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1.all of the complying with are cloud computing business except for: mobile together a services Cloud computer have 3 components: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and also Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). 2.which the the complying with is the…View the full answer

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Transcribed photo text: prize all inquiries (2 point out each) 2 points all of the adhering to are cloud computer services other than for: * software application as a company Infrastructure together a business Mobile together a service Platform together a company 2 points which of the adhering to is the most well-known operating mechanism for smart phones? * Unix windows Android O Linux 2 point out A software program tool for finding and also displaying internet pages and other web resources * Web web browser JAVA Linux access 2 point out Software hosted on powerful computers that could be got to with an Internet link * software application package Programming software application Mobile software program Cloud software Samsung IBM HP Microsoft 2 points The language offered for formatting web pages is: DBMS HTML SQL Linux 2 points which of the following describes a person, place, point on i beg your pardon we save information? * Entity document Attribute Database 2 points i m sorry of the complying with solves the troubles that deserve to be faced when utilizing a traditional document environment? * record Primary vital DBMS record 2 point out A relation between tables in a database is done through primary and also foreign: * Records secrets Data documents 2 clues Data occurs as soon as the same data is replicated in multiple files * Manipulation Redundancy adaptability Security 2 points i m sorry of the adhering to is the most significant data manipulation language today?* SQL JAVA HTML OLAP 2 clues A much more discovery pushed tool for finding surprise patterns in big data pools: * Data mart Database O Data warehouse Data mining 2 points i m sorry of the complying with is pertained to text mining? * SQL OLAP Cube evaluation Sentiment evaluation 2 points i m sorry of the adhering to terms is concerned data mining? * Cube evaluation finding surprise patterns browsing in unstructured data Sentiment evaluation Which that the complying with is considered 2 points component of large data infrastructure? Database paper Data warehouse SQL 2 clues A powerful wireless technology for tracking the activity of goods throughout the it is provided chain:* LAN RFID Wi-Max Wi-Fi 2 points supplied to monitor structure security, finding hazardous building material in air, or monitor ecological changes: * regional area networks Intranets Wi-Fi Wireless sensor networks The biggest implementation the client- 2 point out server computing:* OWLAN OLAN The internet Wi-Fi 2 points A method of slicing huge digital messages into packets, sending out each one packets along different interaction paths: * TCP/IP Packet switching Client-server Routing 2 point out What is the most well-known Internet business with universal requirements for storing and retrieving information through web pages? * video conferencing email Chatting O web 2 points i beg your pardon of the following vital digital networking technologies has actually largely replaced the central mainframe computing: * Data computing an individual computer computer Client-server computer Cloud computing 2 clues A network the spans a city, and sometimes its significant suburbs, together well, is dubbed a: * PAN LAN man O WAN