All of the ACC"s peak teams to be in action Thursday at the Verizon center in Washington together the quarterfinals the the ACC tournament acquired underway.

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While lot of the focus entering the day to be on the likes of phibìc Carolina, Duke and Virginia, a couple of under-the-radar teams had actually an possibility to litter the tournament the end of whack, beat spoiler and make a Cinderella run into March Madness.

Here is a complete recap of Thursday"s outcomes from the ACC tournament, together with a look front to Friday"s semifinals action.

Tournament Schedule

2016 ACC Tournament: QF Results and also SF Schedule
GameQuarterfinalsResult/Time (ET)
7No. 1 phibìc Carolina vs. No. 8 Pittsburgh88-71, north Carolina
8No. 4 Notre Dame vs. No. 5 Duke84-79, Notre Dame
9No. 2 Virginia vs. No. 10 Georgia Tech72-52, Virginia
10No. 3 Miami (FL) vs. No. 6 Virginia Tech88-82, Miami
GameSemifinalsResult/Time (ET)
11No. 1 north Carolina vs. No. 4 Notre Dame7 p.m. FRI
12No. 2 Virginia vs. No. 3 Miami9 p.m. FRI

Updated Bracket

Round 1Round 2QuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinal
  No. 1 UNC 88  
 No. 8 PITT 72No. 8 PITT 71  
 No. 9 SYR 71   
  No. 4 ND 84No. 1 UNC 
 No. 5 duke 92No. 5 duke 79No. 4 ND 
No. 12 NC ST 75No. 12 NC ST 89   
No. 13 wake up 72   TBD
  No. 2 VIR 72 TBD
 No. 7 CLEM 85No. 10 GT 52  
 No. 10 GT 88 No. 2 VIR 
   No. 3 MIA 
  No. 3 MIA 88  
 No. 6 VT 96No. 6 VT 82  
No. 11 FLA ST 88No. 11 FLA ST 85   
No. 14 BC 66    

North Carolina 88, Pittsburgh 71

The eighth-seeded Pittsburgh Panthers provided the top-seeded north Carolina Tar Heels through some nervous moments in the first half Thursday, but UNC at some point cruised to an 88-71 victory and progressed to the semifinals of the ACC tournament.

With the defeat, Pitt is very much at the mercy that the an option committee as it figures to be among the final teams in or out of the NCAA tournament with a document of 21-11. Conversely, the Tar Heels strengthened their case to knife a No. 1 seed.

Guard Joel Berry III paced UNC through 20 points. Front Brice Johnson added 19 points and also 10 rebounds to take down a Pitt team that received 38 combined points from Jamel Artis and Michael Young.

According come ESPN Stats & Info, Johnson advanced his standing as a double-double an equipment Thursday:


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ESPN Stats & info
ESPNStatsInfoBrice Johnson has actually his 20th double-double the the season for
UNC_BasketballOnly LSU's Ben Simmons has more among significant conf. Players (22)

His performance was so strong ESPN"s Michael Wilbon wondered whether he can be the ideal player in the nation:

Michael Wilbon

Am ns crazy to want to take Brice Johnson of phibìc Carolina end anybody else in college basketball?

Pittsburgh showed up upset-minded early on in the contest, and it led by seven with a small over four minutes remaining in the half, but North Carolina walk on an impressive run ahead of the halftime buzzer.

According come Carolina Basketball, the Tar Heels outscored the Panthers by nine down the stretch:

Carolina Basketball

Carolina close up door the fifty percent on a 13-2 run over the critical 4:06 that play. #HeelsLockIn

As pointed out by Andrew Carter the the Charlotte Observer, Berry and his 13 first-half points to be the driving pressure behind that:

Andrew Carter

It's halftime: UNC 39, Pitt 35. Tar Heels close half on a 10-0 run. Intense, strong finish right here for UNC. Berry w/some big plays.

