A set of well-defined actions for performing a task or resolving a trouble is recognized asa flowchart.software engineering.a systems engine.an algorithm.a pecking order chart.

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A(n) ________ is a collection of instructions the tells the computer how to fix a problem.programvariablecompilerlinkeroperator
An integrated advance environment (IDE) normally includesa message editor.a compiler.a debugger.All of theseNone that these
At the love of a computer system is its central processing unit (CPU). Its project is tofetch instructions.carry out the work commanded by the instructions.produce some result.All of theseNone of these
C++ is an example of a ________ programming language.low-levelhigh-levelmid-levelnon-structuredbinary
Characters or signs that perform operations on one or an ext operands aresyntax.op codes.operators.program ops.None that these
Creating a program requires numerous steps. Three of these areinput, processing, and output.keywords, operators, and also punctuation.program design, writing resource code, and testing.syntax, logic, and also error handling.None that these
The CPU includesthe arithmetic and also logic unit (ALU) and the manage unit.the ALU and the I/O unit.the I/O unit and the manage unit.the ALU and the key memory unit.All the these
The ________ collaborates the computer"s operations by fetching the following instruction and using regulate signals to control the other significant computer components.control unitinstruction manageroperating systemarithmetic and logic unit (ALU)traffic controller
The computer"s main memory is typically known asdirect-access storage (DAM).random-access storage (RAM).read only memory (ROM).secondary storage.None of these
The purpose of a memory resolve isto identify the ar of a storage cell.to allow multitasking.to prevent multitasking.to situate a program.None that these
The statements created by a programmer space calledsyntax.object code.source code.language elements.None the these
The hatchet hardware ad tothe an obstacle of programming.the physical contents that consist of a computer.the way a computer"s storage space is organized.the fixed order of a program"s instructions.None the these
True/False: prior to a computer can execute a regime written in a high level language, such as C++, it need to be interpreted into object code.TrueFalse
True/False: most of the currently in a routine contain other meaningful; however, some of the lines may contain nothing at all.TrueFalse
________ is supplied in a C++ program to note the end of a statement, or to different items in a list.A separatorAn operatorPunctuationA keywordA blank space



Introduction to Algorithms3rd EditionCharles E. Leiserson, Clifford Stein, Ronald L. Rivest, thomas H. Cormen

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