Entrepreneurship is: A. Controlling businesses for others.B. A regulating interest in the ownership of a corporation.C. Managing businesses that run in many countries.D. Accepting the threat of beginning and to run a business.

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Which the the adhering to U.S. Problems does entrepreneurship most directly affect? A. The politics processB. The capacity to create jobs because that othersC. Contributions of money to organizations that assist people in needD. The capability to affect national macroeconomics polices
Which of the following defines why individuals accept the dangers of organization ownership? A. The potential because that learning how to it is in self-disciplinedB. The feeling of self-satisfaction and independenceC. The challenge of search powerD. The desire to occupational fewer hours
Which that the adhering to is a characteristic of effective entrepreneurs? A. Power-seekingB. Relies greatly on others who think in the businessC. Willingness and desire to follow othersD. Action-oriented
Which of the following best describes business man personality traits? A. Tolerant the uncertainty and also highly energetic.B. Threat averse and also self-nurturing.C. Appreciate direction from others and risk averse.D. Prefer to work much less hours and also prefer to offer directions and let others do the footwork.
A(n) ________________ is a team of experienced specialists from different locations of business who join together to develop, make, and market a new product. A. Entrepreneurial teamB. Joint ventureC. Self-directed useful teamD. Managerial job force
An businessman team is composed of: A. Supervisors with similar skills, abilities, and interests.B. Experienced professionals from different areas of business.C. A group of affluent investors who share a vision for a product.D. To represent from management, labor, and the government who work-related together to solve a company"s difficulties in a creative way.
Business owners who favor to maintain their businesses at a controllable size room called: A. MacropreneursB. IntrapreneursC. MicropreneursD. Residence workers
One the the difficulties of running a home-based business is: A. Rise in organization risk.B. Controlling the extra time on your hands.C. Maintaining work and family work separate.D. Burdensome tax laws.
A successful web-based strategy the helps a company spread the word around its website and products is referred to as ______________. A. Wildfire marketing.B. "it"s all about the buzz."C. Society marketing.D. Affiliate marketing.
A creative person functioning within a corporation to launch new products and generate brand-new profits is known as a(n): A. Arbitrator.B. Micropreneur.C. Macropreneur.D. Intrapreneur.
The score of one intrapreneur is: A. To boost quality regulate in a corporation"s production process.B. To develop brand-new products and also generate brand-new profits because that the corporation.C. To implement cost regulate policies for existing products.D. To produce smaller providers within larger companies
The U.S. Government"s immigrant Act the 1990: A. Encouraged entrepreneurs to pertained to the U.S. With "investor visas."B. Created a federal government program come teach American employees displaced through immigration exactly how to start their own businesses.C. Developed guidelines to aid entrepreneurs recruit legal aliens together a resource of low-cost labor.D. Suggest an exchange regimen for American and European entrepreneurs come temporarily live globally in order to open up up international branches for their businesses.
Enterprise zones are certain geographic locations that: A. The federal government has collection aside for major corporations that promise to spend at the very least $10 million come create brand-new jobs.B. Attract business investment through offering lower taxes and also government assistance for development.C. The federal government has recognized as having actually the fastest expansion rates in the country.D. Are identified by federal government ownership of little businesses.
Business incubators room usually government-funded framework intended to: A. Carry out health care benefits for little business owners and their families.B. Offer start-up this firm low-cost office space and simple business services.C. Assist rebuild the nation"s infrastructure.D. Assist foreign investors in identify business methods in the U.S.
Historically entrepreneurs in the U.S. A. Created wealth for themselves, however have had a minor affect on the economy as a whole.B. Started many little firms that later became significant corporations employing thousands of workers.C. Competent success only when they operated in partnership v the federal government.D. Played vital role, yet are less crucial now in producing jobs and wealth.
Which the the complying with statements describes one of the factors that people in the U.S. Take the entrepreneurial challenge? A. It"s all around profits, and also the possibility to do a many money.B. It"s around independence and the chance to re-publishing in the American dream.C. It"s about power and fame.D. It"s around a lot of things, but it does no include an individual achievement.
Successful entrepreneurs room self-nurturing. This means they: A. Look to others for strength and also encouragement.B. Self-finance their organization with no help from others.C. Perform all service operations by themselves.D. Believe in themselves and their ideas.
Which that the adhering to statements is properties of entrepreneurs? A. They like certainty.B. They have the capacity to visualize a clean path.C. Castle look in ~ problems and also see opportunities.D. They prefer to it is in inventive rather than worry around whether the development solves a client need.
Although successful entrepreneurs are more tolerant the uncertainty, A. They hardly ever start another business ~ a failure.B. They construct mental games to check out themselves v the hazard game, especially.C. They always protect themselves from failure by taking out lots of insurance.D. They strive to take it calculated risks.
Effective entrepreneurial groups combine: A. Creativity with marketing and production experience.B. Endeavor financing, taxes benefits, and production economies.C. Clinical abilities, capital investment, and marketing skills.D. Danger tolerance, debt financing, and also international experience.
Successful entrepreneurial teams: A. Easily organize themselves like large corporations.B. Assign just one person to brand-new product innovation.C. Carry a selection of talent come the organization venture.D. Outsource most of the details the innovation.
One factor we have actually seen ongoing growth in home-based businesses is: A. The place offers a more secure operational environment.B. Affordable technology makes it much easier to compete.C. Civilization need other to carry out while lock wait come return to work for a large corporation.D. That is much less risky to begin a home-based organization than other varieties of entrepreneurial ventures.