Among those specifically impressed through Berry"s first-half mirroring was Sherrell D. McMillan of inside Carolina:

Sherrell D. McMillan

No exaggeration, the was the best fifty percent of Joel Berry's young career.

The so late flurry in the opening fifty percent also offered the Tar Heels a far-reaching advantage end Pitt in regards to offensive efficiency:

Carolina Basketball

UNC shooting 57% in the an initial half. Pitt shooting 48%. #HeelsLockIn

While the an initial half was a chop battle, the 2nd was all North Carolina, together it lugged over the momentum and outscored the Panthers through 13 points in the 2nd frame.

UNC shoot a exceptional 58.9 percent native the ar over the food of the contest, including six makes on 14 three-point attempts. The Tar Heels likewise made 16 of your 18 complimentary throws and also out-rebounded Pitt through five, growing in every areas.

A absence of focus and energy beforehand in the game might have price North Carolina, yet head coach Roy Williams" team eventually concerned life, and also it was all downhill from there because that Pittsburgh.

The Tar Heels" talent is undeniable, and they have actually proved to be the most leading team in university basketball once they room firing on every cylinders.

That isn"t constantly the case, yet if they deserve to make Thursday"s second-half power the norm, climate they might well be the favourite to win not only the ACC tournament yet the NCAA tournament together well.


While Thursday"s power wasn"t a perfect one from phibìc Carolina, Williams was positive around his team"s showing, particularly the means the Tar Heels overcame the second fifty percent offensively, follow to Greg Barnes that Scout:

We"re happy v the outcome. I think the last four or five minutes of the first half us got active defensively. Us were able come score. Up until that an initial five or six minutes, i was not pleased through the way we play in the an initial half. I thought that was big for us. Second half, us did a much much better job of getting stops, not choose the six in a row that we obtained at the end of the very first half. But we got more consistent. Got more shots. 62 percent in the second half. The was good.

Williams also acknowledged the rapid turnaround as the Tar Heels will contend in the semifinals of the ACC tournament Friday.

Per Barnes, he stressed the prestige of keeping things an easy so the players aren"t overloaded during the short period of preparation:

We"re walk to enable the men to reap this for three or 4 hours. After ~ the game is over tonight, we"ll get together and also do our ready for the team we"re acquiring ready come play. We do know these teams because we"ve viewed them play all season long. It"s not as negative in the early-season tournaments once you don"t know anything about the guys.

We"ll try to offer them the three or 4 most essential things and also let it go at that. Us can"t give them 25. Make certain we allow them to obtain their rest and get their legs earlier so they can come earlier and do it physical again tomorrow.

Pitt head coach Jamie Dixon was understandably a little bit frustrated ~ the game based on how poorly his team played in the 2nd half, and also the heat of questioning apparently didn"t help.

After being asked around struggling to come native behind in games, Dixon reminded everyone his team had actually to come ago to beat Syracuse in the ahead round, follow to Zac Boyer the the Washington Times:

Dixon"s team wasn"t able to repeat the feat Thursday, and the Panthers room left hoping your resume is an excellent enough to do the NCAA competition field.

Notre Dame 84, duke 79 (OT)

Despite top by as many as 16 points in the second half, the fifth-seeded and 19th-ranked fight it out Blue Devils fell to the fourth-seeded Notre Dame Fighting ireland 84-79 in overtime Thursday.

By virtue that the stirring, come-from-behind win, Notre Dame will move on to confront North Carolina in the semifinals that the ACC tournament Friday. In the process, ND may have actually punched the ticket into the NCAA tournament together it is now 21-10.

Senior forward Zach Auguste to be the major difference-maker, putting up 19 points and 22 rebounds against a battle each other team that had actually no prize in the paint.

