Regional managers can compare their regular sales reports through that of the other local managers by using:A. Routine reportsB. Monitoring reportsC. Exemption reportsD. Need reports

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What documentation reflects the difference in between the income and expenses the the firm for a details time period?A. Income statementsB. Acquisition orderC. Balance sheetsD. Accounts payable
An example of this type of report would be a sales report that mirrors that particular items are offering significantly above or listed below forecasts.A. ExceptionB. DemandC. PeriodicD. Inventory
These solution are provided in managing documents, communicating, and scheduling.A. Knowledge work systemsB. Executive support systemsC. Transaction handling systemsD. Office automation systems
Which system presents info in a very summarized form?A. Decision support device (DSS)B. Management info system (MIS)C. Executive, management support mechanism (ESS)D. Transaction processing mechanism (TPS)
The marketing room identifies, investigates, and also develops brand-new products and services.A. TrueB. False
There room three simple decision models supplied in GDSS: operational, strategic, and also financial.A. TrueB. False
The production department strictly entails itself just with the production of finished items that space tangible.A. TrueB. False
Which system is a form of artificial intelligence that provides a database, comprise facts and rules, to carry out assistance come users?A. CAD/CAM systemB. Office automation systemC. Expert systemD. Understanding work system
What documentation reflects the difference between the income and also expenses the the company for a certain time period?A. Purchase orderB. Accounts payableC. Balance sheetsD. Income statements
This records assets, liabilities, and also the equity owned by the owners of one organization.A. Earnings statementB. PayrollC. Balance sheetD. Account payable
Which mechanism presents info in a very summarized form?A. Decision support mechanism (DSS)B. Transaction processing system (TPS)C. Executive support mechanism (ESS)D. Management details system (MIS)
A transaction processing device is additionally referred to as a:A. Sales order processingB. Data processing systemC. Database managementD. Management information system
The _____ keeps records of the variety of each sort of part or finished an excellent in the warehouse.A. PayrollB. Inventory manage systemC. Sales bespeak processingD. General ledger
Which of the adhering to refers come a system that summarizes in-depth data native the transaction handling systems in standard reports because that middle-level managers?A. Data processing device (DPS)B. Decision support system (DSS)C. Management details system (MIS) D. Executive, management support system (ESS)
This device is a flexible device for data analysis, because its reports do not have actually a fixed format.A. Management info systemB. Transaction processing systemC. Decision assistance systemD. Executive support system
Regional managers have the right to compare their continuous sales reports through that that the other local managers by using:A. Demand reportsB. Administration reportsC. Regular reportsD. Exception reports
Promoting, selling, and also distributing the organization"s goods and also services involves which of the complying with functions?A. ResearchB. ProductionC. AccountingD. Marketing




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