In Porter"s model, if a country has both ________ and __________ manufacturing factors, it is likely to serve an market well by spawning solid home-country competitors that can additionally be successful global competitors.(A) basic; advanced(B) advanced; generalized(C) basic; generalized(D) advanced; specialized

Japan, due to a lack of undeveloped land, would certainly be an unusual choice of ar for a U.S. Cattle agency to set up neighborhood grazing operations. This limiting aspect would be determined in what part of Porter"s components of national advantage?(A) components of production(B) demand conditions(C) Related and supporting industries(D) for sure strategy, structure, and also rivalry

A fundamental reason because that a country"s breakthrough of progressed and specialized factors of production is often its: ​(A) lack of an easy resources.(B) financial wealth.(C) little workforce.(D) protective tariffs.

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The four aspects of Porter"s design of international competitive benefit include all of the following EXCEPT:(A) factors of production.(B) demand conditions.(C) political and economic institutions.(D) related and supporting industries.

Which pair of sectors would not be thought about as "related and also supporting" under Porter"s diamond model?(A) Japanese cameras and also copiers(B) Italian leather-processing and shoes(C) U.S. Computers and also software(D) highway systems and the supply of blame capital

In France, well dressmaking and also tailoring have actually been a heritage predating Queen Marie Antoinette. Cloth manufacturers, style schools, craft apprenticeship programs, modeling agencies, and also so forth, all exist to supply the clothing industry. This is an example of the ____ in Porter"s model.(A) strategy, structure, and rivalry among firms(B) related and also supporting industries(C) demand conditions(D) determinants of production

A huge domestic industry can provide the country"s industries a possibility at dominating the worldmarket because:(A) they have been maybe to construct economies of range at home.(B) castle have accessibility to abundant and also inexpensive factors of production.(C) the related and supporting industries will have actually been developed.(D) the nation"s society and educational system will be adjusted to producing the labor force needed because that the industry.

In addition to the four basic dimensions the Porter"s "diamond" model, ____ may additionally contribute come the success or fail of firms.(A) national work ethic(B) educational requirements(C) government policy(D) national pride

All of the following are correct around what managers should know around firms based in a country with a nationwide competitive benefit EXCEPT:(A) success is no guaranteed as the certain implements that chosen worldwide business-level strategy.(B) the really strategic selections made are many compelling reasons for success or failure.(C) success is guarantee as the certain implements that is chosen global business-level strategy.(D) the components of nationwide competitive advantage provide a structure for a firm"s vain advantages.

All the the complying with are international corporate-level strategies except the ____ strategy.(A) multi-domestic(B) universal(C) global(D) transnational

International corporate-level strategy concentrates on:(A) the limit of operations through both product and also geographic diversification.(B) vain within every country.(C) economic climates of scale.(D) sophistication of monitoring and also controlling systems.

Effectively implementing the ________ global corporate-level strategy regularly produces higher performance 보다 does implementing either the _______ or _________ strategies.(A) multi-domestic; global; transnational(B) global; multi-domestic; transnational(C) cost leadership; differentation; focus(D) transnational; multi-domestic; global

A multi-domestic corporate-level strategy is one in which:(A) a copy, group chooses no to contend internationally but where there are a variety of international rivals in the firm"s regional marketplace.(B) the for sure produces a standardization product, however markets it in different ways in each country in which that competes.(C) the firm customizes the product for each nation in which the competes.(D) the certain competes in a number of countries, but it is centrally coordinated by the residence office.

A multi-domestic corporate-level strategy has ____ need for an international integration and also ____ require for local market responsiveness.(A) low; low(B) low; high(C) high; low(D) high; high

A worldwide corporate-level strategy different from a multi-domestic corporate-level strategy in the in a worldwide strategy:(A) competitive strategy is dictated by the house office.(B) vain strategy is decentralized and controlled by individual strategic organization units.(C) commodities are customized to meet the individual needs of every country.(D) the firm sells in many countries.

