Oh boy, this is a monster one. This episode not only has actually the ridiculously long and also multi-layered Ange and also Maria subplots, which take it up as lot if not more screen time than the yes, really “game” without offering actual clues to the murder mysteries in inquiry (though they execute nudge the reader towards a specific mindset that helps in uncovering the overarching mystery), this is likewise an episode where EVERYONE aside of the cousins space in cahoots with Yasu to part degree. Add to that the truth that this to be the very first chapter wherein the Blue Truth appeared to complicated the remedies (in enhancement to a reduced variety of case-relevant Red Truths), and also you can clearly see why it took me so lengthy to settle myself to in reality replay this episode and also write this. Five well, ns might also get started…


Yasu (Killer.) Krauss (Primary accomplice.) Kyrie (Primary accomplice.) Godha (Accomplice.) Kumasawa (Accomplice.) Jessica (Accomplice.) anyone else beside Battler and also George (Passive Accomplice)

Krauss and Kyrie play follow me believing that they room playing a murder an enig game aimed at Battler. The remainder of the adults and also the servants space the same, though much less involved. The instigator is Yasu who bribes them, along the servants and also everyone else, but Krauss and Kyrie room the 2 who work closely with her and also talk to the cousins repeatedly.

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On the various other hand the accomplices room separated and also mostly left in the dark concerning what Yasu is in reality doing and also probably none are aware of the murders until they get killed off together well.

Also, while i don’t discover it essential myself, there room compelling arguments pointing in ~ the possibility of Yasu utilizing the risk of the bomb set up under Rokkenjima together a kind of “Insurance Policy” to make sure that at least her most important accomplices (namely Krauss and Kyrie) would stay in line.

Since this illustration barely concentrates on the really murders and even the order in which civilization died is questionable, I will certainly attempt to very first construct an live independence timeline rather of going v the normal Twilights.

Character fatality Reconstruction

This episode was specifically hard come crack because it has actually less Red Truths than even EP1! Yes, the illustration that didn’t also have the Red truth invented yet has an ext of the retroactively because of the later episodes then the last episode of the first tetralogy. Walk figure…

The only solid thing we know about the order of the deaths was the Kanon to be the 9th, courtesy of this Red Truths:

“Among the five human being in Kyrie’s group, he to be the an initial to die.” “In short, he to be the 9th victim.”

There room two ways this can be possible: either the six an initial Twilighters + Jessica and George, or the six very first Twilighters + Gohda and Kumasawa had actually to die before Kanon. In my opinion that the latter. My thinking is as follows:

It has to start through the six world in the dining hall, otherwise we wouldn’t have our target variety of 9th.

If after that she were to kill among the cousins, it’s for sure to assume that she would have had actually to “kill” the persona relating to them. Thus if she to be to kill George because that 7th, climate Shannon would have actually been “killed” as well, which would certainly contradict #1. However, if she were to death Jessica first and climate “kill” Kanon, climate he would have been the 8th at best. Ns would also argue that killing off the pertinent persona would take place -before- the cousin in concern is killed, for obvious reasons.

Therefore the only means both Red Truths could be fulfilled if there to be two separate deaths (aka. Gohda and Kumasawa) that would include up come the forced 8, for this reason that once Yasu would “kill” Kanon and also Shannon in ready of death the two cousins lock would become the 9th and the 10th.

Now, because that the yes, really timeline:

Eva, Rudolph, Rosa, Hideyoshi, Natsuhi and also Genji are eliminated in the dining hall. This more than likely happens -after- the 2nd phone contact by Kyrie requesting the Gohda and Kumasawa would certainly be locked up. Yasu pipeline under the guise the letting Kumasawa and Gohda out of the burned but rather she uses the chance to walk to the dining hall first and kills the people there and also then smashes their heads.

After this she goes come the shed. Gohda offers her the key through the small window, believing the it is still part of the game, however when she opens up the shutter she kills them both. After that she props up the bodies as if they to be hanged so that as soon as she locks the shutter from the outside she can use a long rod or part other technique to easily return the crucial to the bag of the currently standing Gohda with the window, thus developing a locked room.

After this allude she returns to Kyrie and also co. To provide the next call concerning “Kinzo’s test” and also then discards Kanon and also Shannon, hence “killing” castle (Fulfilling #1-2)

After this she meets up v George and shoots that in the head.

