businessfunctions has actually its own set of company processes, many other business processes are crossfunctional. Details systems can assist organizations achieve an excellent efficiencies byautomating components of these procedures or by helping establishments rethink and also streamlinethem. Firms can become an ext flexible and efficient by coordinating and integrating theirbusiness processes to enhance management that resources and customer service.

9) What space cross-functional business processes? give an example.Answer: Cross-functional processes are those that require input, cooperation, orcoordination between the major business functions in one organization. Because that instance, whena salesman bring away an order, the significant business attributes of planning, production, inventorycontrol, shipping, accounting, and also customer connections will all be connected before the bespeak iscompleted.

10) her aunt has asked you for your proposal to make her business, a neighborhood sandwich shop,more efficient. Define at least three types of business processes that a sandwich shop has. Canany that these processes be made much more efficient v the usage of details systems?Answer: The service processes that a sandwich shop include: taking orders, makingsandwiches, selling to the customer, notified supplies, opening the store, closeup of the door the store,cleaning the store, paying employees, rental employees, paying creditors and vendors,creating jae won statements, payment taxes, controlling cash. Numerous of these processes couldbe assisted by much better information systems, particularly those the require videotaped data, suchas any kind of financial processes (payments, cash management, taxes, payroll) and informationgathered from and distributed to employees.

11) If sales the your products declined in a specific an ar of the country, i m sorry of the followingtypes of device would best aid you understand why?A) ESSB) TPSC) MISD) DSSE) CRM

12) You have been hired by a non-profit company to perform a system to manage donations.The device must be able to handle and also record telephone, text, and also Internet donations, provideup-to-the-minute reports, and also create highly customizable mailing lists. In addition, eventfundraisers need to be able to quickly access a donor"s information and also history. I beg your pardon of thefollowing systems will best meet this needs?A) TPSB) TPS through DSS capabilitiesC) TPS v MIS capabilitiesD) TPS with ESS capabilitiesE) DSS with MIS capabilities


19) i m sorry of the following species of details systems are specifically suited to situations inwhich the procedure for arriving at a solution may not be completely defined in advance?A) MISB) TPSC) DSSD) KMSE) RPS

20) Which kind of information system would you use to estimate the return on invest if yourfirm to plan to switch to a new supplier that available products at a lower cost?A) ESSB) TPSC) MISD) CRME) DSS

21) i m sorry level of the company is an ESS particularly designed come serve?A) OperationalB) End-userC) center managementD) an elderly managementE) understanding workers

22) one ESS support which of the following?A) Long-range planning tasks of senior managementB) Knowledge and also data workers in an organizationC) Decision making and also administrative activities of center managersD) Day-to-day processes of productionE) Transactional needs of the organization

23) i beg your pardon of the following systems would certainly you suppose to provide data from exterior events, andsummarized information from inner MIS systems?A) TPSB) ESSC) MISD) DSSE) SCM

24) i m sorry of the complying with would you usage to forecast trends in your supplier"s industry thatcould impact your firm over the next 5 years?A) ESSB) TPSC) MISD) DSSE) KMS

25) i m sorry of the complying with is a routine concern that could be answered by an MIS system?A) creating a new product


B) Estimating the result of an altering costs that suppliesC) Calculating the finest trucking courses for product deliveryD) compare planned come actual sales because that each quarterE) Forecasting brand-new industry trends

26) making use of the net to to buy or sell products is called:A) e-commerce.B) e-business.C) one intranet.D) an extranet.E) e-government.

27) all of the following are examples of organization intelligence systems except a system that:A) summarizes and reports top top a company"s an easy operations.B) tracks the flows of materials in a factory.C) concentrates on difficulties that room unique and also rapidly changing.D) compare total yearly sales numbers for particular products come planned targets.E) addresses nonroutine decisions.

