Cage the Elephant come indigenous the town of Bowling eco-friendly in Kentucky, which is ideal known for production Chevrolet Corvettes. The alternate Rock team was formed in 2005 by front guy Matt Shultz and his guitarist brother Brad. They were joined by their friends Daniel Titchenor (bass), Lincoln Parish (guitar) and also Jared Champion (drums).

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According to your MySpace website the band"s name originates from Indian Hindu philosophy where the elephant is the symbol of strength and goodness. Lock explained: "It"s solid and it"s honest and also it"s loyal. And our name sort of means people, the entirety of society, the world we all room by nature – it appears like human being want come cage the elephant. The seems like they desire to cage all the an excellent in the world. It"s not simply the government or the media, it"s everywhere. But you revolve on the news and also hear "today 26 people got gunned down, and one guy acquired his head chopped off, and also here"s a snapshot of it. It"s choose there"s no hope, and also somebody"s caged the elephant. But you can"t carry out that."
When Shultz penned this song, that was functioning a building and construction job and he wrote several of the lyrics in a wall surface on some drywall while he originally wrote the chorus top top a record plate. He recalled to crackhead UK in a 2011 interview: "When ns was working building I obtained in trouble for going come the side and also writing text so I had actually to get an innovative and execute it actual sneakily favor writing on the drywall and also on file plates and also stuff. And at the end of the day, I"d go back and write down everything I"d written."
The song deserve to be heard ~ above the car radio during the start of the January 25, 2016 pilot illustration of Fox"s Lucifer when the location character is stopped by the cop. It plays again in ~ the end of the episode, as soon as Lucifer leaves his bar and visits his therapist girlfriend.

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Anonymous from Oregonlove them!Anonymous from TennesseeShows increase in the intro for the Borderlands video game. Fits the style and mood that the game perfectly.Siahara Shyne Carter from united StatesCool Voice! This is just one of my brand-new Favorite ;v This song is perfect "Theme Song" for my life now because it"s really difficult to find Job lol ns love This.Anonymous indigenous BgThey space good, a loved one of mine met the lead singer today, and also she saw high college with him too!Elmer H from Westville, OkThis is definitely a cool song. Ns love Cage The Elephant quiet so ns love every little thing they have actually out & their on facebook page. Love the text on this song. In the past half-year, I"ve heard a lot more of The Elephant below in east Oklahoma. Much more fans! and I never ever get worn down or stressed end hearing too lot Elephant. Just open up the shriveled-up skull and enjoy! Megan indigenous Stevenson, AlI love this song! This tape is slowly making their method to the top! ns sing this all the time at school....Doug native Dakota City, IaAccording to a July 2010 Spin magazine interview "We to be in Knoxville, Tennessee, hanging external a club after a present - this is probably in 2006," remembers singer Matthew Shultz, "and we saw this guy with a shave head and a long goatee yelling and screaming and talking come himself. I"m pretty certain he had actually some mental problems going on. He all of a sudden beelined towards us. Anyone jumped right into our car and also shut the doors. But I didn"t do it right into the car. I was stuck outside. I believed for certain the male was gonna stab me or something, yet then the came as much as me and also gave me a hug. The whole time he was saying, "You have to cage the elephant, you have to cage the elephant." Afterwards, ns was like, "We gotta surname the band that."" Kira from mountain Francisco, CaActually, Matt Schultz (lead singer) claimed in an interview with in 2010 the they got the surname "Cage The Elephant" once they to be living in the band house. Matt to be eating one off-brand cereal, and also on the back, and also elephant had actually escaped, therefore you had actually to affix the dots to Cage the Elephant.Joe indigenous Lincoln, NeThis song showed up on the opened cinematic because that the video game Borderlands.K indigenous Nowhere, OnActually, the preacher doesn"t give the excuse. The narrator/singer currently knows it. He simply thinks to himself as soon as he watches that story on the news.Alajandro!!!! indigenous Burlington, VtThis track was for this reason overplayed. Great song nonetheless, however I hate it when great songs favor this are played means too much.Dylan from evade City, Ksthat"s cuz it"s obtained pieces of Loser in there. GeniusJim indigenous Philadelphia, PaAn exciting song, the reason for confusion is due to the fact that of the renowned acoustic version. The story faces three fully different civilization (a prostitute, a robber, and a preacher) who all offer the exact same answer for your wrong-doings and faults.Ryan from new Lexington, OhReminds me a lot of Beck"s "Loser".see much more comments
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