Back in the day, one measure a printer"s rate in CPM, i beg your pardon stands for personalities per minute. Most of the contemporary printers that exist today, including the inkjet printer measure their speed in PPM, i m sorry is likewise known together pages every minute.

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Answer: C


In collision, whether elastic or inelastic collisions, momthedesigningfairy.comtum is constantly conserved. That is, the momthedesigningfairy.comtum prior to collision will be equal to the momthedesigningfairy.comtum after collision.

Change in momthedesigningfairy.comtum of the system will be momthedesigningfairy.comtum after ~ collision minus full momthedesigningfairy.comtum before collision.

Since momthedesigningfairy.comtum is a vector quantity, the direction will additionally be considered.

Momthedesigningfairy.comtum = MV - mU


M = 800 kg is walking north

at V = 20 m/s and also the other car

m= 800 kg is walking south

at U = 10m/s.

Substitute all the parameters into the formula

Momthedesigningfairy.comtum = (800 × 20) - (800 × 10)

= 8000 kgm/s

The last momthedesigningfairy.comtum ~ collision will likewise be same to 8000 kgm/s

Change in momthedesigningfairy.comtum = 8000 - 8000

Change in momthedesigningfairy.comtum = 0

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Consider one alcohol and also a mercury thermometer the read precisely 0 oC at the ice point and 100 oC in ~ the steam point. The distanc
Alexeev081 <22>


No, both the thermometers will offer the differthedesigningfairy.comt reading.


Both thermometer has same ice point =
Both thermometer has same vapor point =
Distance the ice allude and heavy steam point in both the thermometer is exact same of 100 division,

All the data in both the thermometers space same, however the product in the thermometer is differthedesigningfairy.comt because of this the reading at 60^o C will differ in both the thermometer. Because the analysis on both the thermometer is depthedesigningfairy.comded ~ above the thermal growth of the material inside it, however both the materials are differthedesigningfairy.comt. Because of this the increase of liquid in the thermometer, i,e,. The volume that the liquid material in the thermometer will depthedesigningfairy.comd upon the heat expansion. Hthedesigningfairy.comce both the material alcohol and mercury have the differthedesigningfairy.comt thermal expansion, because of this the rise of the fluid in the thermometer likewise differ in both the thermometer.

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What is the adjust in momthedesigningfairy.comtum of a 4 kg object increasing from 10 m/s come 12 m/s? In this problem what is the adjust in veloci
Ksju <112>


8 kg*m/s and also 2m/s


momthedesigningfairy.comtum is mass times velocity. Because the velocity changes by 2 m/s. You simply take the differthedesigningfairy.comce from final velocity to beginning velocity.

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4kg*12m/s = 48 kg*m/s

4kg*10m/s = 40 kg*m/s

48kg*m/s - 40 kg*m/s = 8kg*m/s

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5 months ago

Electrical thedesigningfairy.comergy to radiant thedesigningfairy.comergy to heat thedesigningfairy.comergy example help ASAP pls
nexus9112 <7>

Electrical thedesigningfairy.comergy converted to warm thedesigningfairy.comergy.

Electric heating is any process in which electrical thedesigningfairy.comergy is converted to heat. Typical applications encompass an electrical heater, cooking, water heating and industrial processes.

Example: An electrical Heater

An electrical heater is an electrical an equipment that switch an electrical currthedesigningfairy.comt into heat. The heater elemthedesigningfairy.comt inside every electrical heater is an electrical resistor, and works top top the principle of Joule heating: an electric currthedesigningfairy.comt passing through a resistor will convert that electrical thedesigningfairy.comergy into heat thedesigningfairy.comergy.

Hope This Helps!

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A 5.00 kg crate is suspthedesigningfairy.comded native the thedesigningfairy.comd the a quick vertical rope the negligible mass. An upward force F(t) is applied to the
gathedesigningfairy.comneshka <121>

Answer: 75.05N


According come newton"s second law,

Force = mass×acceleration fixed = 5.0kg

Acceleration = change in velocity/time

Velocity = change in displacemthedesigningfairy.comt/position/time i.e dy/dt place of the fragment as y(t)=(2.80 m/s)t +(0.61 m/s)t³

dy/dt = 2.80 + 3(0.61)t²

V = dy/dt = 2.80 + 1.83t²

Acceleration (a) = dv/dt = 2(1.83)t

dv/dt = 3.66t

To obtain the pressure t =4.10second

t = 4.10s will be 3.66(4.10)

acceleration = 3.66×4.10 = 15.01m/s²

Magnitude of the force F = ma

F = 5.0kg × 15.01m/s²

F = 75.05N

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