She then goes to accomplish with Jessica and also convinces her that the whole thing was simply a video game (alternatively she is informed of the presence of the bomb and also threatened right into playing along, but I as soon as again discover the risk unnecessary). Jessica theatre along, calls Battler and gives him information that she should not have, like that George was also dead or that she would die from a head wound. ~ the call is end Yasu shoots and also then smashes she head open.

She return to the mansion wherein Krauss, Kyrie and Nanjo are non the wiser. She tells them that George and Jessica additionally agreed come play along and also hid themselves. Kyrie then delivers the final phone call, after i beg your pardon Yasu kills them and also moves the body to their final locations/sets up the crime scenes to match Kyrie’s description.

When Battler doesn’t remember his “sin”, Yasu to adjust the bomb, goes to the well beside Nanjo’s corpse and also uses the exact same trick as in EP2: She ties something hefty to the gun v a string, which is climate lowered into the well. She climate commits suicide and also then the weight pulls the total down right into the well wherein it can not be discovered. Note that the well has iron bars ~ above it the cannot be opened up at every (probably developed into the concrete) just big enough for a handgun to loss through but not large enough for a person, an interpretation there is no method to acquire in or the end of the well.

Maria was poisoned and laid to remainder in the time in between Battler relocating over come the chapel and also returning through the keys. By the moment he enters the mansion Yasu had actually long due to the fact that left v the back door.

Battler was killed by the bomb Yasu set up in breakthrough that blew up the whole mansion, thus explaining all the last Red Truths that the episode concerning to Beatrice killing Battler.

And currently the remainder of the mysteries and also questionable events:

Maria’s umbrella


Maria claims that Kinzo provided her one umbrella once she was out in the rain in the rose garden.


It was most likely Krauss in disguise. That dressed up together Kinzo and acted like him in bespeak to develop a witness and also thus throw the various other siblings off-balance after the previous arguments over whether Kinzo was alive. That is quite possible that this to be the moment where Yasu and also Krauss an initial meet eye come eye (since usually this is the allude where she would give Maria the letter the challenge) and where Yasu gives him her offer.

The family members Conference

Instead of Kinzo, the is Yasu that mirrors up at the conference and also bribes the family and the servants come play in addition to her game in exchange for the gold. No one is killed at this point in time.

They all gain the same an easy cover story defined to castle so the there would certainly be no inconsistencies. Gohda and also Kumasawa leave for the guest house to tell the cousins around the “events”. The is so that they would certainly not relocate to the mansion and also discover the “deception”.

In the meantime Krauss, Kyrie, Nanjo and also Yasu leaving for the chamber v the yellow to prove she claim. These three room going because:

a.: Krauss is the eldest that the siblings and also its his house, not to cite he is the one who an initial made contact with Yasu, therefore he is there to make sure she is informing the truth.

b.: Kyrie is there as the trusted representative that the remainder of the siblings, and she is there to later talk come Battler in particular.

c.: Nanjo is there as a neutral third party come oversee the exploration of the gold and the later events.

The rest stays there to talk about what they were going to be doing through the money and also whatnot.

After the confirmation of the yellow (and the possible revelation that the bomb) the same team goes to a separate room to contact the cousins together per Yasu instructs them.

The very first Phone Call


Krauss, Kyrie, Shannon, Kanon and also Nanjo space locked in a “dungeon” from wherein they manage to speak to the cousins through the inner phone.


This is the step that renders it blatantly obvious that the whole group in the missing dungeon (plus the 2 servants in the guest house) are in cahoots v Yasu. The contact is just there to pressure the cousins to remain in the guest house so the they wouldn’t interfere with their plans, i m sorry as far as Krauss and also Kyrie knew was just some eccentric but innocent murder-mystery game for Battler.

The 2nd Phone Call


“Kinzo” order the cousins to lock Gohda and and Kumasawa up in the gardening shed.


The servants space separated from the cousins for several reasons. First of all, it’s so the they wouldn’t accidentally spill the beans. Also, by locking them in the shed, Yasu developed the situations for one more closed room murder for later. Kumasawa and Gohda don’t placed up any kind of resistance against locked outside due to the fact that they believe this is also part of the “game”.

