Identify and define the actions in job planningIdentify elements of labour industry informationCompare and also describe varieties of work discovering experiencesDescribe tools and strategies come successfully complete work experienceExplore career monitoring strategies for workplace successReview market career profiles and also professions for common themes


This thing is separated into 3 parts. First, we’ll find out the necessary steps of career planning. Then we’ll take it a look at the types of work experience you have the right to engage in when still in ~ school. Finally, we’ll discover how you can integrate her planning through your education and learning and experiences, and we’ll hear from graduates who have been successful in your career choices.

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Figure 13.1 Students from Vancouver Island university win recognition and also gain suffer at the LinkBC Student instance Competition

Let’s start with a evaluation of the vital steps in the career planning process.

Career Planning

Shepard and also Mani specify career to plan “as one ongoing procedure through i beg your pardon an separation, personal, instance sets job goals and also identifies the method to attain them” (2013, p. 14). The is with career planning the a human evaluates abilities and interests, assesses values and also personality, considers alternative career opportunities, develops career goals, and plans valuable developmental activities.

Career plan requires individuals to know themselves and their values, interests, and skills. That is also an continuous process, one that need to be recurring with alters in employment and also life circumstances. Together you gain an ext experience and also knowledge, the process will start anew.

This ar reviews the five crucial steps of job planning, which are based on our research and input from market experts:

Conduct a self-assessmentResearch the work marketCreate your career find toolkitPut your career project into actionEngage in networking

Let’s start at step one.

Step One: command a Self-Assessment

Self expertise is the key to selecting a career. It can be overwhelming to start the process of self-assessment. However, if done well at the start, the likelihood the securing occupational that has actually meaning, purpose, and also fulfillment is far greater. Understanding your preferences, knowing your strengths, and also honestly facing the areas you need to develop are the an initial steps for reliable self-assessment.

Take a Closer Look: travel Careers indigenous the CTHRC

The Canadian travel HR council (CTHRC) has actually a website the can aid you check out career options. Begin with the “tourism career quiz” to watch where you can find a fit, and also browse the perform of project boards and other resources. Examine out this Tourism job Resources:

Rosenberg McKay (2014) identifies self-assessment as “the procedure of collection information about you in bespeak to do a knowledgeable career decision” and also adds the “a self-assessment should examine values, interests, personality, and skills” (¶ 1). Her values should overview your decision making come ensure a good fit because that both you and your employer.

Take a Closer Look: explore Careers by an abilities and Knowledge

The federal government of Canada Job financial institution website allows you to peruse occupations and explore the skills and knowledge forced to occupational in this fields. Discover what jobs can be a great match because that you at the government of Canada project Bank:

Many people find the over the food of their post-secondary routine they naturally become an ext self-aware. It’s recommended, however, the you take it time to do the following in order to facilitate your understanding:

1. Think earlier to as soon as you to be a child. What hopes and also dreams go you have for yourself? How have actually these changed?

2. Develop a file of her personality type. One helpful method of classifying personalities was occurred by Myers and also Briggs. You deserve to learn an ext about your personality types by visiting their structure at Myers and also Briggs Personality Types:

3. Execute an net search because that terms prefer personal worth statement and find examples that accumulate you. These might include an essential words such as loyalty, accountability, determination, and also passion. Now develop your own distinctive statement that shows where you space today.

4. Obtain a far better understanding of you yourself by learning how others view you. Asking a close friend, family members member, or trusted scholastic contact to create down 10 an essential words that define you. An alert where these are different or similar to the native you determined for your value statement.

5. Go ago to the introductory thing of this textbook and also make note of the five crucial sectors that the tourism industry. With a highlighter or comparable tool, select the 2 sectors that room the most appealing come you. Why are these of interest? What life experiences or work experience do you have that apply to these sectors? exactly how do castle align with your personality kind and values?

With this structure in place, you’re all set to confront employment fact by acquiring a greater understanding the the work market.

Step Two: study the work Market

Whether you room career planning because that the very first time or you space trying to change careers, gathering labour industry information is necessary to ensure her education and training room relevant. Save in mind that a career is distinct from a job. A job can be a part-time or momentary position, vice versa, a job is work you plan to explore for the length of your skilled life, v each employed opportunity building on the last.