28) i m sorry of the following types of systems generally use a digital dashboard to display an arrayof charts and also graphs of a business"s key performance indicators?A) MISB) TPSC) ESSD) CRME) SCM

29) What is the many important function of an companies application?A) raising speed of communicatingB) allowing business functions and departments come share informationC) allowing a firm to job-related collaboratively through customers and also suppliersD) permitting cost-effective e-business processesE) allowing inventory and also supply chain management

30) which of the complying with systems is design to span functional areas, focus on executingbusiness processes throughout the firm, and include all levels the management?A) DSSB) MISC) CRMD) enterprise applicationsE) SCM

31) A(n) ____ system collects data indigenous various vital business processes and stores the datain a single, considerable data repository, usable by various other parts that the business.A) transaction processingB) enterpriseC) automatically reportingD) management information


38) You have actually been hired by BizCom, a organization communications consultancy that services manyclients in various industries throughout the united States, to assist it boost its profit margin.BizCom offers customized references for the finest use of a client"s currently resourcesfor enhancing internal communications, typically ceded via documentation in differentmedia. The company has approximately 50 consultants, every one of whom are located in its centralheadquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. What form of system do friend recommend the BizCominstall to enhance its organization processes and also increase its profit margin?A) one extranet, to allow quick cooperation over the Internet, minimize the time spentcommunicating v the client, and also minimize the amount of paperwork neededB) A CRM, to preserve easily easily accessible customer records to minimize the time invested lookingfor client dataC) A KMS, because that minimizing redundant work on similar clientsD) A marketing system, for boosting sales levelsE) A TPS, to aid manage all daily tasks and transactions

39) You control the IT department at a little startup net advertiser. You require to set up aninexpensive mechanism that allows customers to check out real-time statistics such as views and click-throughs around their current banner ads. Which form of device will many efficiently carry out asolution?A) CRMB) enterprise systemC) ExtranetD) IntranetE) MIS

40) i m sorry of the following types of device helps coordinate the flow of information between thefirm and also its suppliers and customers?A) IntranetB) ExtranetC) KMSD) TPSE) DSS

41) using ____ to allow government relationships through citizens, businesses, and other armsof government is called e-government.A) the Internet and networking technologiesB) e-commerceC) e-businessD) any kind of computerized technologyE) telecommunications

42) In ____, digital technology and the web are used to execute the major businessprocesses in the enterprise.A) e-commerceB) e- businessC) companies applicationsD) MISE) SCM


43) i m sorry of the adhering to statements about the City football Group and SAP’s ChallengerInsights, as defined in the chapter case, is not true?A) It to be designed come share information with fans.B) it was primarily designed to increase sales of food and also beveragesC) It supplies RFID sensors to document player movements.D) It helps coaches do decisions throughout a game.E) It was designed to rise fan involvement.

44) Transaction-level information is necessary for operational management to arrangement futureproduction levels.Answer: FALSE

45) Cross-functional systems space being phased out in donate of solution that support businessprocesses within a single functional group, such as person resources.Answer: FALSE

46) A DSS is most frequently used by the executive management level of one organization.Answer: FALSE

47) you would use an MIS to help determine if your company should present a brand-new productline.Answer: FALSE

48) because that nonroutine decision making, managers rely ~ above decision support systems.Answer: TRUE

49) most transaction processing systems use sophisticated mathematical models or statisticaltechniques.Answer: FALSE

50) Managers can use DSS to do decisions about problems that room unusual and also not easilyspecified in advance.Answer: TRUE

51) A DSS uses internal information and also information from exterior sources.Answer: TRUE

52) an organization"s MIS and DSS supply an ESS through summarized information.Answer: TRUE

53) Operational supervisors use ESS generally to solve particular problems.Answer: FALSE

54) A web interface used to present incorporated personalized company content to customers is referred to as aportal.Answer: TRUE

55) enterprise applications integrate information from multiple functions and also business processes


and charts yielded via portals. They have restricted analytical capabilities however can attract onsophisticated graphic software and many resources of internal and external information.The various types of systems in the company exchange data v one another. TPS space amajor source of data for other systems, particularly MIS and also DSS. ESSs generally receivedata from lower-level systems.

62) Zoom Vacuum, a family-owned manufacturer of high-end vacuums, has actually grownexponentially over the last couple of years. However, the agency is having challenge preparing forfuture growth. The only details system offered at Zoom is one antiquated accounting system.The agency has one manufacturing plant situated in Iowa; and also three warehouses, in Iowa, NewJersey, and also Nevada. The Zoom sales force is national, and Zoom purchases about 25 percent ofits vacuum parts and also materials indigenous a solitary overseas supplier. You have actually been rental torecommend the details systems Zoom need to implement in stimulate to maintain theircompetitive edge. However, there is not enough money because that a full-blown, cross-functionalenterprise application, and you will must limit the very first step come a solitary functional area orconstituency. What will you choose, and why?Answ er: TPS concentrating on production and also manufacturing to save production costs low whilemaintaining quality, and also for interacting with other feasible vendors. The TPS wouldlater be provided to feeding MIS and also other higher-level systems.

