Alex Cowper-Smith is a banker indigenous England and the former husband of English actor Alice Eve. A business and also finance graduate native the "University that Nottingham," Alex started his job in the corporate people with a job at the prestigious "Goldman Sachs," among the biggest financial solutions providers in the world. He started as an combine at "Goldman Sachs" and also later became a financier the the company. Alex married his high-school sweetheart, Alice, in 2014. However, your marriage ended in a separation in 2017. Prior to the wedding, the two had actually an on-again, off-again relationship. Their skilled commitments later developed problems in their marriage, and they parted ways. Alice and also Alex perform not have any type of children.

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Alex was born in the UK, and he has actually spent many of his childhood and also his early teenage days there. Not much is known about the exact date and place the his birth. However, according to sources, Alex prospered up in England and also attended a boarding school.
Alex attended the "Westminster School." In 2000, he joined the "University the Nottingham." the graduated v a degree in business and also finance in 2003.
Soon after obtaining his university degree, Alex started working together an associate because that "Goldman Sachs," a multinational invest bank and also financial solutions company.
In 2015, he ended up being a financier the the conglomerate. Unfortunately, he had to quit the task for personal reasons. Alex volunteers for a fundraising internet page because that the ‘British Red cross Society."
Alex to be married to English actor Alice Eve. They first met at the "Westminster School" and eventually started dating. However, their relationship was interrupted after graduation, together Alice relocated on to seek her career. Meanwhile, she checked out "Oxford," whereby she had actually an affair with poet Adam O’Riodan. Adam and also Alice broke up in 2012. Alice to be rumored come be date her co-star chris Evans after the 2 were spotted enjoying every other’s firm on a dinner day in brand-new York City in December 2013. However, nobody of them ever before spoke about their rumored relationship.
Alex and Alice again met every other and rekindled their high-school romance. In July 2014, Alex proposed marital relationship to Alice. Choose a gentleman, before popping the question to Alice, he first sought she father’s permission if they were on a household vacation in Ibiza. As a couple, Alex and also Alice made their very first public appearance in ~ a ‘Virgin Atlantic’ occasion held in ~ London’s "Village Underground."
In respectable 2014, Alice and Alex announced your engagement. They walked the aisle top top December 31, 2014. Their straightforward wedding consciousness was organized at the "Brompton Oratory" in London.
Unfortunately, Alex and Alice’s marriage did not last long, and also they filed because that divorce in 2017. Their particular professions and also work commitments were responsible for their separation. If Alex had actually a hectic schedule together a banker, Alice, was additionally often inhabited with she shoots. Your inability to invest time through each other ultimately caused them come drift apart, and they chose to finish their marriage. Nonetheless, Alex tried to conserve his marriage. He even quit his job to invest time through Alice. However, all his initiatives went in vain. Alex at this time lives and works in the UK. That does no have any social-media account.

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Alex has been solitary since his split with Alice. However, Alice to be spotted v an unknown guy at a café in Los Angeles in October 2018, which triggered rumors the her brand-new relationship.
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