Learning as lot as you can around careers within the tourism and also hospitality market will allow you come make great decisions about your future. Several of the activities you can do to finish your research include visiting job boards to recognize demand and also following companies and sectors in the media. Let’s look at these principles in much more detail.

Visit Tourism and also Hospitality project Boards to identify Demand

It’s not enough for friend to desire to occupational in a specific field — you need to know what types of jobs are at this time being offered. By visiting job boards you can gain a feeling of which geographic locations have an ext opportunities, how much different jobs pay, and what kind of suffer is required.

Websites you can use because that this search include:

Make note of any type of interesting positions, and also pay fist to gaps. To compare this to your self-assessment. Where space the opportunities lining up? What transforms might you have to make to development your career? for example, if you’d prefer to remain in the very same city, but see no tasks posted that complement your needs, it might be time to look elsewhere.

Follow Companies and Sectors in the Media

Make it a allude to monitor companies and sectors of interest to friend in the media. You deserve to do this by using a search engine to set up notifications (e.g., Google Alerts) about sectors (e.g., restaurants, ski resorts), and also following companies on society media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram). Friend can also monitor news from market associations to check out their comment on issues and trends affecting details sectors that the sector and/or geographic regions. This will help you identify expansion patterns, recognize job sector trends, and also gain one edge must you have the chance to interview.

With this info in hand, you’ll be all set to develop a plan.

Spotlight On: The go2HR task Board

The job board hosted by go2HR is her one-stop shop because that tourism and also hospitality jobs and also careers in BC. Find by geographic region, keyword, and also more. For more information, visit the go2HR project Board:

Step Three: Create your Career Search Toolkit

You have completed your initial research, and also now you need to obtain down come business! This step entails getting ready to strategy employers about particular opportunities.

Identify, and also be ready to provide evidence of, the qualities and skills you own that would certainly be attractive to an employer. It deserve to be beneficial to review these in 3 categories:

Personal attributes: describe what girlfriend are favor as a person/employee (e.g., your values, personality type, an individual qualities, and characteristics)Technical skills: skills and also knowledge compelled to perform particular work (e.g., exactly how to use restaurant Point-of-Sale systems, hotel reservations systems, or other computer system software)Transferable skills: skills forced to execute a variety of tasks that can be moved from one form of job to another (e.g., the capability to read a balance sheet and prepare a budget)

Use the list of your an abilities and attributes when you describe yourself in your documents.

Figure 13.2 consider a branded set of tools like resumes and also business cards to help you stand out from the crowd.

A standard set of project search papers includes:

Cover letter: a long-form paper of one web page that tells a story, depicting how your skills and experience make you an ideal candidate for the job.Resume (sometimes called a curriculum vitae or CV): a point-form document, generally two pages, that includes your job objective, appropriate experience, education, skills, and also interests.Reference list: identifies 3 or four professional contacts that have worked with you, and can vouch because that the high quality of your work.

Be sure to update these papers each time you apply for a position and customize them to the possibility at hand.

You may likewise want to take into consideration using society media tools and also resources to promote yourself. This might include producing a LinkedIn profile, do a expert (rather 보다 personal) on facebook page, and also using Twitter and also Instagram to interact with companies. Some project seekers additionally use a experienced e-portfolio to demonstrate their skills, knowledge, and also abilities. Showcasing your experiences with an e-portfolio is one way to stand out from various other applicants (Lorenzo & Ittleson, 2005).

Take a Closer Look: E-portfolio Tools

This list, to update regularly, was developed by EPAC, the digital Portfolio action & communication listserv. That provides access to a variety of devices for developing e-portfolios with links to key websites. Before using a specific tool, be certain to check with an instructor to check out whether your program has recommended e-portfolio platforms at its disposal. To view the list, visit E-portfolio Tools:

Step Four: put Your Career campaign into Action

Now it’s time to make a perform of providers to target, and also to technique them.

We’ve already addressed how you have the right to find avenues by scanning postings on websites favor the go2HR job board. This is a an excellent start, but most work opportunities are uncovered in the hidden project market, which consists of jobs that room not advertised or made public in classic ways. Countless individuals find work in BC’s tourism and hospitality industry by being referred, acquiring hired by who they currently know, or beginning at an entry-level position and also waiting for future expansion opportunities.