63) define at least two services of utilizing enterprise systems.Answer: companies systems incorporate the firm"s an essential business processes in sales,production, finance, logistics, and human resources into a single software mechanism so thatinformation can flow throughout the organization, boosting coordination, efficiency, anddecision making. This systems aid create a much more uniform company in which everyoneuses comparable processes and also information, and measures their work-related in regards to organization-wide power standards. The coordination of the firm"s an essential business processes allowsthe firm to respond more rapidly to client demands.

64) How have the technologies connected with e-business affected government?Answer: federal governments on all levels room using Internet an innovation to supply informationand solutions to citizens, employees, and businesses through which castle work. The ax e-government describes the applications of the Internet and networking technologies to enablegovernment and also public sector agencies" relationships through citizens, businesses, and also otherarms of federal government digitally. In enhancement to improving distribution of government services, e-government deserve to make government operations more efficient and also empower citizens bygiving lock easier accessibility to information and also the ability to network digitally through othercitizens. For example, citizen in some states have the right to renew your driver"s patent or use forunemployment benefits online, and the web has end up being a an effective tool for instantlymobilizing interest teams for political activity and fund-raising.

65) What is a digital dashboard, and also why are they coming to be an increasingly famous tool?Answer: A digital dashboard displays graphical information and also charts that keyperformance signs on a solitary screen. They are ending up being increasingly popularbecause they carry out comprehensive and also accurate info for decision making thathelps managers easily spot areas that require attention.

66) How can a good CRM system rise profits because that a company?


Answer: customer relationship management uses info systems to coordinate all ofthe organization processes bordering the firm"s interactions through its customers. The systemsconsolidate customer information from multiple resources - telephone, e-mail, wirelessdevices, traditional sales and marketing systems, and also the internet - so that the for sure can acquire aunified watch of a customer. Understanding the customer permits a firm to boost theeffectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

67) Telepresence technology is generally designed to:A) permit managers to observe exactly how employees behave.B) enable employees to share ideas and plans in actual time.C) carry out managers v a tool to visualize this firm performance.D) store the firm"s visual content prefer videos.E) permit the sales force to store track of client orders.

68) i m sorry of the following is the greatest obstacle in allowing collaboration in between employeesat different, distant corporate locations?A) PrivacyB) PermissionsC) Time zonesD) LanguageE) that company culture

69) all of the following are capability of enterprise social networking tools except:A) the ability to set up member profiles.B) the capacity to share, store, and also manage content.C) the ability to establish groups and team workspaces.D) tagging and also social bookmarking.E) it is provided chain management.

70) i m sorry of the complying with statements about collaboration is no true?A) In business, a participation can critical as small as a couple of minutes.B) organization collaboration relies on the formation of teams that space assigned a particular task orgoal.C) Successful cooperation can be accomplished through an innovation regardless that theorganization"s society or structure.D) One business benefit of teamwork is enhanced innovation.E) Businesses need special solution for collaboration.

71) i beg your pardon of the adhering to tools would you use to evaluate and choose a teamwork tool foryour organization?A) virtual meeting systemB) Cloud collaborationC) IBM NotesD) The participation matrixE) The time/space collaboration and also social tool matrix

72) i beg your pardon of the following decisions requires knowledge based upon collaboration and interaction?A) just how long will it take to manufacture this product?


E) A online world

79) according to the chapter case, i m sorry of the complying with statements about Glasscubes is nottrue?A) Glasscubes has a huge customer basic of more than 50,000 customers spread worldwide in over100 countries.B) individuals can collection up a complimentary conference course for over 50 entrants without any type of priorbooking or billing.C) Glasscubes’ Team teamwork feature enables team participants to have conversations byposting message on the workspace.D) Glasscubes gives project management facilities such together Gantt charts, an essential path analysis,cost and time tracking the tasks, and also comparison with estimates.E) all data is remotely donate up using SSL encryption.

