In many companies, marketing department turn into a kind of catch-all: they execute lots of work that in most cases are not associated in any method to each other.

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A common case is that a job arrives to the company and these concerns arise:

Would this correspond to the purchase department? No.Would this correspond to the sales department? No.Would this correspond to the accounting? No.

Then this need to be a task for the marketing department.

However, a agency without a marketing room or at the very least a department in fee of marketing is unconceivable. All carriers are being conscious that they need to gain their article to the client through the marketing department.

If it’s the important, how come end up being a ‘does that all’ department? What are the actual duties the a marketing department?

In this short article you"ll discover 10 jobs that space the duty of the marketing department. All of them have actually a vital importance in ensuring the survival of your company.

The 10responsibilities the marketing departments

1. Hearne to client needs

To establish a marketing strategy, it’s necessary to get closer come the clients and also listen in bespeak to discover out what their needs are. It’s a marketing department task, to arrangement the necessary way for receiving client feedback:

Company interior channels: create surveys or capture information of the sales team and customer support (departments closest come the customer) that might be pertinent to enhancing or redirecting the marketing strategies in the future.Channels outside the company: perform searches and create plot in social networks that help to better understand the demands of users, in stimulate to transform them right into customers.


2. Monitor trends and monitor competition

Similar come the vault point, it’s crucial to understand the position of the company about the market and the competition. That"s why indigenous marketing, you should watch the compete to discover what lock do ideal or to determine their mistakes in order to stop falling into them.

3. Work and also brand values

Conceptually, a brand is a representation of the feelings the the products, solutions and company shares show. The marketing department is responsible because that creating and also disseminating images, messages and also ideas that best communicate the brand values.

Additionally, you need to ensure the all company departments convey these messages in a consistent and unified way.

4. Browsing for brand-new (and helpful) marketing" tools

Been updated in all what pertains to the marketing field is a must. That"s why together marketers we should be conscious around the brand-new trends, strategies and digital tools that arise by the time.

Nowadays there room three varieties of marketing tools that must have a existence in every marketing department:

Product administration tools

There are many varieties of product managementsoftware depending upon our product management routine. That can include tools because that Project Tracking (such together Basecamp or Slack); User Feedback, perfect for collecting customers impressions (tools like SurveyMonkey, Canny space useful); and obviously, analytics tools such as Google analytics (well recognized globally) or Kissmetrics, that are a should to established the ours product success and also those web locations with biggest or shortest interaction.

Marketing automation tools

The strength of this "all in one" platforms is the possibility of managing and controlling every the processes of ours digital marketing strategy. These tools encompass the opportunity of developing content, landing pages, email marketing, command nurturing through automated workflows, CRM, etc... Hubspot is the perfect example of a finish marketing automation tool.

Product details Management tools

Maybe you haven"t heard before about it, or probably you understand it together PIM. This digital systems allows you in real time collecting-storing-analyze-distribute all her product contents in all the platforms, marketplaces and channels where products are published. Also, it has come to be an allied for the creation and also update sales materials: catalogs (online & offline), price listings, etc. It"s possibilities seem unreal, but it offers more benefits and benefits for your marketing team, find it every in this guide.


5. Coordinate efforts with those of the marketing partner of the company

Around the business’s marketing over there are numerous contributors: publishers, designers, journalists, consultants... The work of these contributors should be aligned through the objectives of the company, and also is the department itself who should control it to do so.

6. Innovate

Customers must be surprised, and every day, given the greater offer, castle are much more demanding v this. The marketing department have to work on brand-new promotions, affiliate programs, customer retention techniques, improvements in the conversion of their messages and actions…

It’s not a issue of inventing entirely different disruptive actions; you’ll find innovation in the tiny details and also in the continuous improvement.


7. Interact with the rest of the company

A company is a chain of members pursuing a usual goal: to fulfil that is mission and maximize that profits, if respecting the values of service ethics.

A chain is as weak together its weakest link. That doesn’t matter that the advertising or production department space doing an impeccable job, if the marketing department fails, the entire agency will fail and also the initiatives of various other departments will certainly be in vain. That is why the marketing department need to ensure the their actions room aligned with the all at once objectives the the agency and the they report the job-related they space doing.

8. Help improve sales processes and also customer

As mentioned above, it’s the obligation of the marketing department to understand the users and especially the customers’ feelings.

A great way for much better knowing the client is the all departments the have an ext direct contact with the client shall be working through the empathy maps.

9. Control marketing budgets & calculation the ROI(Return the Investment) that the company’s actions

Like any kind of other division, the marketing department need to be able to setup its spending plan for the next year’s activities, extending it in order to make the most of it, for ensuring a confident ROI.Because together you know, marketing tasks are an investment of time, money and effort. And like every investment, it needs measuring plot in stimulate to check whether they accomplish the to plan objectives and in stimulate to compare a details action through others. Confronted with inquiries as "should ns invest in telemarketing, society media, timeless media...?" The answer is unique: measure them all and also choose based on the numbers.

10. Specify strategic marketing plans

The most cost-effective strategies space those that room planned because that the long term. To perform so, you should draft a file setting out the missions to be achieved in the complying with months; the plot that space to be undertaken; the staminas of the company; the competition; the target markets... In addition, these strategic to plan must likewise be aligned both with the strategic plan of the firm and with various other departments’ plans.

At the end of the day, to plan is the only way to achieve the collection objectives.

advice & tricks: just how to architecture a height brand marketing strategy

Final thoughts

By analysis these 10 obligations, you’ll be thinking “how deserve to I uncover time for that?”.

If girlfriend glance in ~ what takes much more time in your business, surely you’ll find that repetitive tasks with little added worth occupy the most. Thus it’s crucial that you remove these tasks from roots, otherwise you’ll fail to attain the tasks that a marketing department should really dedicate it’s time to: reach, attract and retain customers.

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