If friend don’t have any connections in tourism and also hospitality, make them! List all the institutions you’re interested in functioning for. Now uncover some an essential contacts to satisfy with. These could be:

The person responsible because that hiring in ~ the company (as noted on that website or in the directory)An alumni from her program already working for the agency (ask a faculty member to connect you)The human being who right now works in your ideal role within the companyA an individual contact (family member, friend, or acquaintance) working at the company

Approach your potential contact to collection up one informational interview. This is a session wherein you make call with individuals who deserve to use their first-hand suffer to education you around a particular role or company.

Write a quick script the will assist you stay focused and also appear professional as you embark top top your an initial call or send an initial email. Here’s a sample:

I have 5 years’ endure working in the travel and/or hospitality field, mostly holding front-end positions. I have increased return visitor numbers and also received continuous feedback around my superior customer business focus. I am wondering if you have 10 minutes to speak v me.

Your manuscript will change depending on who you are targeting. Prepare a perform of inquiries you desire to ask. Remember, in ~ this stage, you space not asking for a job; you’re asking for advice and also gathering information. Don’t ask noticeable questions about information already easily accessible on the company’s website or in its print material. Some questions can include:

What room three words friend would usage to describe the culture of this company?In the time that you’ve functioned here, would certainly you speak the company has grown? What has changed? What has stayed the same?What is a day-in-the-life of who in (name a role) in ~ this company?What salary variety is easily accessible for entry-level employees?What varieties of training and career course support is offered to employees?Are there any other human being I should be talk to about this? If possible, could you give me their call information or present me come them?

The conversation have to be professional but informal in nature, and also many that your inquiries will it is in answered in the natural circulation of the conversation. Take it notes together you move through the interview, and take a minute after the interview to fill in details girlfriend may have actually missed while you were there.

After the session, constantly send a thank-you note. Say thanks to the person for his or her time, and include something particular you learned in the interview that you think will be helpful as friend navigate her career. Sending an email thank-you is fine, yet sending a written card will aid you was standing out.

If you’re offered the name of someone rather to contact, or you space asked to administer further information, be certain to monitor through. This is your opportunity to do a great impression on her contact, and also the organization.

Step Five: interact in Networking

Developing your expert network as an emerging professional in tourism and also hospitality is essential. Simply as you need to continue to learn and also develop your ability sets, you must develop and also nurture her network; it’s an investment in her future. Some ways to perform this include:

Conducting many informational interviews (covered in the ahead step)Maintaining contact with academic classmates/facultyAttending and presenting in ~ conferencesParticipating in case study competitions and other academic contestsUsing society media networks and also groupsMaintaining good relationships through coworkers at your present job, and staying in touch with civilization when castle leaveAsking family and friends come introduce you to tourism and also hospitality specialists in their network

Remember that networking is equally about that you know and who to know you; it works both ways. Be generous through your contacts, information, and resources. Together a brand-new professional, you may not have a developed network, yet you can offer your good attitude and valuable ideas, and also you will soon obtain a reputation as someone that contributes to the field.

Figure 13.3 students eagerly await the start of a networking event

Now the you have actually a sense of the actions needed to setup your tourism or hospitality career, let’s have a look at crucial tool: work-related experience, i m sorry you deserve to gain while quiet at institution to propel you come your right career much faster.

Work Experience

Experiential learning is “based top top students being directly involved in a discovering experience fairly than gift recipients that ready-made contents in the form of lectures” (ContactPoint, 2014a). Experiential learning is:

Action-orientedLearner-centredGeared towards process, rather than outcomes

In this way, knowledge is produced as the learner moves with the experience.

Through her educational program, friend may have the ability to participate in a range of different learning experiences in tourism and also hospitality. Students that participate in a learning experience exterior of the classroom are more likely to get in the ar with both academic and helpful workplace skills and knowledge, and also have more opportunities for career advancement.

Let’s have a look at some of the common types of work learning experiences:

Co-op educationInternshipPracticumService learningVolunteering

Each of these is defined below.

Co-op Education

Co-operative, or co-op education refers to “a structured program that integrates work experience in a student’s field along with academic studies by alternating in-class discovering with durations of actual work” (ContactPoint, 2014b, ¶ 1). The term mirrors the co-operative relationship between students, schools, and employers.


