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Korean Title: 늑대소년 / Neukdae SonyeonCast: song Joong-ki, Park Bo-young, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jang Young-nam, Kim Hyang-gi, Lee Young-lan, Yu Seung-Mok, Seo Dong-Soo, Woo Jeong-guk, Gu Bon-im, Ahn Do-gyu, Shin BiDate Released: October 31, 2012 (Korea)Download Links: HDrip | winter (mp4) 2.85GB // part 1 + part 2 (mkv) 665MB // softsubs (works with all encodes ~ above this page, simply rename title)Watch trailer: here

Plot: A mommy moves v her enlarge daughter (Park Bo Young) and also younger daughter (Kim Hyang Gi) come a huge home in the nation side. The larger daughter suffers native a lung ailment and her medical professional advised the family members to relocate out into the nation side. The residence is listed by Ji-tae (Yoo Yeon Seok), the son of a business partner who functioned with your deceased father.

While the family members gets acclimated come their new surroundings, the larger daughter renders a exceptional discovery. In ~ a locked room in the barn lives a wild boy (Song Joong Ki). The family members takes him in believing he is simply an orphan with little social skills. The young with little social skills begins to take it an interest in the earliest daughter. Meanwhile, Ji-tae has his very own plans in marrying the earliest daughter. What’s the secret behind the wild boy?

BAWLING BABY. Shoot me through a silver- bullet WHY DON’T YOU!?! TT_TT (credit: )GIVE IT up for song Joong Ki. *standing ovation* He lastly picked one of the ideal scripts for his popularity. Soooo much better… than the critical movie he to be in. What to be it called?… Rio? (FYI – he and also Park Bo Young lent their voices and also dubbed the korean version the Rio‘s lovebirds Blu and Jewel, respectively, before this movie was released. Ahhh~ so it’s fate!) Er, maybe his last movie should have been referred to as Pinching 2 Cents^ since I’d prefer to pitch my 2 cents how that bombed. Oy, an additional day perhaps. *shakes head* ns dunno about you but I placed his critical movie in the recycle bin immediately after a advantageous power nap from the event to salary it forward. =p tiny to no chemistry with his critical leading lady. Shame. And here, now a combustible chemistry reaction in between SJK and PBY. Will we get a most CFs indigenous this OTP? Report in if friend come throughout any.









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Comments crate is… now… open. Display your love for this movie below. Store it practiced please. I’m no gonna lie, this movie damages me every solitary time. (〒︿〒) and also I love the (open) ending, because it stirs up so many eternal fantasies. Like, will wolf boy autumn in love w/ the grand-daughter? Well, ns don’t know around you however I’d rather howl for a prequel in bespeak to gain an understanding how wolf boy happened than watch one more heartbreaking romance because that a sequel. This good movie left me wanting more. Was anyone surprised exactly how Cheol-su doesn’t age? It’s obliviously brand-new to me exactly how this Lycan master eternal beauty beauty alike Vampires. Was wolf boy a fetal experiment? Or did he start phasing together a teenager? I need answers.

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Source: AW, t, TKS, wiki^ And, if friend must recognize Song Joong-ki’s critical non-animated movie truly to be then click here.