SeriesIconia One 10
Screen Size10.1 Inches
Operating SystemAndroid 5.0 Lollipop
Memory storage Capacity16 GB

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10.1-inch HD TouchscreenMediaTek MT8163 Quad core Processor (1.3GHz) 1.3 GHz16GB inner Storage, 1GB DDR3 On-Board MemoryAndroid Lollipop, up to 10-hour battery life›See much more product details



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I"ve had it a small over 24 hours, and as of ideal now, I"m not pleased with it. I"m having continuous errors through the Google apps. I"m not even using them, and also am gaining errors!What I"ve excellent so far: I included Moon+ Reader, Foxit PDF Reader, Music Player, and also Firefox. I uninstalled what little the tablet computer would allow me to, greatly apps, and enabled the Acer update. I likewise copied my publications over from mine old tablet computer (Nextbook 8HD).I"m walking to carry out a complete reset ~ above the tablet, and take it back to factory, and if that doesn"t help, I"ll be sending out it back. (And wishing I could send back the accessories ns ordered come go through it.)I think it"s exceptional that my old Nextbook tablet computer (other than a cracked touch entry screen) has run because that years without issue, yet an Acer lasted less than 2 days.EDIT:The text above is what I had written up prior to doing a manufacturing facility reset top top the tablet.After the manufacturing facility reset...It works great, however it hasn"t done even one update of any kind of kind. Ns don"t understand it, however I don"t really care either.I"m no a society media addict, no one am ns a YouTube addict. What ns am, is fear to uninstall any kind of of the OEM bloatware Acer has with the tablet. I"d love to lose all the Acer apps, not to cite the multitude of to buy apps. And also I wish ns knew whose idea it to be to make McAfee Security one of the apps the can"t it is in uninstalled - pure genius there, faceless Acer dude.To me, a tablet is nothing an ext than a publication reader i can attach to totally free wifi if I require to easily look something up, or examine the weather throughout a pit avoid on a trip. For that, this might be the perfect budget plan tablet.And... If I take place to want to watch some television on the Spectrum TV app, or ESPN 360, or Netflix, or Kodi, the photo is beautiful. Being the my eye aren"t what they were 30 years ago, it"s no terribly most likely to happen, but you never ever know. It could happen.While it"s no going come win any type of speed contests, or beauty, beauty contests, the tablet computer is snappy. The Intel Atom quad core processor it s okay the job done fine enough, though there is sometimes lag - nothing major, but it"s there. The back of the tablet computer is both matte finished, and textured to avoid fingerprints. The screen is a fingerprint magnet though, so i recommend you acquire some matte finished display screen protectors to cut down ~ above the prints, and also the glare once you"ve gained it outside, or next to a window. The sound isn"t half-bad, therefore listening come music ~ above the speaker(s?) isn"t torture.My great list...Tablets have to come through nothing but the simple Android necessities installed. Why shouldn"t the owner decide what apps to install on his/her tablet? ns guess that would be too lot like ideal for a major corporation come understand.Also, no tablet computer should be sold by a major manufacturer that"s locked right into its factory version that Android. Which Acer, at the very least release an upgrade to Lollipop for this point so we"ll have much better control of what it s okay stored, or set up on our micro sd cards.Anyways, that"s top top Acer, no on the tablet itself. Because the reset, I"m pleased. It"s well worth the $$. If Acer would roll the end a Marshmallow update for it, I"d be thrilled v it, but that ain"t gonna happen, so...For those of girlfriend that space wanting to root this tablet, here"s a little bit of advice. The root method that functioned on the B1-810 a year ago, doesn"t work-related on this one. I"m not saying girlfriend can"t try, yet be mindful it might not work.One critical thing: Don"t try charging it v a phone charger. It"s not strong enough. Mine old Palm charger has functioned on every little thing I"ve connected it to up "til this. Reportedly 2 amps isn"t sufficient to charge it, even in sleep mode. The factory charger, and the extra charger from mine old Blackberry Playbook work simply fine.EDIT 2:The Google apps updated, and also again the errors started, however fewer 보다 the first time it happened.I visited Settings/Apps/ and scrolled down v the list. First, i disabled Drive, and uninstalled the update. Then i went v the rest of the Google apps, first disabling, and then uninstalling the updates. The only Google apps ns left were: Google App, Google Keyboard, Google pat services, Google pat Store, Google Text-to-speech Engine, and Translate. Then, ns rebooted the tablet. There have been no errors since.I likewise uninstalled all of the apps, YouTube, and disabled the Acer apps. There may have been others. The the original apps, past those I"ve mentioned already, i left just Chrome, and also ASTRO paper Manager enabled.If that starts acting up again, there will be one more edit. Together of appropriate now, that boots there is no errors, for this reason I"m hopeful. The said, I"m about fed up through hassling with it. Any more errors this week, and also I think it"ll be much easier to ship it earlier than continue to fight to do it work. Ns am definitely not a pan of Android 4.4.4.Edit 4 - 16 month later...This has turned right into a great little tablet. I"ve supplied it come read numerous books, present a few movies, hear to music, and also occasionally look something increase online as soon as I"m far from home. It does all of those things well, and also the battery lasts fairly long. I"ve also added a gps program, and it functions great. Using it together an 8" gps unit needs a tiny forethought into where and also how you"re walking to mountain it, but it absolutely works great.Please note: practically all Google apps ~ above mine have actually been disabled in bespeak to keep it to run without errors. Android 4.4.4 KitKat doesn"t seem to like the Google app updates very well. This will be my final update on it. It"s it s long 16 months, therefore if it dies tomorrow, I"ve gotten my money"s worth out of it.