According come ESPN Stats & Info, Auguste closeup of the door in ~ above UNC front Brice Johnson"s ACC double-double lead by virtue the his an excellent performance:

FightingIrish): 15 pts, 13 reb so much today; his 19th double-double this season, 1 behind UNC's Brice Johnson for many in ACC

The Blue Devils got an great individual initiative in their very own right indigenous Player that the Year candidate Grayson Allen, who scored 27 points, but with Brandon Ingram and Luke Kennard struggling native the floor, they didn"t have sufficient offense.

Duke entered halftime with an eight-point lead, and that advantage ballooned come 16 in ~ one point, but a 14-0 run brought Notre Dame within 2 points through a tiny over four minutes left in regulation.

Notre Dame ended up out-rebounding battle each other 44-40 in the game, but it was especially dominant in the regard from the second fifty percent on, every ESPN"s Jeff Goodman:


Duke just can’t save Notre Dame turn off the glass. Not specifically surprising with absence of inner guys.

The Fighting irish were able to tie the game and also force overtime, which prompted Pete Sampson of reconnaissance to imply it was the finest they had played in rather some time:

The Blue Devils attempted come play the foul video game down the stretch and get ago in the game, however Notre Dame had the ability to hang on because that arguably its most impressive win of the year.

The roadway doesn"t get any type of easier for the Irish through a game versus North Carolina looming, but they showed they worthy to it is in a component of march Madness.

Duke will be there as well, but unless the can uncover some type of consistency, repeating as nationwide champions seems very unlikely at this point.


Notre Dame showed an remarkable amount that mettle in Thursday"s comeback success over Duke, and also head coach Mike Brey was thrilled v the team"s initiative following the contest.

According come ACC Men"s Basketball ~ above Twitter, Brey felt as though his players" commitment come defense in the closing step made the difference:


Coach Brey: "I'm proud of our group. Exactly how we protected in the 2nd half to be the key, and that's the best we played man to guy D all season."

Several players came up huge for the Irish, however none much more so 보다 Auguste. That was dominant on both ends of the floor, and also Brey to trust his huge man is performing in ~ a truly elite level:


Coach Brey: "I don't think there's anyone in the nation playing better than Zach Auguste best now." #ACCTourney

There is no question Coach K has really talented team at his disposal, yet inconsistency has actually been an issue all season long, and it reared the ugly head once versus Thursday.

Virginia 72, Georgia tech 52

Malcolm Brogdon showed why he is among the finest players in the ACC and the entire country Thursday, leading his Virginia Cavaliers come a 72-52 success over Georgia Tech. The Cavaliers are No. 4 in the linked Press height 25 and have the possibility to it is in a No. 1 particle in the NCAA tournament v a strong showing in Washington, therefore this was a an essential win.

Brogdon finished v 26 point out on sparkling 10-of-15 shoot from the field and also carried his squad from the opened minutes. Virginia also got 12 points and also eight boards under low indigenous Anthony Gill, however nobody rather on the team scored in double figures.

Virginia finished 7-of-14 shooting from the three-point range and minimal its turnovers come a meager seven against the underdog Yellow Jackets. Thanks mainly to that attack pace and also outside shooting, the Cavaliers were in full regulate of the outcome for the majority of the 2nd half. 

As because that Georgia Tech, Adam Smith placed up 16 points and also four three-pointers in the defeat. However, the Yellow Jackets turned it end 14 times versus a Virginia defense that was No. 4 in the country in Ken Pomeroy’s pace-adjusted defensive efficiency numbers, which isn’t the recipe for an upset. 

Despite the vast margin of victory, Virginia only held a 30-28 lead at the half. There is no Brogdon, the Yellow Jackets may have actually been in very early position to pull turn off the upset, as ESPN Stats & information illustrated:

Virginia to be ahead 32-30 with less than 19 minutes remaining when it finally took off and put the Yellow Jackets in the rear-view mirror.

Brogdon struggle a jumper with roughly 14 minute left to press the bring about 46-35, and the benefit never dropped to single digits again. V Brogdon at the helm, the Cavaliers placed things into cruise manage and progressed to Friday’s semifinals.


