NFL playoffs proceed this weekend through the AFC and also NFC Championship games. Here’s exactly how to clock live online.

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Four groups remain– who will face off in the 2017 super Bowl? record the Championship ring of the 2017 NFL playoffs this weekend top top Sunday, January 22, start at 3:05 p.m. EST to discover out.

A brief playoffs recap: The Wild map Round of the NFL playoffs experienced the Houston Texans emerge victorious over the Oakland Raiders (27-14), the Seattle Seahawks score basic victory (26-6) over the Detroit Lions, the Pittsburgh Steelers victory 30-12 against the Miami Dolphins, and also the green Bay Packers victory a surprising victory versus the brand-new York Giants (38-13)– enabling all four to secure places in the Divisional round of the playoffs.

In the Divisional ring of the NFL playoffs, the Atlanta Falcons took house 36-20 victory against the Seattle Seahawks, the brand-new England Patriots knocked the end the Houston Texans 34-16, the Pittsburgh Steelers winner 18-16 versus the Kansas City Chiefs, and also the eco-friendly Bay Packers sealed the transaction in a nearby 34-31 win versus the Dallas Cowboys.

This weekend’s matchups will therefore feature the league’s height teams, vying because that championship titles and spots in Super bowl 51.

The Championship round playoffs gamings will take ar on Sunday, January 22, beginning at 3:05 p.m. EST with the environment-friendly Bay Packers v. Atlanta Falcons and continuing in ~ 6:40 p.m. EST v Pittsburgh Steelers v. Brand-new England Patriots.

The Falcons are the favorite to win at the Georgia Dome, yet considering Atlanta snuck through with only a 33-32 success in October, in addition to the Packers’ nail-biting, “seesaw finish” against the Cowboys, eco-friendly Bay’s definitely still got much more than a couple of tricks up their sleeves.

Atlanta does, however, have actually league MVP favorite (Matt Ryan) and Green just only has actually a 4-4 record on the road, but we’ll every just have to watch what happens.

As because that the Steelers-Patriots game, it might be a stomach bug, no season records, the determines the victor.

The Steelers’ team has actually been plagued by a 24-hour stomach virus going approximately the locker room, i beg your pardon led 4 players come sit the end Wednesday, including wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey. Extr players were the end on Thursday, including tight end Ladarius Green.

Coach Mike Tomlin counts himself among the lucky couple of who have “stayed the end of the line of fire,” but says that disease won’t be provided as an excuse in Sunday’s AFC Championship game: \"We're no making excuses. There won't be. We'll be there, we'll be ready to play, this is just part of normal points that take place over the food of a season.”

Wednesday’s noble players were in attendance at Thursday’s practice, so hopefully the passing pest really won’t be a problem come Sunday.

Aside from unexpected circumstances, the Steelers-Patriots matchup will certainly be one because that the ages. Both teams have played in the Super bowl multiple times– both teams have actually played in eight and Pittsburgh has actually won six (four the which to be in the last 6 years) while brand-new England holds 4 titles (including a 2015 victory).

The overall picks because that Super key LI matchup room still the Patriots and Falcons, yet as we’ve seen, points don’t constantly go follow to setup in the NFL playoffs. Here’s exactly how to record all the activity live streaming.

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And don’t forget: The action continues through Super key LI top top Sunday, February 5.

How to clock the 2017 NFL Playoffs: Championship Round

The Championship ring playoffs games will take place on Sunday, January 22, start at 3:05 p.m. EST through the green Bay Packers v. Atlanta Falcons and continuing at 6:40 p.m. EST with Pittsburgh Steelers v. Brand-new England Patriots.

The games will be broadcast on CBS and FOX. Those v a cable login can capture the action live streaming top top CBS Sports and Fox sporting activities Live.

Those there is no a cable login can uncover a guide to various other live streaming choices on cut Cable Today.

To see all the matchups for the 2017 NFL Playoffs, this is the complete schedule.

Championship Games

Sunday, January 22

NFC: (4) environment-friendly Bay Packers at (2) Atlanta Falcons at 3:05 p.m. EST top top FOX

AFC: (3) Pittsburgh Steelers at (1) brand-new England Patriots in ~ 6:40 p.m. EST top top CBS