The Nashville Predators square off versus their the very least favorite fowl foe, the Anaheim Ducks. Have the right to the Preds lug their November win ways into December?

Thursday’s outing versus Vancouver no end and also many Predators fans assumed it should. A boring first period, a squandered lead, and also a let go offsides speak to led come a 5-3 loss come the Canucks. There were some noticeable defensive gaps, and another fail to close the end the video game left numerous folks bitterness (specifically me).

BUT. The December. The Predators built up 21 that a possible 28 clues in November, an superior feat. They broke a franchise record for power play goals scored in ~ home. This team has actually all the right pieces to proceed to compete. Ours boys space doing just fine.

All I want for Christmas is a healthy and balanced Ryan Ellis. He is skating with the team now, and his schedule for a Christmas-New year return has actually not changed.

I am confident the Predators desire to continue to see an ext wins together they jockey for position in the Central...which brings us to...

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Tonight, the Preds confront the Ducks because that their 2nd contest the the season. This is the an initial time the dirty Ducks go back to Bridgestone since the Predators ruined their Cup wishes in June, and they’ll it is in looking to exact some revenge top top a non-saw Nashville crowd.

At least we don’t need to see Ryan Kesler ~ above the ice. He’s still recovering indigenous offseason hip surgery.

The Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks confronted off against Columbus last night. Castle on the second half of a back-to-back, therefore the Predators will watch a worn down Anaheim group tonight.

The most interesting Anaheim news in the last week is the trade that observed the ducks send defenseman Sami Vatanen to new Jersey for forwards Adam Henrique and Joseph Blandisi. It’s no secret that Anaheim needs some forwards due to the fact that of your injury worries this season. However, our friends at Anaheim Calling newly published an interesting article that phone call Anaheim’s profession decision right into question.

Here’s one excerpt the highlights the debate going on in Anaheim:

Matt Duchene’s influence looms huge over this deal. The ducks were apparently after the newly-minted Ottawa Senator, and one have the right to only imagine what the questioning price may have been. Looking at what both Nashville and also Ottawa both had actually to give up, it’d be reasonable to think that one of Jacob Larsson or Marcus Pettersson to be on the table. Murray was presumably ready to pay that price, offered Anaheim’s both present and also future require for a young, dynamic forward. When that fell through, Murray set his sights top top Henrique...

Vatanen’s departure naturally reveals rather a bit about where the former office stands on a variety of issues, while opening up even an ext questions. Clearly, they trust Brandon Montour to action onto the second defense pairing. Fine see exactly how he and Fowler fare together. Likewise just as clearly, they don’t see one of Wagner or approve in this lineup full-time. Vermette’s project feels safe, purely based on his elite faceoff ability.

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Captain Ryan Getzlaf is out after taking a puck come the confront in so late October, one injury that forced surgery. Jakob Silfverberg was hurt last week, as was Rickard Rakell. Both Getlzaf and Kesler space skating regularly, but don’t expect to see them ~ above this trip.

Rickard Rakell and Corey Perry lead the duck in points, through 18 and 17 point out respectively.

Former Milwaukee Admiral Mike Liambas is at this time with Anaheim ~ signing with the company in the offseason. Liambas started the season through the AHL Gulls, yet was recalled a few games ago. He has actually one help in 7 games.

Starting goalie man Gibson is 8-9-1 top top the season with a .921 conserve percentage. Back-up Ryan Miller has played in 6 games, relieving Gibson in two. He has a .935 save percent on the season.

The Nashville Predators

As discussed earlier, the Preds collection an remarkable pace in November, boasting a 10-3-1 record. We experienced the rebirth of Craig Smith and also the introduction of Kevin Fiala after ~ the Kyle Turris trade. Nick Bonino returned from his injury, and also Pekka Rinne continued his stellar goaltending. Filip Forsberg damaged some records, and the third and fourth lines discovered their groove.

The defensive corps stayed solid, also the polarizing Alexei Emelin. Anthony Bitetto impressed everyone through his pat after Yannick Weber’s injury. Mattias Ekholm broke his own scoring record. An superior November indeed.

Will the Predators have the ability to continue this play into December? will certainly Anders Lindback obtain to begin a game prior to he’s sent earlier down come Milwaukee? will Pontus Aberg ever before score? Is a scratched Cody McLeod the ideal McLeod? this answers…and more….will be found in December.

These western Conference foes current a challenge each outing, yet the Predators have to bounce earlier after a lackluster contest against Vancouver.

Memories and Feelings

The Preds secured a 5-3 win over the duck in Anaheim at an early stage in November. Pekka Rinne made 35 saves on his 35th birthday for the win. Anaheim has gone increase the perform of “hated groups in Nashville” after the last two seasons. Conference Anaheim in the article season is never a funny time, but the number of dirty plays and also hits by the Ducks do them relatively hated in Nashville.

Reasons come Watch

Sad Corey Perry

2. We love the town hall Anaheim lose in our barn.