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Written by: Julianne Sautner The AAU Cross country Nationals are a pave for an additional year. The 2014 compete took place last Saturday, December 6th in Lawrence Kansas. The ideal of the finest athletes from all across the country traveled to Rim Rock farm yard at the college of Kansas ~ above Friday ...

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Written by: Julianne Sautner

The AAU Cross nation Nationals space a wrap for another year. The 2014 competition took location last Saturday, December 6th in Lawrence Kansas. The best of the ideal athletes from all throughout the nation traveled to Rim Rock farm at the university of Kansas on Friday to check in, pick up their packets and also walk the courses that they would certainly run because that the championship the complying with day.


Races started bright and early on Saturday morning and also although the temperatures were in the 40's the athletes to be warmed up and ready come run! The nationwide Anthem kicked turn off the occasion at 8:50 adhered to by a gunshot signaling the begin of the first race promptly in ~ 9:00AM. 12 gyeongju were carried out in the accomplish with a full of 12 divisions in between the boys and also girls. Awards were given after the conclusion of each race, wrapping up the day through the team awards given to the team v the greatest compilation of scores.

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The California Comets left Kansas earlier on top this year stealing back the as whole team title from the Derby City strong Club that disrupted their 3 year to win streak, taking home the title in 2013.



The 2014 Individual national Champions are:


Caleb Larsen


6 & UnderBoys(1K)


Katie Barber

Jenks American monitor Club

6 & UnderGirls(1K)


Seth Truax

El Paso Striders

7-8 Year Old guys (2K)


Clara James-Heer

Ann Arbor

Track Club

7-8 Year Old Girls(2K)


Sawyer Schmidt


9-10 Year OldBoys (3K)


Sofia Abrego

California Comets

9-10 Year OldGirls (3K)


Jonah Gorevic

Tailwind monitor Club

11-12 Year Old boys (3K)


Aimee Davis

Flying Angels

11-12 Year Old girls (3K)


Keeton Thornsberry

Derby City

Athletic Club

13-14 Year Old guys (4K)


Jennifer Weaver

Saint louis Blazers track Club

13-14 Year OldGirls (4K)


Clayton Adams


15-18 Year Old Boys(5K)


Morgan Long

Jenks American track Club

15-18 Year Old girl (5K)



Congratulations to every one of the athletes who completed on Saturday, especially all of our freshly crowned national Champions! give thanks to you every for a very successful meet! we look forward to see you earlier with united state in 2015!  To see the complete results from the 2014 XC Nationals, CLICK HERE!