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Title: Ain"t also Proud come BegArtist: TLC
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Yo mic inspect 1-2, 1-2We in the houseYeah come on1992 TLC kickin" off in your Mutha......So ya finest be duckin" fastYo T-Boz is ya gift a bossChilli what"s increase wit" file sauceDis is itTo "T" step on the (shhhh)I ain"t 2 proud, ns ain"t 2 proud 2 begThinkin" quick of what friend gotBetter gain it when it"s hotAin"t no much better love 보다 your ownUnmistakin" advice 2 be sexin" through societyHow have the right to you be happy aloneBridge:When I require 2 feel loveWhy wait 4 therefore longCause i ain"t 2 proud 2 beg4 something the I contact my ownAnd I desire 2 be touchedAnd feeling so much see causeEverybody requirements some an excellent lovin"Chorus:Yo if I need it in the morning or the center of the nightI ain"t 2 proud 2 beg (no)If the lovin" is strong and he got it goin" top top andI ain"t 2 proud 2 beg (no)2 inch or a yard rock tough or if it"s saggin"I ain"t 2 proud 2 beg (no)So it ain"t choose I"m braggin" just sign up with the paddywagon causeI ain"t 2 proud 2 beg, ns ain"t 2 proud 2 begScreamin" loud and holdin" sheetsScared the you"ll be referred to as a freakGotta permit it go while you canAin"t 2 proud 2 beg you seeCause my male belongs 2 meAnd I know that he understandsBridgeChorusYo left eye kick that rapRealize the realism of reality treatsUs both the sameCause satisfaction is the surname of this gameSo I pick to explain it"s evidentLeft Eye don"t average the rest of my human body is irrelevantIn various other words lets refresh her headAbout pullin" down curtains and breakin" da waterbedYeah I prefer it once you (kiss)Both to adjust of lipsOooh ~ above the TLC tipI ain"t 2 proud 2 beg (I ain"t 2 proud 2 beg)What I call my ownJust you and me (uh)HeyyyyyyyyBridgeChorusI ain"t 2 proud 2 begTLC isn"t 2 proud 2 begI ain"t 2 proud 2 beg (no)-----------------Ain"t too Proud to BegTLC
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