An internship is a temporary on-the-job suffer that is “typically offered to students or inexperienced workers” (ContactPoint, 2014c, ¶ 1). That is usually project-oriented, and also supervised.

The intern should have specific discovering goals versus which he or she can apply experience about a specific industry or field of work. The term may be payment or unpaid, and also may result in permanent career opportunities with the company (ContactPoint, 2014b).


A practicum is “applied discovering that gives students with helpful experience and also interaction with experts from industry and also the neighborhood outside of school” (ConnectEd, 2011, p.3). The score is to assistance career readiness and aid enhance:

Higher-order thinkingAcademic skillsTechnical skillsApplied rectal skills

The experience might be paid or unpaid.

Service Learning

Service learning is characterized as a course-based, credit-bearing educational suffer in i m sorry students:

Participate in an arranged service task that meets identified ar needsReflect ~ above the service task to gain additional understanding of course content, a wider appreciation of the discipline, and an amplified sense of civic responsibility (Bringle & Hatcher, 1995)


Volunteering requires performing a service without pay in stimulate to acquire work experience, learn brand-new skills, accomplish people, contribute to community, and contribute come a cause that’s important to the volunteer (for example, helping animals, sustaining elderly people, functioning for an environmental cause) (Pickerell, 2014).

Benefits of job-related Experience Programs

Students who have actually completed a formal job-related experience component advantage from a supportive partnership between the education institution, the employer, and themselves. This partnership encourages community stakeholder investment, student finding out opportunities, professional networks, and also opportunities because that employers to take part as co-educators.

Some establishments may work with an experiential education and learning coordinator come ensure a specific position meets the school’s criteria. Depending on your program, remuneration for occupational can be by the hour, through salary, by a stipend, as in-kind contributions (experiences or services from the business), or together a volunteer assignment. The education institution might monitor your placement and ask you to finish an assignment whereby you reflect top top the work experience. Part programs may have actually an review component and a supervisor that supports the student’s learning. Student are additionally evaluated by the employer, and they will have actually a supervisor who they report to directly.

Most often, because that students to get involved in a work experience program, lock are required to maintain a certain grade allude average (GPA) collection by the school. Frequently students are also asked to establish learning objectives prior to starting their work-related experience.

If your program doesn’t sell a formal occupational experience routine such as a co-op, internship, or practicum, you have the right to still gain beneficial hands-on discovering through part-time work and also volunteer opportunities. Because travel is the number-one employee of youth in BC, friend can uncover a part-time task to develop your skills and gain an entry-level possibility to join the industry.

Whatever suffer you interact in, be it formal, or informal, it’s vital to:

Explore your employer’s organizational society and social normsDo your finest on the jobGain dispute management and also resolution skills

These three secrets come straight from BC tourism and hospitality employers (LinkBC, 2014), and are discover in the next section.

Integrating Planning with Education and Experience

The final career planning element we’ll explore in this thing involves integrating her education and job-related experience. By applying classroom learning to the field, and then bringing great from her workplace earlier to the classroom, girlfriend can see crucial concepts in action.

Research Organizational culture and society Norms

Each organization has its own society and social norms. Organizational culture refers to “the customs, rituals, and also values shared by the members that an company that need to be accepted by new members” (Collins English Dictionary, 2012), and is expressed through its mission statement, vision, beliefs, language systems, and processes. Social standards refer to the method individuals in the organization interact, communicate, and also generally behave through each other.

Figure 13.4 satisfy with, and also talk to, as numerous prospective employers as you can. Here, students space talking come a representative from West shore Sightseeing.

You will desire to understand the society of an company before using for a job there to ensure your values are congruent. Find the end what’s crucial to the company by researching the business. Just how does it existing its publicly face?

Asking questions of a potential employer around the organization’s society will help you evaluate whether the is a great fit because that you. You can do this by questioning employees in the organization throughout the informational interview; or alternatively, in a formal task interview.

Performance on the Job

This is your time to shine — no matter what function you’ve been assigned. In addition to respecting and working within a company’s culture, when you start your position, it’s time because that you to display initiative (Iannarino, n.d.). Demonstrate an interest in learning and contributing come the organization’s goals and objectives and also you will stand out from other employees.