“Kinzo’s” test


The cousins are told to go to particular locations one at the time. Jessica needs to go to she room. Later on Shannon calls George and tells the to go to the arbor in the increased garden. Castle are provided three choices: Sacrifice themselves, sacrifice their loved one (Kanon and also Shannon, respectively), or sacrifice anyone else ~ above the island. (BTW, in mine humble opinion this is just one of the many badass collection of scenes in the entire series :3 periodically I wonder why Ryukishi no write fight shounen. It would certainly be fourteen various flavors that awesome. :3)


Big surprise: the whole thing to be a meta-event, consisting of the choices. In fact Yasu encouraged Jessica about the “game” in bespeak to cheat Battler. George was eliminated either right before or ideal after this. Every the gibberish meta-events room sadly totally fictional without even a serial of truth.

Jessica’s phone Call


After the “test”, Jessica phone call Battler in the guest house and also tells him that his enemies are demons and witches. She also claims the Battler’s test will certainly be the “resurrected Beatrice”.


Jessica, believing that this was component of the game, provides the account that Yasu (probably dressed together Kanon) offered her. Then, once the contact was over, Yasu shoots she in the head and also locks the door indigenous the outside with her master crucial to produce a an easy closed room murder.

Kyrie’s phone call Call


Kyrie, the only “survivor” that “escaped” the “dungeon” calls Battler and also tells him around what “happened”, including Kinzo’s appearance, the demons, witches and also everything else. She asks even if it is George and also Jessica room alive and also she too references the epitaph. In the end she straight tells Battler to believe in the existence of witches.


Once again, Yasu provides the instructions come the oblivious Kyrie that then action them the end in the phone. Once the contact is over, she shoot her and then shoot four much more holes come the areas where she said the “Golden Thread” to be shot.

The Phone contact After Battler Leaves


Maria obtain a call just after ~ Battler leaves the room. As soon as he returns and takes the call, Maria pipeline to take she test when Battler has actually a conversation through Beatrice.


Yasu in the flesh. Duh.

Battler meeting Beatrice


Battler goes to the entrance of the mansion for his “test” and there the meets Beatrice, who looks down on him from a balcony. After some verbal sparring she requirements that Battler mental a sin that committed 6 years ago.

Red Truths

“Six years back for me, no person called Beatrice existed.” (Used by Beatrice and also repeated by Battler in chapter 17: reason of the Tragedy.) “The sin i am currently demanding that you mental is not in between Ushiromiya Battler and Beatrice.” “Ushiromiya Battler has a sin” “Because of your sin, world die.” “Due to your sin, a great many people on this island die.” “No one escapes, all die.”


The meeting really go happen, however the dialog playing out is fictional, together there are simply too numerous references come the events in the players’ realm. Beatrice questioning for Battler come remember and also repent for his “sin” is Yasu’s critical gambit for making Battler remember her and his promise from 6 years ago.

Aside that the Red Truths, over there is one an extremely interesting detail: when Battler needs a Red Truth about that Battler’s presence is the create that led to the massacre, Beatrice refuses to provide one. This is in line with the idea that Yasu has actually been to plan this for together while (as displayed by the blown increase shrine (which to be the test-run because that the bomb that later on destroys the whole mansion) and the reparation-letters sent out in advancement (which had to have extensive preparation, like putting billions that yen into the safes, developing the cards and mailing them)), and also Battler’s return only adjusted the execution, specific the convoluted mystery-novel format murders instead of just killing everyone and also being done v it.

The final component of the step is also really indicative of Yasu: The gameboard Beatrice offers up ~ Battler declares the he remembers no sin and also Meta-Beato “takes over” for her.

Ange at the Hill


In 1998, Ange is challenged by Kasumi and also her guards in ~ the hilltop near Kuwadorian top top Rokkenjima. In the end she “summons” the 7 Sisters to resolve them.

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It was established that Amakusha had a big, heavy rifle-case ~ above the boat and also that he to be not through Ange at the hill. That was more than likely at a adjacent hilltop, sniping v a high-caliber rifle in ~ Ange’s attackers, and also Ange just painted end the events with her “magic” (read: imagination, delusion, mindset, self-deception… Magic is a many things in this series…)

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