A global corporate-level strategy emphasizes:(A) distinguished products.(B) economic climates of scale.(C) sensitivity to neighborhood product preferences.(D) decentralizing regulate and minimal monitoring.

A worldwide strategy:(A) is basic to manage because of usual operating decisions across borders.(B) achieves efficient operations without sharing resources throughout country boundaries.(C) rises risk because decision do is central at the house office.(D) lacks responsiveness to neighborhood markets.

A global corporate-level strategy assumes:(A) efficiency and customization have the right to be accomplished simultaneously.(B) a increase in earnings levels throughout the world.(C) increasing levels of cultural differences among nations.(D) more standardization that products across country markets.

The transnational strategy is coming to be increasingly important to contend in international sectors for every the adhering to reasons EXCEPT:(A) the growing number of competitors heightens the needs to keep prices down.(B) the desire for committed products to accomplish consumers" needs.(C) differences in society and institutional environments additionally require that company to adapt their products and approaches to neighborhood environments.(D) it is easy to use.

In China, Starbucks is standardizing its to work while all at once decentralizing some decision-making obligation to regional levels to fulfill customers" tastes. Starbucks is complying with the __________ worldwide corporate-level strategy.(A) transnational(B) global(C) differentiation(D) multi-domestic

Increasingly, customers worldwide are demanding focus on neighborhood requirements and companies require efficiency as an international competition increases. This has actually triggered boost in the number of firms utilizing the ____ strategy.(A) multi-domestic(B) transnational(C) universal(D) global

The two important environmental trends that influence a firm"s an option and use of worldwide corporate-level strategies room _________ and __________.(A) culture; geographic scope(B) cost; quality(C) regionalization; globalization(D) legal responsibility of foreignness; regionalization

Disney suffered lawsuits in France at Disneyland Paris together a result of the absence of fit between its moved personnel policies and the French employees charged to spreading them. This is an example of:(A) the results of regionalization.(B) the threats of a multi-domestic strategy.(C) the legal responsibility of foreignness.(D) the result of demand conditions.

_________ is the set of costs connected with unfamiliar operation environments; economic, governmental and cultural differences; and the difficulties of coordination end distances.(A) Transnational risk(B) Regionalization(C) legal responsibility of foreignness(D) worldwide risk

Associations such as the europe Union, company of American States, and also the phibìc American complimentary Trade Association, encourage:(A) global strategies.(B) domestication.(C) regional strategies.(D) nationalization.

A firm might narrow its focus to a specific region of the world:(A) because that industry is most different from its domestic market and so represents an unexploited "greenfield opportunity" because that its products.(B) in bespeak to achieve greater economic climates of scale.(C) so the it can better understand the cultures, legal and social norms, and also other determinants that are vital for effective competition in those markets.(D) to take benefit of minimal protections of intellectual property so the it deserve to manufacture innovative commodities without restrictions.

(C) so that it can much better understand the cultures, legal and also social norms, and other determinants that are crucial for efficient competition in those markets.

Skaredykat Inc. Is considering initial expansion past its house market. The firm has made decision not to get in markets the differ greatly from its residence market, instead expanding within the twelve-nation region that consists of its home country. Which among these is true?(A) The firm is no engaging in worldwide trade.(B) The firm is making use of a local approach to global expansion.(C) The firm will not be able recognize the cultures, legal, and also social norms of this market.(D) Skaredykat is as well afraid come implement an worldwide strategy.

Most firms go into international sectors sequentially, presenting their ____ first.(A) many innovative products(B) largest and strongest currently of business(C) most generic products, which will be much more likely to generate global product demand,(D) commodities customized to the region

A U.S. Manufacturer of adaptive tools for persons through disabilities is considering broadening internationally. The is a fairly small company, but it is spring for growth opportunities. This firm should primarily take into consideration the option of:(A) licensing.(B) exporting.(C) a strategy alliance.(D) a green field venture.

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The options that a firm has for start the international sector include every one of the adhering to EXCEPT:(A) exporting.(B) licensing.(C) leasing.(D) acquisition.