Brogdon comment on his team’s sluggish start and quick finish, every ACC Men"s Basketball: “Sometimes we have a habit of beginning slow and also feeling our way into the game, but we picked it up.”

The Cavaliers choose it up at the ideal time and overcame a Yellow Jackets team the beat them during the continual season. Brogdon remarked ~ above the turnaround, again per ACC Men"s Basketball: “GT win us and was far better than us, yet tonight we were an boosted team from last time. We made the adjustments.”

Georgia technology coach Brian Gregory praised Virginia in the aftermath, likewise per ACC Men"s Basketball: “Tonight, they played a lot much better than we did. They"re so great defensively and they"re constant defensively.” 

If the Cavaliers proceed that continuous defense, they could win the ACC tournament and also enter the large Dance as one of the favorites.

Miami 88, Virginia tech 82

The Miami Hurricanes included another victory to their resume Thursday in the press to knife a No. 2 or 3 seed in the NCAA tournament. Miami knocked off Virginia technology 88-82 and avenged that loss to the Hokies in the regular-season finale.

Five various Hurricanes scored double figures, however the backcourt of Sheldon McClellan and also Angel Rodriguez spearheaded the effort. McClellan finished with 21 points, four rebounds, three assists and two steals. Rodriguez included 19 points, ripe assists and also three steals. The two an elderly guards combined to make six three-pointers and collection the tone because that Miami transparent the game. 

Corey Evans that sweet in ~ above Rodriguez’s performance and also what it might mean relocating forward:


Angel Rodriguez is the true wild card to Miami's next three weeks. Plays in ~ himself and takes treatment of the ball, could make a run to F4

Miami shoot an outstanding 56.6 percent native the field and 44.4 percent indigenous three-point range and additionally made 20 important cost-free throws in the single-digit victory. The perimeter defense was likewise critical, together the Hurricanes forced 14 Virginia tech turnovers and held the Hokies to a meager 2-of-9 shooting from downtown.

The only problem for Miami was Seth Allen, who lugged Virginia Tech’s assault with 31 points, 17 the which come from the free-throw line. The consistently struck the rim and looked for contact and also kept his team in the video game with his ability to come through on the charity stripe. 

Jason McIntyre the the huge Lead commented on Allen’s outing:


Seth Allen is a beast. Could be Cat Barber next year if that can construct a trustworthy shot. Nobody have the right to stop that from gaining to the rim

That delinquent is something for Virginia technology fans come look forward to even if their team’s NCAA competition hopes pertained to a near Thursday.

The teams dealt with out a back-and-forth first half, Miami taking a 33-32 lead right into the locker rooms.

The Hurricanes showed up to be in full control with very early spurt in the second half and developed a 50-38 lead with simply over 15 minutes remaining. Castle then driven it come 59-44 as soon as McClellan drilled a three-pointer with less than 13 minutes left.

Miami preserved a double-digit lead for many of the 2nd half, yet the Hokies slowly chipped far at the deficit until they obtained it to 76-70 with roughly 90 secs left. However, castle never gained closer than six for the remainder of the game, together the Hurricanes struggle clutch totally free throws under the big to save their ACC competition title desires alive.

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Postgame, Virginia technology coach Buzz Williams concentrated on his team’s improvement on the season, every ACC Men’s Basketball: "I think ours team has actually improved and plays incredibly hard. Our maturity has ongoing to evolve in a positive way."

Miami coach Jim Larranaga praised his 2 guards, again every ACC Men’s Basketball: “Angel and Sheldon have been tremendous. Funny to coach, fun youngsters to it is in around. Come v tremendous effort and execution.”

Larranaga likewise shared what his article was to his team, additionally per ACC Men’s Basketball: “I phone call the males to store their poise and also not worry about anybody else yet themselves." 

If Miami does just that, it might make some major noise in the big Dance behind Rodriguez and also McClellan.