Which of the complying with statements is no a an obstacle for home-based businesses? A. Affordable modern technology such together the InternetB. Staying concentrated on the business and leaving residence chores because that after-business hoursC. Using your time wiselyD. Cultivating your services
Affiliate marketing is a web-based company strategy that: A. Relies on customers that go into the website of huge companies such together Gap and Nike.B. Asks girlfriend to sell the names and also e-mail addresses the 10 of her friends who might be interested in the assets or solutions the website is selling.C. Is currently illegal, but challenging to stop.D. Rewards people who space willing to attach a company"s website to your blog or social network page.
Which of the following ideal describes the difference in between an intrapreneur and also an entrepreneur?A. Intrapreneurs start nonprofit establishments while entrepreneurs start profit-seeking businesses.B. Intraprenuers are handy while entrepreneurs space creative.C. Intrapreneurs work-related within present corporations if entrepreneurs i think the dangers of starting their very own business.D. Intrapreneurs limit their efforts to financial investments, if entrepreneurs are connected in the monitoring of all locations of a business.
Intrapreneurs manipulate __________ come develop and also launch brand-new products and generate brand-new profits. A. Their employer"s existing human, financial, and also physical resourcesB. Their own personal financial resourcesC. Government-supplied physical and also financial resourcesD. Old concepts abandoned by entrepreneurs
Enterprise zones are: A. Government-owned properties that are available for entrepreneurial ventures at a reduced cost.B. Similar to incubator facilities but strictly run by city and state governments.C. Blighted areas that save toxic materials making lock unsuitable for company operations.D. Particular locations throughout the U.S. Where entrepreneurs can collection up shop and receive taxes breaks for operation in these areas.
Enterprise zones and investor visas are examples of: A. Federal government policies that favor large corporations quite than tiny businesses.B. Government programs that encourage economic growth through entrepreneurship.C. Federal government policies designed come encourage intrapreneurs.D. Instances of private efforts to mitigate the government"s duty in the economy.
State and city federal governments have supported facilities where brand-new businesses deserve to open up shop and also share typical services such as secretarial, accounting, and also legal services. Due to their exceptional success rate, _______________ continue to flourish in popularity. A. Enterprise zonesB. IncubatorsC. Intrapreneurial advancement centersD. Endeavor farms
The Spotlight on little Business box "Earning while Learning" functions students who A. Directed inheritance money they received into financially rewarding business ventures.B. Turned a passion into a business opportunity.C. Realized the American dream at a an extremely young age, and also now run multimillion-dollar companies.D. Convinced banks to money their organization ideas.
Kyra recently quit a task with a big corporation to begin her own business. While she realizes that her decision comes with risk, she is excited in ~ the chance to be independent and by the obstacles of to run her very own firm. Kyra is an example of a(n): A. Intrapreneur.B. Entrepreneur.C. Endeavor capitalist.D. Raconteur.
Erin emerged a new type of exercise tools she calls the Tush N" Tone. ~ unsuccessfully in search of potential investors, she arranged a personal loan and borrowed additional money from she parents. Her willingness to proceed believing in she idea and also to remain enthusiastic reflects that Erin is: A. Characteristically self-nurturing.B. Far better suited to regulating a nonprofit organization.C. Unaware the the dangers she to be taking.D. No a true entrepreneur.
Apple"s clever team is an example of a for sure that prospered by: A. Encouraging every manager to emphasis on a well-defined area the the business and build his own specialized department.B. Bringing together a group of talented and experienced managers to conceive, develop, and market products.C. Emphasizing a short price and also low-cost strategy best from the beginning.D. Assembling a group of employees whose inexperience to be a plus, due to the fact that they did not come through the baggage and also institutional ideas of bigger companies.
Anna newly left a huge insurance firm and also opened a home-based business preparing clinical transcriptions for doctors. Based on recent statistics, she have the right to expect: A. A an adverse reaction native friends and also family that wonder as soon as she will obtain a genuine job.B. The introduction of affordable modern technology will make it less daunting for her to contend with larger firms providing the very same service.C. The federal government will discourage she attempts to develop a home-based business in the really hopes that she will opt for locating in an companies zone.D. To uncover security, routine and also a paycheck indigenous her new enterprise.
Jake is an innovative engineering graduate who works because that a big company that renders adhesive products for commercial and also consumer use. One of his main responsibilities is to initiate and develop brand-new products to match the firm"s existing product line. Jake"s company is ___________. A. IntrapreneurialB. EntrepreneurialC. An external consultant for other firmsD. At a disadvantage because it is make the efforts to operate like a small business
Southwest College obtained a federal government grant to create a business incubator. This facility will certainly offer:A. Local government agencies help in obtaining funds for city renewal.B. Area enterprise advice ~ above employee benefits and also ways to minimize taxes.C. Venture capitalists an opportunity to identify brand-new entrepreneurs.D. Brand-new businesses low-cost office room with an easy business services.

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Keaton is one intrapreneur because that a multinational electronic devices company. Together an intrapreneur Keaton: A. Is supposed to recruit brand-new managerial talent because that his firm.B. Will usage the firm"s existing sources to develop new products.C. Is came to mainly with enhancing the firm"s publicly image.D. Will certainly concentrate ~ above creating new ventures that can be spun off to become independent firms.
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