80) Crowdsourcing is one applications of social business.Answer: TRUE

81) A crucial word in social organization is "conversations."Answer: TRUE

82) an example of a remote, synchronous cooperation tool is a skype conference contact usingVOIP and also webcams.Answer: TRUE

83) global firms deserve to collaborate from various locations in ~ the very same time making use of synchronouscollaboration tools.Answer: TRUE

84) You have been hired to work-related with 8 employee from different branches of a nationalbusiness to help create a internet application to be provided to train new sales employees. Identify sixcollaboration devices that are easily accessible to aid the team work-related together. Which solitary tool would bethe most useful for the project, in her opinion, and also why?Answer: participation tools incorporate e-mail and instant messaging; society networking;wikis; virtual worlds, cooperation platforms such as online meeting systems, GoogleApps/Google Sites. The most valuable of these can be a collaboration platform since itwould permit people to have discussions, calendars, conferences, and also share documents.

85) A website that enables citizens to paper taxes virtual is a kind of ____.Answer: e-government

86) You have actually been hired by an worldwide architectural firm, with offices in Singapore, Paris,and Mumbai. The for sure would favor architects and draftspeople from different teams to be able tocollaborate efficiently. Exactly how will you determine what the finest collaboration tools space for theirneeds?Answer: The first step in evaluation is to identify what the collaboration difficulties areand to situate the for sure in the time/space matrix. Secondly, for each block of the matrix thatthe firm is in, recognize what options are available from i m sorry vendors. Third, analyzethe products in regards to their costs and benefits come the firm. Next, identify any kind of risks


involved through using the product. Then, seek the aid of potential customers to identifyimplementation and also training issues. Finally, make a shortlist that tools and also invite vendors tomake presentations.

87) exactly how do collaborative business culture and company processes different from "command-and-control" firms?Answer: In command-and-control organizations, the optimal leaders recognize all the reallyimportant matters and also then order lower-level employee to execute an elderly managementplans. The task of middle administration is to happen messages earlier and soon up and down thehierarchy. Command-and-control firms call for lower-level employees to bring out orderswithout questioning too plenty of questions, with no obligation to enhance processes, and also withno rewards for collaboration or team performance. If workgroups need assist from anotherwork group, the is something for the bosses to figure out. Employees never ever communicatehorizontally, constantly vertically, so administration can regulate the process.A cooperation business culture and business processes are an extremely different. Senior managersare responsible because that achieving results yet rely on groups of employee to achieve andimplement the results. Policies, products, designs, processes, and also systems are much moredependent on groups at all levels the the organization to devise, come create, and to build. Teamsare rewarded for your performance, and also individuals room rewarded for your performancein a team. The duty of middle managers is to build the teams, coordinate your work,and monitor your performance. The business society and business processes space moresocial. In a collaborative culture, senior management establishes collaboration andteamwork as crucial to the organization, and it in reality implements teamwork for thesenior ranking of the company as well.

88) Why room "conversations" appropriate to social business?Answer: Customers, suppliers, employees, managers, and also even oversight agenciescontinually have actually conversations about firms, regularly without the expertise of the firm or itskey actors (employees and also managers). Supporters of social company assert the if firmscould tune into these conversations, they will certainly strengthen their bonds through consumers,suppliers, and also employees, enhancing their emotional involvement in the firm.

89) The major liaison between the info systems groups and the rest of the organizationis a(n):A) programmer.B) information systems manager.C) systems analyst.D) CTO.E) CIO.

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90) A ____ is a senior manager that oversees the use of it in the firm.A) CEOB) CFOC) CIOD) CTOE) CKO

91) An details systems manager:


Answer: FALSE

98) The network and system administrator job classification is amongst the fastest cultivation IS/MISoccupations.Answer: FALSE

99) IT administration refers come the as whole decision-making the guides the that strategy the a firm.Answer: TRUE

100) describe the role of IT governance within the firm.Answer: IT administration is the monitoring of just how the info systems role isorganized and handled within the firm. The governance has the strategy and policiesfor utilizing information an innovation within an organization. It mentions the decision civil liberties andframework for accountability to ensure the the usage of information technology supports theorganization"s strategies and also objectives. Because that example, IT governance decides just how decisionsimplementing and evaluating new systems space made, even if it is the IT role should bedecentralized or centralized, who has power come create and also manage systems, and also what kindof ROI is meant from systems.