Act without wait to be told what come do and persistently follow through on work responsibilities, nevertheless of the obstacles. Think about ways to boost operations, and also come increase with brand-new ideas, if presenting this in a method that shows you respect management’s expertise. It’s approximately you to signal to your employer the you’re someone who can be counting on and also you have actually leadership potential. Some methods of reflecting initiative include:

Asking to observe a meetingAsking to shadow a manager in one more departmentReading through company policies and plans, and asking questions around themOffering to carry your an abilities to the table to do a difference, such as setup up a society media account because that the company or developing a training manual for future student in her position

Often, you’ll be able to take benefit of project work-related at college to accomplish some the the above.

Practise conflict Management and also Resolution

The majority of tourism and also hospitality employers stress that conflict management is critical skill in this customer-service driven industry (LinkBC, 2014). It’s as much as you to practise these an abilities at her workplace.

In many conflicts, the can be fried goal should be to discover a resolution. Avoiding or skip conflict is no an reliable strategy. If resolving conflict can be uncomfortable, unresolved problem actually provides the situation worse. Generally, conflicts have more than one cause. Just how you select to resolve disputes will ultimately demonstrate your ability to it is in professional and also move increase in your career.

Consider the complying with three procedures to resolving problems both in ~ work and also in the classroom.


If at all possible, shot not to take the instance or comments personally. Do not make assumptions around people’s motivations. Jumping to conclusions adds to the conflict and also creates an ext tension and issues to job-related though.

Consider that if there is a conflict, you could not have totally understood the issue or your part in it. While you may not favor the style or technique of the human you’re connecting with, collection the score of listening v acceptance through the intent to fix the conflict. Convey that you are listening respectfully through your human body language and tone of voice, and also don’t interrupt. If there are several world involved, let everyone have a opportunity to speak.

Reflect and also Summarize

If you require to, silently counting to 10 in your head to provide yourself the time to answer appropriately. Acknowledge your commitment to addressing the conflict, and also clarify just how the other human being is feeling around it. When human being feel listened to, they are often willing to take it the an initial step toward trust, which climate creates willingness to work-related through the issue. Summarizing what the other person has actually said permits you to ensure the you’ve fully captured his or she position.

Focus on appreciating what the other human is saying and thinking to understand the resource of conflict. Questioning what the other human being believes would resolve the conflict. Emphasis the conversation top top mutually solving the issue.


Allow each human being the opportunity to check out solutions equally. Take a break from the process if you require to, and come ago to the problem when you feeling refreshed. Often the systems is v compromise, since no one is all wrong or all best in any type of given situation. Each time you’re offered the possibility to respond, execute your best to keep language neutral.

By maturely relocating through the process of listening, reflecting, summarizing, and also responding (and periodically going ago to the start again), you’ll no only demonstrate your workplace potential, however gain valuable an abilities for your personal life.

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While adapting to organizational culture, demonstrating strong on-the-job performance, and also practising conflict resolution space important, there space many skills to be learned in the workplace. Rather include the capacity to apply an important thinking, acting together a worldwide citizen, and also working as component of a team. V this in mind, let’s have a look in ~ success stories in our industry — graduates who possess these skills and attributes, and also have supplied them come propel their careers forward.

Tourism and also Hospitality Success Stories

Just a couple of years back the specialists highlighted in this section were students in the classroom. Here, they tell united state first-hand what you require to know in bespeak to grow in BC’s tourism and also hospitality industry. This success stories expectations the adhering to sectors:

Accommodation (account manager, rooms department coordinator)Recreation and also entertainment (project coordinator, conference solutions manager, entrepreneur and little business owner)Travel solutions (long-range planner, travel designer, industry and communications solutions manager)

As you review their stories, you’ll see that plenty of of the themes discover in this chapter room echoed in their advice. Please keep in mind that this profiles were existing as of feather 2015 – some of these grads may currently be on to the next large thing in their careers!


Brock Martin, Account Manager
Figure 13.5 Brock Martin

Brock manages accounts because that Canada Online appointments Inc. That graduated with a bachelor of hospitality management at Vancouver ar College in 2010. Brock says: